04 November 2008

just dodging the lightening...

you know there's this new thing on blogger
called followers?
so you can keep track of the blogs you read
& people know that you read their blogs
(i think those are the reasons why...)
but every time i see the section in a sidebar
i can only think of that time in the bible
when jesus said
'pick up your nets & follow me'
& they became followers of jesus...
it just seems funny
'hey, blog readers pick up your keyboards & follow me!
i have no idea where we are going
& we will probably be late
but it will be pretty fun'
not that i am comparing jesus leading people
to my blog writing
cause that would be silly...

it's over there on my sidebar now
so follow
don't follow
do whatcha wanna do...
isn't there a saying
'lead, follow or get out of the way'?
so many thoughts
(well, two anyway)
about following...
who knew?


ps pretty cool
how we all got to witness history tonight...
i think it is a step in the right direction
& i hope it is too...

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