05 December 2008

there's snow place like handmade (or something like that...)

i've been playing around with pipe cleaners & buttons
i love doing things with simple materials:)
& i put a few in my etsy shop
so if you're yearning for snow
& you don't have it
maybe some of these little sweeties could tide you over
until the real flakes start to fall...

click on the picture to go to the shop...
buying handmade
almost as refreshing as a true snowfall

ps i also made some other ornaments
& i was planning on putting them in the shop
after the crafty christmas sale
(get this)
they all sold!
so i'm going to make some more soon
here's a little sneak peek:

we are getting our tree this afternoon
it's the most wonderful time of the year...



~Barb~ said...

Cute, cute, cute...every one of your ideas is adorable!

We're doing our tree tomorrow. Guess it's time, huh? lol

Peace & Love,

Liz said...


jmbmommy said...

Hey those are mine! I love my trees, I was going to gift them, but now I want to keep them all to myself! Hee hee...one says joy and I might keep that out all year long. Joy, it's a good thing!

marlamuppets said...

i hope you will post these on etsy too :) they are so darling!!