27 September 2007

celeb in the house...

this was in the paper on monday
that little bubbley munchkin
the one on the left?
that's our own mr.Q!
taken by our own mr. b
(i guess technically he is mr. g as is Q but who's counting?)
so fun...
i did a little kamikaze origami
(that may becaome my new screen name by the way)
because i have no idea how to scan an entire newspaper page
or i think you scan it in pieces
& then put it together in photoshop
or something
doesn't matter
the most important pieces are present...

that bubbley picture
i tell you what
brian got an honorable mention at the county fair for it
& he won a digital camera
in a contest that he entered at
ta da
(maybe i'm coming around, jess)
that little 2 month old face in the bubbles
'um every time...

oh & click on brian's name up there
or right here
he has some new stuff on his site
he's doing senior pictures now
& has some cool wedding stuff going on too...

i myself am going to be doing some kid sessions
with friend's kids
i've been thinking about wanting to do some
mom shoots
like pictures of my friends who are moms
with their kids &
without their kids
because really
when you've got a family
& even if you get a family photo shoot
you're all stressed about who's wearing what
& stop sticking your tongue out
& all that jazz
plus a few fun pictures?
just of you?
when was the last time that happened?
i mean besides the annual trip to glamor shots of course...
also thought it would be fun to plan sessions
with two moms who are friends
& so one mom could watch all of the kids
while i took pictures of the other
& then switcharoo...
just thinking...
always thinking...

24 September 2007

i'd still take the mint hot chocolate, though...

ever have a day
when you just want to
fall into bed
& say
'i give up
someone please bring me a mint hot chocolate from dutch brothers
& then kindly leave me alone'
yep me too
having one of those today in fact
not a bad day per say (is that how you write that?
i was feeling so cool
but now i'm not so sure...)
just so busy
& then my car broke down last night
oh glee!
but as luck & very talented mechanics would have it
they fixed it faster than you can say
'miss m & i walked Q to school
& then walked to albertson's
(where they are having an incredible sale
if you buy 5 boxes of post cereal you get a gallon of milk free
& somehow it ends up costing $7
& then you get a coupon for $2 off your next shopping trip
$5 dollars for all of that)
& then wandered aroung bi-mart
which we will put on the list
'not my favorite store in the world'
& then back to albertson's to use that
$2 off to buy a bit of lunch for little children
who would be riding back in the jogger another 45 minutes
back home because
did i mention that my car broke down last night?'
faster than you can say that
it was fixed...
still a full day
still wanting to crawl in bed
covers over
podcast on
everyone else gone from the house
& then i was browsing through some pictures
because even though i say i want to fall into bed
& i have a window of time to do so
during 'rest time'
i rarely ever do
i just wish & complain that i want to
& as i was browsing
i came across these little gems...
sweet little big girl

real genuine Q smile
(i think merra had just fallen down or spit at him or something
i do learn so very much from having a boy)

& just like that
the spell was broken
i think i can go a few more days...

check out this spotting of a very rarely seen
blue headed Qbird
notice how he dangles from the branch
ever so gracefully
don't startle him
if he sees you he may ask for a matchbox car...


15 September 2007

funny they still haven't called....

okay i just need to tell you that
even though i am
*getting back to getting used to brian's regular school schedule
*adding in the preschool schedule
*working for my dad & tam
*doing a special project for passionflower
*helping my friend do fun displays for her new spa
*designing pages for the october cocoa daisy kit
*getting ready for the cocoa daisy class in eugene in october
*cleaning offices & bathrooms twice a week at night until 11:30
*trying to grab an hour or two each week
to sew all of the things floating around my head
*attempting to spend quality time with my little miss m on
m, w & f
even though that two & a half hours during preschool is
the perfect time to do errands with only one kiddo
*neglecting to email back some of my favorite friends
because i want to send a meaningful & well thought out note
(sorry kambria! it's coming i promise!)

even though all of those things
i am thinking of blogging
& confession?
i think in blog quite often
i only wish i could have typed half
of the amazing blogs i come up with in my head
& another confession?
i think i thought in blog long before i ever had one
i would think of kooky little monologs
perfect for when i was interviewed by ellen
or for parade magazine...
third confession?
you are so much better than ellen or parade
(sorry ellen & brady!)
because you talk back!
oh how i love that...
so yes
i am a busy lady
but i'm always thinking of you...
even though...


11 September 2007

go pre!

so my dear kambria
i knew if i had a good enough game
i would hear from you again:)
the jumble just wasn't enough i guess:)
you got it, honey pie!
& if i ever give prizes to the other people
who have won my other crazy
guess this & solve that's
you will surely get a prize...
ps please email me...

okay so
he went to preschool
i am stunned that this little buddy went to preschool
i mean i know it's not like he flew off to yale or something
(only 15 years & counting for that...)
but he used to be a little teeny loaf of bread
(or meatloaf as angelina likes to say)
& then he was a toddler who when asked would say
'daddy' in the sweetest voice you ever heard
& then when asked would say 'MAMA!'
in the most loud robotic way you can imagine
(it really was funny)
& then this last year with the
'why? why? why?'s
& finally someone can answer those for him!
thank you mrs. bruce...
happy preschool, bug!
you are awesome!

(just like a coffee shop's open closed sign
cute hmmm?)

('backpack on my back?
why would i do that?')

(circle time...taken through the window in his classoom door...)

more to come about
& antique fairs
& your favorite chicken recipes....


09 September 2007

it's been a busy week...
i wonder what i've been up to....

any guesses?

03 September 2007

a new favorite...

just going through pictures
because you know i take a few...
my sweeties
just as they are...


01 September 2007

it's really just phonetic...

so you know that i refer to my little girlie as miss m
when i blog, right?
is there any real reason for this?
possibly in the beginning
i thought it would protect my little dears privacy
so that no one would try to steal them
or come up to them at the mall
& say 'hey Q...your moms favorite movie is 'the parent trap'
come with me'
& he would skip off because
that is true!
hint 1: i don't go to the mall
hint 2: if you want to steal a childs identity
i'd go with suri cruise or maddox jolie-pitt
cause all you'll get with these little sweeties
is a bag full of too small clothes & some empty popscicle sticks...

so i am now ready to announce
to the 2.3 people who don't already know
because you haven't known me since birth or the 8th grade
that my daughters name is merra
no really it is
& it is pronounced like sarah
but with an m
not mEEra or mAra or mEra
& yes we now know that we have sentenced her to a
a lifetime of this:
teacher: lindsay gearhart
lindsay gearhart: here!
teacher: jacob gilbert
jacob gilbert: here!
teacher: meera? goolka? mara? gluka?
merra (sweet as can be in pigtails & a little plaid jumper):
no it's merra gulka
teacher: mara?
merra: no merra, like sarah but with an m
also like merry christmas but with an a
or like terra cotta but with an m
or like my parents wanted to give me a name that was a little different
but not too crazy
& this is what they ended up with...
teacher: oh dear, we'll make an appointment with the school counselor right away...

back to life
back to reality
the other day i was reading the comics
in our newspaper
& i glanced over at the games page
this is something i never do
why would i want to participate
in something that makes me feel dumb?
just because i don't know
what the capital of turkey is
or how to make 5, 2 & 4 add up to 16
or what hand you play after someone deals a jack
(or however you play bridge)
especially since everything feels so right with the world after i read
baby blues
& zits

but this fateful day i did
i glanced at the jumble
you know
the jumble
they have some goofy little comic
with the first part of a terribley witty pun
& a blank
& you get to fill in the blank by unscrambling
the jumble words to make real words
& then you click your heels together three times
& say 'what am i doing? isn't there some laundry to be folded?'
& the answer appears
or something like that...
the jumble words
all of them are nonsense words
that you make into real words
words like
that you make into CAT
or IH
that you make into HI
first the words are not even words
just crazy mixed up letters
words that no one would even CONSIDER to be a real live word
for example....

my daughters name is a pre-jumble word


coming soon to a blog near you
the true identity of my first born
i know it's a tough one
there are so many options to go with Q

also if you can do the jumble
& fill me in on the end of the joke
something really amazing will happen
go now...