31 December 2008

29 December 2008


"who is this?" she says pointing to her new christmas undies
"tinkerbell" i tell her
"tinker bell! tinker bell! tinker all the way!" she sings...


can you believe that hair
sometimes i can't believe that little blondie
came out of me...
i know where the blond came from of course
let's not start any rumors...


she will be three in march
& giant Giant GIANT fits are now the norm
& hitting her brother
& yelling 'NO!'
& screaming (oh dear God, the screaming)
& making silly faces with arm motions to match
(she's very 'vogue' in her movements)
& singing her own made up songs
& coloring very small deliberate marks
& mommy-ing her babies
& giggling & giggling
& 'reading' us books
& asking what each letter is
& every night after we pray she says
(faster than anyone who is not me or brian could ever understand)
'i want to tell you a story
mommy & poppy go to the park
that's a good one'
& asking for 'lips' (chapstick)
& saying 'i love you so much in this world'
(she pronounces world 'wor-yold')


she reminds me of this great
fresh ink hallmark card i saw once
'you are a human sparkler, you are'
she is
she is...


& no little girlie
i would rather spend my days with...
love you miss m!
so so much...

before it's too late...

(gulka 2008 christmas card photo)

hope it was & is fun...
as fun as photobooth posing...


ps i know
my kissing face in the bottom picture
is totally wack-a-doo
just for the record
i don't kiss like that on a regular basis
only when i'm trying to 'look' like i'm kissing...
come on, emily! relax, man!


27 December 2008


so maybe i like those word verification things
a little too much
but i got such a good one today
when i was friending someone
on facebook
(oh yes i'm friending...watch out!)
it was:
yourself grand

isn't that good?

25 December 2008

even though it's almost over...

merry christmas!
hope it was grand...


24 December 2008

twas the day before christmas & all through the house...

if you think i am together enough
on the day before christmas
to write a little poem
you give me much more credit than i deserve:)

i'm off to shop
& hang out with my sister
& enjoy the hustle & bustle

oh & i joined facebook yesterday
you know
one more thing on the to do list...

18 December 2008

everything must go!

a few years ago
(actually it was probably about 8
geez i'm getting old)
a large department store in my area was closing
(i think it was the emporium, for those of you
present or past eugenians:)
so of course i went to the big
'we're closing out doors' sale
not sure what i would find
but always excited about the possibilities...
on a table they had a big pile of these
little price sign holder thingies
(official name)
for $1 each
i saw them & instantly had a few ideas
so i scooped some up
or rather
awkwardly walked around
trying to balance them on my arms...
& so
once again
when we lived on the farm
& had no elves running around
(except for the little furry ones that
we could lock outside if they were getting in the way)
i tried an idea
& it stuck...
snowflakes & angels
hanging out in the frames...
once again i hadn't used them for a few years
but this year they called to me
& so i set them up outside on the porch
where they had been on the farm too
(snowflakes & angels do enjoy the outdoors)
sprinkled a little fake snow
(which apparently called to it's friend
the real snow
to come for a visit:)
& called it a merry christmas!

i also think it really dresses up our shoe shelf
& everyone knows
those little shelves love a little flair...

i think pictures would look really cool in these too
don't you?
for a party maybe
or just a fun display in the house
if we ever have a surface
not covered with crayons
or dollys
or cars
or legos
or paper
or fabric
or camera equipment

yesterday the snow all melted
& then last night we got more snow!
it is so beautiful
i am such a wimp
& plus i like to be free to drive my car
so i'm ready for this to go too...
a white christmas would be really fun...

snow business...


16 December 2008

o christmas wreath...o christmas wreath...

i love decorating for christmas
& i'm so glad we did it early this year!
when brian & i were first married
we lived in the house i grew up in
on my grandparents 107 acre farm
(yes it was beautiful & wonderful:)
for christmas one year
i made this little wreathie thing
to hang over our table...
since we moved i only pictured it above
our table
& i didn't want to drill holes in the ceiling
(well, honestly i would drill holes
all over the house if it were up to me
but my husband
the logical one
thinks that would not be so good
because someday
we might need to try to sell the house
& people wouldn't want to live in swiss cheese...
so year after year
i just left it in the box
but this year
i pictured it someplace else...
so to make it
i used a fake wreath
(i mean EVERLASTING wreath:)
& set it on a table
then wrapped lights around it
twisting the wreath branches around the wire
i used tulle to hang it
but you could use ribbon or twine
or whatever strikes your fancy:)
the tulle worked well because it hid
the wire from the lights...
to finish it off i hung sparkly snowflake ornaments
around at random spots...
i'm so happy that it worked outside
why didn't i think of it before?

here's to all foliage everlasting!

i had never been a big fan of
non-real plants
(i can't afford the kind that look real
& i can't make the cheaper one's look good
like i've seen friends do)
but one year i bought a few wreaths & garlands
& i worked hard to make them cute
& so for christmas
i am big fan!

12 December 2008

paper & glue= :)

i've really been liking
playing around with these old dictionary pages
& paint
& ribbon
& glue
& buttons
serious fun.

& so there are a few new things in my etsy shop
closer to christmas than i wished
but it came so fast!

hope you are checking things off your list
& enjoying it...


09 December 2008

08 December 2008


that's mustard up there
& that address was for a really cool holiday sale
& the other note?
doesn't it just beg the question
will the neighborhood pizza & the neighborhood quiche
be mad that i'm not emailing them?


05 December 2008

there's snow place like handmade (or something like that...)

i've been playing around with pipe cleaners & buttons
i love doing things with simple materials:)
& i put a few in my etsy shop
so if you're yearning for snow
& you don't have it
maybe some of these little sweeties could tide you over
until the real flakes start to fall...

click on the picture to go to the shop...
buying handmade
almost as refreshing as a true snowfall

ps i also made some other ornaments
& i was planning on putting them in the shop
after the crafty christmas sale
(get this)
they all sold!
so i'm going to make some more soon
here's a little sneak peek:

we are getting our tree this afternoon
it's the most wonderful time of the year...


stars hollow & gabon...

(if you already know what this post is about
just by the title
ten points for you!)

i am looking for a very specific subset of people
shall we see if you are in it?
are you a gilmore girls fan from at least season 3?
are you watching survivor:gabon on thursday nights?
if you answered yes to both
then you are just the person i am looking for
check it out:

stars hollow...
i came to gilmore girls a little late
we never had the channel
& my sister would rave about it
i could see how it would be great
but never saw it until netflix!
(thank you netflix!)
we got the first two seasons from netflix
four episodes at a time
& then i couldn't wait for that red envelope in the mail
any longer
so we started buying the seasons
(they were written into our budget for 4 months:)
& since then i've watched the entire series
7 seasons
two times
i'm working on my third right now...
okay so
(now i will be getting specific)
remember the third season
when rory & jess weren't talking
because in season two he wrecked her car?
& when she came back from her summer in washington dc
(at politics camp or something...)
& she sees him making out with some blond girl
& then for the next few episodes
he's just always making out with this girl
& rory finds out that she works at the beauty supply store
when she & laine go to get hair dye
because laine is feeling rebellious
& dyes her hair purple for 45 minutes
before she gets scared & dyes it back to it's original color
(but it was still dyed! so she's still rock & roll!)
okay so anyway
that girl that jess was making out with?
blond & cute & sassy & grumpy
her name was shane
& so i was watching those episodes this week during nap time
(i don't really watch them around the kids
though if i'm watching anything they say
'are you watching gilmore girls?'
& they both know the theme song
where you lead i will follow
& this time when i saw shane i was like
what is she on?
she looks so familiar
so i started going through the show we watch
the office
30 rock
ncis (i was conned into this one but now i like it:)
grey's anatomy (me, watch online)
private practice (me, watch online)
samantha who (which coincidently sukie from gg is on...just keeps getting weirder!)
i didn't even consider the reality shows we watch
amazing race & survivor
because that would be silly
& then!
last night!
survivor comes on
& there she is!
sugar is shane!
& i'm like
gilmore girls!
the girl jess makes out with for three episodes!
(& god love him he did remember:)
it's sugar!
(yes her name is sugar
at least on survivor it is...)

i told brian i wanted to blow this wide open!
give me a radio show!
i said
i will tell the world!
then i realized the chances of
anyone even remembering her on gg
were slim
(though lydia, i have faith that you remember her
& kate? you too!)
plus those same people watching survivor this season?
maybe there are 8 of us out there?
but boy would i love to meet up with those other 7
they would call us the the survivor-gilmore 8
(like the oceanic 6, you know
oh, we watch lost too)
we could have coffee at a diner
(or rain forest)
i picture that meet up going something like this:
'wow, shane is sugar'
'i know! sugar is shane'
'it's really crazy'
'yes it is.'
'do you watch battlestar galactica?'
'no. do you watch project runway?'
'do you want to see my gilmore girls collector plates?'

so anyway
i am so happy to get that out
into the open
i feel so free...
now to ponder how she got to survivor
& is that a step up or step down from gg
(i think we all know the answer to that one)
& would she ever admit it
like if someone was so hungry & starving
& they started to hallucinate
& images from their past came back
christmas when they were 5
third grade spelling bee
mom reading them a bedtime story
first kiss
high school graduation
college graduation
birth of children
third season of gilmore girls
& they were like
you're shane!'
would she say
'go back to your daydreams bucko'
'yes that was me & i got to make out with the guy
who is now one of the main guys on heros
pretty cool huh?
by the way
can i have the fake immunity idol?
i know i could find out most of this info online
but speculation is way more my style....


okay so i had to look it up
i googled:
shane from gilmore girls sugar survivor
& found this
with video & everything!
i love the internet...


i have seen all of the seasons of gilmore girls
for about $15 each at costco, target, walmart
& in fred meyer ads in the past few weeks...
so if you're looking for the perfect gift
for the special (& freaking cool) someone
i would recommend getting them a season or two
they're the gift that keeps on giving...


04 December 2008

mix it up...

i'm so excited for christmas
i will be posting a lot this month
(have i jinxed myself now?
we shall see)

as soon as we got home from portland on friday
Q started asking
'are we going to get the christmas stuff out now?
are we going to do it now?
okay. now?'
& so we got it all out
i held him off until saturday
feeling like a grinchy mommmy...
if i can feel guilty for waiting until the saturday after thanksgiving
to put up christmas decorations
you can see i am a world class guilt monger:)
so saturday
the earliest ever for me, i must say
& i also must say that is it so great
to just have it all out
& getting to enjoy it
(don't faint)
we put all of the boxes away...
i know!
no red & green tubs in the corner?
no snow village foam & cardboard boxes floating around?
the age old question:
if there is no mess after decorating
did it really happen?
it did!
& i am gleeful about it:)

only the stockings are left to do
i will post about that soon
we each have to choose our button
& that's all i will say
i know, suspenseful!
(though if you have been
reading my blog since last christmas you already know
what that means
i'm not much of a mystery writer i guess:)

& i need to mention that little star up there
it was in a cute little primitive shop
& i am not really a primitive girl usually
more vintage is what i am
i love it
i have to say
i do.
& i stuck the hanging silver merry christmas thingy
(official name)
on it
just to see
& i wondered
is it the mixing of two too different things?
like ketchup & chocolate
good apart
not so good together
you know?
rustic & shiny.
but i decided that i like it
it's two of my favorite things
a good visual of me, my life:
country girl dreams of the big city...
& that my friends is the true official name of my
to the right of the front door
the end.


ps i got the star at a cute little shop in junction city
buttermilk junction is the name
it's primitive & sweet & rustic for sure...
but not so primitive that they don't have a web site
click on their name to see it
or if you just want to see how much i spent
on the star click on the picture
i know tricky...

i can't remember where i got the
hanging silver merry christmas thingy
probably some year at the target after christmas sale
75% off is hard to resist...

03 December 2008

the sequel...

lots of cute stuff...
come visit:)

01 December 2008

& so it begins...

after a lovely little (long) thanksgiving weekend:

wednesday night:
work work work

thanksgiving day:
drive to portland
fun with great in-laws
cousins running around in their undies
(okay that was just my kids)
pumpkin cheesecake
(so incredibly yummy
& the only reason i tried it
is because i knew it would be rude
not to try the homemade dessert:)
'& because there is such a thing as manners
these fish?
these fish have manners.'
name that movie:)
kids to bed & watch cable
give thanks that we don't have cable

black friday:
6 am lessons learned
(1.check the store open time
2. make sure the comforter you want is on sale friday not sunday)
cuddle with the twins
drive home
date night at home
(feed kids early
put them to bed early
eat homemade calzone
& watch the brave one...
that's a crazy movie)

thanksgiving dinner 2: the sequel
sausage stuffing
(i know!)
fire eater
(lilli's boyfriend is! really!)
the civil war game!
(the civil war game!
you know!?!)
rock band
(i am so in love with this game...
so glad we don't own it)
spend the night on the most comfortable couch ever

late to church
(surprise! surprise!)
soccer game (Q)
nap (miss m)
sesame street live at the hult center
(so fun to take my kids there for the first time...
the place where i saw
& the nutcracker
& chicago
& les miserables
& stomp
& amy grant
& many others)

a great weekend full of
great people
great food
great things to do
great! great!

& now on to the next!
i love this month
i love the bustle & busy-ness
& decorating
& wrapping
& happy happy:)
& i love that we made our list
& budget
& we have cash for every bit...
i might love that the most actually:)

can't wait to just enjoy this time of year
both of my elves are at great ages for christmas magic
& they are elves for goodness sake!
this is their time:)

hope you're excited too...
try it, it makes everything more bearable & fun...
happy december!


26 November 2008

wishing you & yours...

a wonderful thanksgiving...have fun!


24 November 2008

william s. wannabe

today when i commented on a blog
the word verification i had to type in was:

is that someone who acts like they can write poetry?


20 November 2008

my favorite accessory...

paint on the fingers...


ps the ring is a favorite accessory too
i just started wearing it again after having to have it
cut off when i was pregnant with Q
(over 4 years ago, for goodness sake!)
i wore fakes for all those years...
i just kept waiting to get it fixed because i wanted
it to fit without having to add metal
(if you know what i mean)
but finally right before our tenth anniversary
i gave up the dream
(for right now, i'm still dreaming of smaller fingers & other parts)
& had it fixed...
i should have done it so much earlier
i love having it on
& brian was so happy, too:)
oh &
by the way
i'm the fourth generation (of the gulka fam)
to have this diamond
i love that:)
brian & i picked out the setting after he proposed...
it was a really blurry time for me
& sometimes i look at the ring & think
'did i really pick out this setting?
do i like this style?'
but most of the time i just think
i am so happy with the one who gave it to me...


(i know
the ring's a little fuzzy in this pic
i love this lens by the way
it makes such great detail shots
don't ask me what kind of lens it is
or i shall answer
'the one i love')

17 November 2008

double sweet...

great grandma & her 8th & 9th great grandchildren:)
& doesn't kate look so happy?
& so good?
(darn her she always does!)
(i'm not sure which boy this is
but kate says she can tell the difference
& you don't argue with a woman who had 12 pounds of babies in her)

so fun to see my little sister as a mommy:)
love you kate!
you are doing such a good job!


yell O!

(the contents of my pockets:postgame)

there are people who are college football fans
there are people who are not college football fans
& there are people not yet classified who do this:
(any resemblance to Q circa 2004 is purely coincidental...
that's his game face by the way)

maybe you would call them super fans
maybe you would call them crazy
or mr. & mrs too-much-time-on-their-hands
(we did put a temporary tattoo on our 6 month old, after all)
just don't call us late for kick off

i wouldn't say that brian & i are super fans
but then again how do you explain this:
i am an oregon duck fan
my boss is an oregon state beaver fan
(it's okay you can wince...)
i feel okay about it though because
my sister actually MARRIED a beaver fan...
i know! seriously!
(love you kate! love you ryan!)
one of the other people i work with i only know through work
she graduated from UofO last year
& i think she would say she is an oregon fan
but i would beg to differ because a few weeks ago
on a friday night while we were working she said
'i think we're going to lose tomorrow'
this simple statement caused something to rise up in me
something mean & overreactive (look! a new word!)
& i think it says something about
my maturity that i didn't say anything out loud
(no, i just saved it to post on the internet
very very mature)
but i wanted to say
'you're not a fan!
you're not a duck!
a real duck fan doesn't say 'we're going to lose'
they say 'it's going to be a tough one'
or 'it'll be close'
or 'i sold my tickets cause i can't stand the pain'
a real fan does not utter the word lose
unless it is in a sentence like 'i hope i didn't lose my giant foam finger'
(actually i think those are banned from autzen stadium
along with umbrellas
but why would we need umbrellas?
'because it never ______ __ ______ ________'
a real fan knows how to fill in those blanks)
or like brian said on saturday
'i wouldn't bet money on the ducks today'
(but oh baby, you should have!:)
why such venom & aggression?
isn't everyone entitled to their own opinion?
i suppose so
but then just don't call yourself a fan
maybe you could be a duck appreciator
or a duck observer
(or a fairweather fan!!!!
oops there's that aggression...)

on to the cheerleaders
first may i say
i have many friends who were cheerleaders
& they were good ones & cute & flippy & all that
i love them dearly
this is not a bash on cheerleaders
it is simply an observation about the oregon duck cheerleaders
i should start off explaining that phil knight
the founder of nike is an oregon alumni
this is like having oprah be your aunt
(or how i would imagine it...
'what's that room?'
'oh it's full of my aunt's favorite things.
she sends them to me after every episode')
& so since this man loves his alma mater (is that how you spell that?)
he showers us with gifts & new uniforms every few games
(by the way i loved the black on black & the feathers!
i loved the wings!)
& new libraries & locker rooms & such
you know trinkets...
& so our CL's are outfitted by one of the best
active wear design companies out there
when other teams CL's visit they wear traditional outfits:
sweaters with stripes, pleated skirts, sleeveless turtleneck things
our cheerleaders?
cute little halter tops, a-line mini skirts & the coolest white quilted puffy jackets ever
(i know they sound really weird but those jackets are so cool)
other CL's hair:
ponytails with coordinated ribbon tied in a bow
always down & either stick straight
or curly & crimpy
(much better to fly around when they do their crazy moves)
it's like if pac-10 football was gilligan's island
all of the other team's CL's are maryanne
& the oregon CL's are ginger
i think that is the perfect comparison...
the real question is
would coach bellotti be the professor, the skipper or the millionaire?
(answer D all of the above)

all of that to say
brian & i went to the game saturday
the usual duckie roller coaster ride
almost not winning
(notice i didn't say losing)
i love going with brian
we sit in the same place
high five all the same people when something good happens
the people we only see a few times a year
but it doesn't matter
because we all have something in common
we are oregon fans.
yes we are...

go ducks!

& that cool oregon necklace in that picture was made by erin reive
& she sells them
(she even makes oregon state ones but i don't recommend those:)
she has a blog & an etsy site
(the necklaces aren't on her etsy
but you could email her & she would help you out
she's really nice:)

14 November 2008

my favorite martian...

'mommy? i'll never say i don't love you'

& the 'ugh.' is gone...


13 November 2008

07 November 2008


one of my favorite blogs is posie gets cozy
oh my goodness i love that blog
alicia, the blogger in question
writes just how you would hope she talks in real life
(& actually i did hear an interview with her
& she does talk like that)
& she talks about
& movies
& knitting
& cooking
& dogs...
i don't cook or knit or have a dog
but it doesn't matter
she makes me want to read about it...
& even though one day i may cook
& i may have a dog
i will never ever knit
(don't take that as a challenge, susan)
& i know i'm gushing
but i don't even care if i am
that blog is just perfectly right for me:)
& if you go read it you will agree
& you will love it
& you will come back here & say
'you did not gush enough!
get back to it!'

she did this cool one word meme
& that is right up my alley
actually meme's are right up my alley
are you kidding?
a bloggie slam book?
but sometimes they just seem too...something
brain power using
but this one
this one is just right...
so read my answers
& then do it yourself
in my comments or on your own blog
& then link me to you in my comments
i want to see who you are in not so many words...

Where is your mobile phone? here
Where is your significant other? teaching
Your hair colour? dark
Your mother? kind
Your father? generous
Your favourite thing? color
Your dream last night? looking
Your dream goal? organization
The room you're in? sunny-ish
Your hobby? making
Your fear? fear
Where do you want to be in 6 years? ready
Where were you last night? nbc
What you're not? concise
One of your wish-list items? hot-tub
Where you grew up? small
The last thing you did? munch
What are you wearing? brown
Your TV? off
Your pets? nonexistent
Your computer? happy
Your mood? fine
Missing someone? much
Your car? good
Something you're not wearing? tutu
Favourite shop? target
Your summer? sweet
Love someone? always
Your favourite colour? yellow
When is the last time you laughed? kids
When is the last time you cried? kids

i must say that was challenging & probably took more time to do than other meme's when i had
all the words in the world to use...
& speaking of the world
i guess posie got this one from
someone british or canadian
which i like & approve of...

so go for it you!
lay it on me!


06 November 2008


i'm thinking about having our christmas tree on the porch
just having one there
welcoming us home with it's festive glow...
doesn't that sound nice?
i haven't mentioned it to anyone
except you...
but i'm just thinking about it


05 November 2008

& many more...

this month i had so much fun with the cocoa daisy kit
i mean i usually have fun with the kits
but something about this month...
i really like the layouts that came from it
maybe because they feature some of my favorite
& pictures
& subjects...

kate & her cute belly...november 2009
(i know it hasn't happened yet
but i can tell it's going to be a banner month:)
i love all of the numbers
(the pink ones were cut from a piece of patterned paper)
& just in case you were wondering if
i was so off that i thought it was 2009
or maybe that i found a time machine & you want in on it
come back in a few days...
i will tell you all about the calendar idea then

& my favorite first day of school picture
that one in the middle...
oh my he is so cute!
& how he's standing & looking over
& his hair!
i just want to eat him up
& i do try sometimes
but when i start sprinkling salt on him
just for flavor
he runs away...

this month is cocoa daisy's second anniversary
it seems like it was just yesterday
we were excited to see her first smile
& now look at her walking around & talking...)
& to celebrate tricia is giving lots of stuff away
so go check it out
you too may be a winner...

if you want to see more of my cocoa daisy stuff
& other scrappy stuff
check out my scrap blog
it's full of stuff
that's for sure:)

04 November 2008

just dodging the lightening...

you know there's this new thing on blogger
called followers?
so you can keep track of the blogs you read
& people know that you read their blogs
(i think those are the reasons why...)
but every time i see the section in a sidebar
i can only think of that time in the bible
when jesus said
'pick up your nets & follow me'
& they became followers of jesus...
it just seems funny
'hey, blog readers pick up your keyboards & follow me!
i have no idea where we are going
& we will probably be late
but it will be pretty fun'
not that i am comparing jesus leading people
to my blog writing
cause that would be silly...

it's over there on my sidebar now
so follow
don't follow
do whatcha wanna do...
isn't there a saying
'lead, follow or get out of the way'?
so many thoughts
(well, two anyway)
about following...
who knew?


ps pretty cool
how we all got to witness history tonight...
i think it is a step in the right direction
& i hope it is too...

03 November 2008

every leaf speaks bliss to me...

since my first job
(@ mcdonald's, thank you very much
i made the biscuits back when
they were actually made with a mix
not delivered in their hockey puckish state)
i have always had a few jobs at a time
or at least switched often
& i've only been fired once
(& that was because that dumb guy
didn't show up to cover my shift
& also
i hadn't gotten his signature that he would cover it
& also
when that happened i was in mexico)
i like the variety
& doing lots of different things at once
(yes, i have considered getting tested for adult adhd)

so right now one of my jobs is
doing seasonal displays for my friend
who owns a spa
she loves different & over the top
& she gives me lots of freedom to play around
tonight i'm going to do christmas displays
so i thought i would show you my fall stuff

(if you are morally against
tearing pages out of books
& painting them
& cutting them to look like leaves
you might want to just move along to
another blog
or go read my last post
there's new born babies in it!)

anyway i guess i just explained my process:
tear all the pages out of a book
(an extra copy of jane eyre that i had)
~paint them with watered down paint
so that the words show through
~let them dry
~cut out leaves free hand
~cut so many that you don't even care if they resemble leaves any more
~hot glue them to a tree
remember that originally you had wanted to
get a great looking branch
but then didn't find one
so you had to buy a fully green leafed ficus tree
& cut all of the leaves off
& then glue all of the fake book page letters to it
remember that the easy way is never quite as fun
& that if it had been easy & fast you wouldn't have been able to watch
7 episodes of gilmore girls while painting cutting & gluing

i also do things for the tables
& usually those have to do with things
& sticking out of
a vase or vessel of some sort
but this time i decided to make little
stand up quote decoration-ie things (official name)
brian made the wooden stand up part
& i did the quote decoration-ie part
i love doing this stuff
i go late at night
& listen to podcasts
& just enjoy some creative time
also i love fall
so playing with these colors
is really nice
& also
usually there are little treats
sometimes m&m's even
happy fall, friends...

& come play photos coming soon...

30 October 2008

let's hear it for the boys...

william edward
4:31pm 6lbs7oz 19.5 inches

calvin charles
4:29pm 5lbs13oz 19.75 inches

so sweet & so healthy
& everyone is so glad:)
kate's water broke yesterday morning
& so the boys were ready to be done
even though it was six weeks early!
they are in the nicu for now
but they are breathing on their own
& trying to nurse or bottle feed today
so hopefully they will be out soon:)

kate is a champ & she is doing well too
a bit sore & tired...
i think a few people have said, in not so many words
'the soreness will go away
but the tired is just beginning' :)

if you have some wise baby advice,
wise twin advice
or just want to wish her well
you can put it in the comments here
& i will email them to her
she will love that:)

hooray for boys!

love, auntie em:)

16 October 2008

eugenie stuff...

if you are a local friend
or want to visit beautiful eugene oregon
in the next couple of weeks
i have some suggestions for you...

first bring a rain coat & dress in layers

go to this awesome sale
itty bitty boutique
wednesday october 22- saturday october 25
it's a consignment sale where tons of moms
bring their kids gently used clothes
(or in my case hardly worn
cause my kids don't gently use much of anything:)
on wednesday you can find awesome things at great prices
then on saturday everything is half price!
the girls who organize it are so great
& the sale has a really fun vibe...
this year they are also going to have
a section of new handmade things
all created by moms:)
i think that will be so fun!
click their name & go see...

come play with me & my friends!
saturday november 1
i'm teaching the advent calendar in that picture up there
there's more pictures of it at my other blog
emily ruth scraps
& jill is teaching a super cute project too
go check it out over here
the come play blog has all of the info
so come see:)

numero four
check out some little sneak peeks of what will be there
at the creative boutique blog
(yet another blog i try to keep up...)

coincidently i will be at all of these events
hope i'll get to see you local kids
& all you residents of other states & cities
go find some good handmade,
locally organized stuff to support...
it's just the nice thing to do