28 July 2009

world wide wonders: awesome wedding entrance

i can't even say how much i love this
i even teared up watching it
of course i did!
i always do
when i see people doing something original...

add it to my list of
things i want to do at my next wedding
(same guy!)


27 July 2009

some good words & yummies....

i'm still buried in a sea of summer fun & whatever
but i thought i would share a couple of
good quotes i came upon recently
what is a good quote without
an assortment of delicious savory pastries?
so dig in & read on...

"If we're not loving the process then what are we doing? It's not going to get better at the end of this list, because there is always another list. There is always going to be more, so the trick is to love the tasks as much as possible." Which is another way of saying, let's love each moment as much as possible. I can see how simply doing what's in front of you, with as much mindfulness and joy as you can is a piece of the puzzle. Maybe we should trash our to-do lists and create some to-be lists instead.

from andrea of superhero journal

"Attention is the most concrete expression of love. What you pay attention to thrives. What you do not pay attention to withers and dies."

mama zen
(found through the superhero blog
coincidentally enough :)

& those delicious looking goodies up there are from
sweet life, of course!
(the best little bakery in eugene, oregon
& we have lots of good ones, believe me!)


19 July 2009

the same but different....

this morning on the way to church
brian & i were talking about something
very exciting & romantic like
which bicycle tires need to be pumped up.
one of us said something like
'Q's tires are pretty full'
& Q yelled from the back seat
(with a huge scowl on his face)
& quick as can be
miss m yells
(with a huge smile on her face)


06 July 2009

of course, it's a girl!

dear miss blog,
though i have been neglecting you lately
you are never far from my thoughts
(let's hope i never say that to my kids :)
you have no idea what a crazy two weeks it has been...
you have no idea
because i haven't been here to tell you!
but believe me
the posts i have been writing in my head have been awesome!
as we camped at loon lake
(sand beaches, bloggie! & a roped off swimming area for
little elves & a bigger bald elf,
a mom who couldn't sleep & just listened to 'this american life'
over & over all night long)
& as we walked to the wading pool three times last week
i thought of clever blog titles
('wading on the world to change'
'can't hardly wade')
watching 'nim's island' for free family summer movies
(very cute)
& now that i am thinking of it, blog-a-roo
it seems that the first few weeks of summer can be
summed up in three words

*loon lake (right after school got out)
*plant watering (every day, thank you very much)
*wading pool (x3 as mentioned)
*our back yard teeny tiny pool
(only when we aren't schlepping to the wading pool)
*amazon pool (with grammy, kate & my nephews, so so cute :)
*camp harlow pool (on the 4th...so awesome)
(seriously i am starring in the new movie
'so i married a fish...& then we had two more fishies'
it is sure to be a hit)

*17 again (again...for $1.75 just try to keep me away)
*music & lyrics (i love hugh & drew)
*my sister's keeper
(sad & completely infuriating for two girlies who read the book)
*nim's island (cute, fun, abigail breslin for the second time in three days)
*silence of the lambs
(bg's night of 4th of july pick...happy bday america! nightmares for everyone!)

i may just dedicate an entire post to this subject, b
(i know, can you just wait?)
let's just say
i'm trying to figure out

& so i just wanted to check in
let you know that even though i'm not in touch
& will probably be even less so in the next week or so
(three words
it doesn't mean that i'm not thinking of you...
i also wanted to just thank you
for never making me feel guilty for not checking in...
thanks for trusting that i will be back when i can
& knowing that what we have is solid...
water, movies, headaches, vbs
they might keep me away for a few weeks
but i will always come back
overflowing with lowercase letters,
poor grammer
misplaced sentence breaks
& alarming amounts of sideways smiley faces...

love you...
em :)