25 May 2010

tap, tap, tap...

there was dancing this weekend...

oh girl, was there dancing...


21 May 2010


this morning at 7:34 the front door opened
& my husband
(who's school starts at 7:45)
walked through the door with this
little cup of yum...

last night at 5:15 he still wasn't home
& i was starting to get worried
t-ball practice starts at 5:30
& he takes Q & helps out...
(does that sound like the poster
for suburban living or what?)
so i called & he was just leaving school
working on a project,
he said
so we met him at the field...
later i asked him what project he was working on
& he told me something that i have forgotten by now
(i probably forgot 4 minutes later, actually)
okie doke...

back at 7:34am
& he says
that last night the project he was
working on was writing sub notes
so that he could take the morning off
& he was going to take the kids to school
& i should go take a shower
without my ear open to listen for someone to wake up
or for a fight to break out
(ever break up a fight while soaking wet
with a towel wrapped around you?
it's a joy)
then as he was leaving to take the kids
he said
so i'll take miss m & then meet you for breakfast

i wonder what will happen at breakfast...
will jennifer garner & reece witherspoon
join us for some mommy talk?
will i be shipped off to a weekend of crafting
& shoulder massages?
will the table be filled with $2.99 shoes?

or will there be a handsome man there
ready to talk & laugh & discuss
our funny, crazy, busy, confusing,
wonderful life?
yes, i think i'll take that one...


13 May 2010

wonder finds: shoes glorious shoes...

(tweedy converse...they never had a chance...$3.99)

sometimes when i am visiting one of
the many great thrift stores in my city
i have to make myself not go over to the shoe racks...
partly it is attempting to stick to
my little budget
& partly it is picturing brian's face when another pair of shoes
sneaks it's way onto the shoe shelf
(honestly, he doesn't notice when a new pair is added
but he does tend to notice when
miss m's shelf has my shoes on it
& Q's shelf has my shoes on it
& they've really gotten away from me when
his shelf has my shoes on it...
one time brian cleaned out the shoe shelf
that resides on our porch
& brought a box of shoes into the house
that he had personally filtered...
i was not so happy about it
'you still have 12 pairs of shoes on your shelf'
said he
(mine is 3 times bigger than everyone else's)
i was not convinced
but sure enough
12 pairs on the porch
good thing i have a shoe shelf in my closet, too...)

(patent pleather red flats...mmmm...$3.49)
thrift store shoe shelves call to me
& i just need to take a moment
& give a big thank you to God right now
because if my feet were any smaller
the shoe problem in this house would be much bigger

(gold ballerina toe flats...with just the right mute on the gold...$1.99)

& so you see i am a little shoe flats girl
but my sister
oh my sister...
my sister with the adorable twin boys who
are so off the charts in cuteness & height
that her motto is :
go big or go home.

& so one day i get a text
'what size shoe are you?'
'do you have snow boots?'
'no' (we get three days of snow per year tops)
'i have some for you!'
& the next time i saw her she brought these
beautiful girls to grace my closet
(& my feet for a few days each year)

(fabulous furry snow boots...be my valentine?...$one homemade calzone (for real!)

aren't those just the best?
sisters are good for many things
many many things
but one that i have found over & over
is that she makes me see things
that i would have missed...
not just shoes
but in this case
we're talking shoes :)
i never in a million years would have even looked at those...
& now i love them...
thanks, kate :)

then there's this...
'mom can i take pictures with the camera?'
'sure miss m'

& when i looked through them later...

she must have seen it someplace...