28 November 2006

from my family to yours...

even a small drift
can lift me up
to happiness

even a small patch
can make me fall
on my tush


i love the snow
whether i'm up or down

19 November 2006

for these things i am...

for more than i can list

but here's a few

a husband who makes me laugh everyday
digital cameras
(please may i never have to live without one)
paper & glue
(any paper, any glue)
tank tops with built in bras
(can't sleep without one...not comfortably at least:)
good friends
(who laugh, accept & comment on the old blog:)
(any paint, any time)
george clooney awards
(did you see? 2nd time...go george!)
black & white
(perfect combination)

when a certain little boy says
'mama, i have a present for you
let's go to the park'
skwooshy pillows
(i hoard them!)
parents, grandparents & great grandparents
(to love us & save our bacon on a regular basis)
baby wipes
(can you even imagine life without them?
no, don't even try...this is a happy blog...)
people who help other people
( aspire...)
road trips
(more please!)
(classic. middle school memories. good ones.)
i am completely & unconditionally loved
(thank you, God)

my little girlie waking up with a huge grin
(everyday that happens! too cute:)
the office
(always lives up to expectations!)
a place to write, gush, blab, rant & just be me
(thanks my bloggy friends:)
& of course
kids in fall leaves...
(even crying kids)

what are you thankful for?

18 November 2006

bookmark it...

here's a new one to add to your list of blogs not to miss...

this is my dear friend jbmommy
(not her real name)
we have been friends since the 8th grade
(7th for her)
with a small bit of time in there that we just refer to as
'when we weren't friends'
but that could never last!

she was the one who made the bag of
'word of the day' papers
& every day we would draw one from the bag
& a group of us would find out the word
then as we walked the hallowed (sp?) halls of oaklea middle school
we would see each other & say something like
'that is a very INTERESTING shirt you are wearing'
& we would all scream
ala peewee herman
(this was obviously before his 'other performances' were revealed
though once you love peewee you just do
disgusting displays or not.
i forgive him
i just don't want to hear about it ever happening again...
you hear me peewee?)

so jessica...
yes jessica
she is just too cool
& not afraid to tell you how she feels
in the most lovely way
so that you go away thinking
'i had never thought of turtles rights that way before
but now i must go buy a turtle
& join every turtle cause there is'
(turtle rights is actually not one of her causes
it was just a fake example
because i am not a political blog...
though if you are interested in turtle rights
i'm sure there is something out there for you
they do desreve our respect
shell or no shell)

her most recent post rocks.
it's about going on the road to producing &
excelling acedemically
(with spelling like that i obviously needed a little more acedemics)
& careerwise
& then realizing that maybe a break from that isn't a bad idea
especially when two sweet boys are involved
i loved it most because
i was never on that track
i always knew i was going to be a stay at home mom
& wanted to be
so i love a different perspective
& i think she is so brave
& just wonderful!
check her out
this post is serious & sweet
but there are bound to be some funny rants mixed in too
(get cracking jb....
love you!)


17 November 2006

gripe fest '06...come join the fun...

things to do today

5:30am walk/run with tina

5:32 wonder why i ever agreed to walk/run with tina

6:02 remember why...cause it feels so good when you're done

6:13 stretch & sit-ups & listen to brian's morning songs

6:40 shower...sometimes alone, sometimes with a pint sized audience
'takin' a shower mommy?'

7:30 start cleaning the house because the tyree's are coming over

7:42 wonder why we invited the tyrees over
maybe we could just meet at target
target is always clean
you never find a 3 day old sippy cup of milk sitting around at target

8:04 return to the real world & continue cleaning

9:00 trudge down the driveway with kiddos
weighted down by diaper bag, blankie, stuffed cow named 'grandpa calvin'
wonder when i became a sherpa

9:12 quick stop at albertson's to but cold & cough medicine for merra & i

9:30 drop the kids off in child care
apologize to teachers for forgetting burp rag, milk & diapers
what the heck is in the diaper bag?

10:00 meeting with rachael & jeannie
talking about adult things with adult people
dare to dream...

11:02 get kiddos from child care

11:05 chase Q around church lobby
'want to stay with clara'

11;13 wrangle Q into car with the ever popular 'bribe & threat method'

11:19 drive through starbucks to get a gift card for coach ramie

11:38 go to soccer
strap miss m into bjorn & zoom around with Q
last day of this session
Q loves it...every night 'God bless coach ramie'

12:22 buckle in two on the edge of nap time kiddos into the car

12:27 drive through any place with a value menu

i am getting tired just typing this...
let's just say
the day is full...

things i want to do today & for the rest of the week...
dig a hole & crawl into it
with some hot chocolate
an US magazine
& john mayer, serenading me
(he's not in the hole with me
just sitting on the edge dangling his feet)
(it's a deep hole...)

please come to gripe fest with me!
i don't want to go alone!
what if i don't know anyone?
what if i can't find the bathroom?
we can buy t-shirts!
come on....

what going on with you...


funny thing is
one look at this little sweetie
& none of it even matters
& i'll gladly drive a car full of 2 year olds
& 8 month olds to kansas & back...
(well, at least to vancover...
washington, not canada)

14 November 2006


thought the computer got me didn't you?
after i pushed publish on that last post
it just reached right out & zapped me...
these machines can be very touchy
they don't like to be insulted
even when they deserve it
(did i say that?)
much computer drama
still going on in fact
when the moon is full
& we are all sitting around a campfire
i will tell you the scarey tales
emily & the computer of doom...

but for now i will say...
thank you to the mac store for renting computers
& thank you to joe p for hiring brian & i
to do a slide show for you & for paying for the rental of said computer
so that we can actually do the slide show...
& the biggest thanks of all
to my dearest coolest awesomest brian
for setting up the rented computer
sending me upstairs to catch up on the blogging world
making my blog our home page
& keeping mr. Q downstairs with the promise of 'monster, inc' & candy
you are a dream...


that's it?!!!?
gone for two & a half weeks
& all you get is a measley 2 paragraphs
(if my little bits & peices of sentences even qualify as paragrahs)
take heart young friend
while my computer was layed up in the mac hospital
i have been blogging in my head
prize winning blogs
& some will make it to you...
maybe today
maybe tomorrow
maybe some day
& definitely for the rest of my life....

stay tuned
it can only get better...