21 February 2011

magazine monday: inspired ideas, spring 2011

this magazine is so so cute...

full of sweet ideas...

i have never seen anything like these silhouette tags...
just adorable!

super cute holiday ideas...

i adore these sampler trees...

yummy little village...

these are pages from past issues
(you can see entire past issues here)
it's a digital magazine &
the current issue is for sale now over here
it's only $3.30
& packed full of adorableness!
i wish i could show you pictures from the current issue
it's so totally sweet!


18 February 2011

stuff i'm making: letter by letter...

i've been making stuff...

& realizing

that playing with
& quotes
& paper
& glue

is just about my favorite thing



you can find all of these sweeties
(& some different views of them)
in my etsy shop
(if you click on one of these pictures,
you can get there, too)

& one more funny thing...

something that made me giggle:

don't you think that raising girls is equal parts
& curiosity?

so great that using those letters just made it
work out that way...


15 February 2011

a sense of wonder: february 2011

my fonts are not cooperating this morning...
big, tiny, huge, small...
make up your mind!
& then do what i'm asking you to do!
so that's that...
let's move along, shall we?


all of the spring lines are coming out...
a perfect little pop of fun
in the midst of all this rain
(not that rain isn't fun...)

that one above is orla kiely
(i spotted it on a beautiful mess
a few weeks ago
& can't get it out of my head :)

& this fun look book
(also from a beautiful mess)
it's not all my style
(& doesn't need to be :)
but the idea of it
& the fun they had making it
is super fun & inspiring to see...
love it!

the hunger games trilogy...
it's so exciting & fun!
if you need something that's a
fast read but totally engrossing
give these a try...
i'm on the third one, mockingjay,
& i'm so excited to see what happens
but also want to savor it...
i love that feeling!


dark chocolate covered raisins

i was at a baby shower last month
& we played a game
('my FAVORITE thing to do at parties!'
she said with a hint of sarcasm)
apparently we were supposed to play as individuals
but my table, we were a team
& we finished first
& i raised my hand
that we were done
& so the prize was given to me...
we decided to split up the goodies
i took the loofa (totally needed a new one)
& when i gave the bath gel to my friend lisa
she said
'are you sure?'
& i said
'honestly, this is my least favorite scent'
(i'm very picky about that stuff... so goofy)
& she said
'well i got a bunch of stuff for christmas
what's your favorite? i will bring you something'
my favorite scents are citrus lemonie &/or vanilla...
the next time i saw lisa she handed me a bag with this in it

a combo of my favorites!
& let me tell you, it's heavenly...
lemon summer vanilla body gel
my new favorite!

ps i know i made out the best in this scenario...
it really doesn't even make sense that lisa would trade me
since she was the winner too
but she is one of the nicest people in the world
& just smiled when i pointed this out :)

super cozy lightweight black yoga pants.


all of the 'glee' versions of songs:

forget you
teenage dream
umbrella/singing in the rain mash-up

& my favorite:

& i love watching darren criss perform
he just seems so comfortable & happy...

& also listening:
vidal sassoon on fresh air:

'if you have an idea & you keep it to yourself,
it dies with you.
what's the point?'

i loved this!
it's so true...
sometimes i keep my creativity to myself...
& what's the good in that?
there's a place for art just for the sake of
creating, everything doesn't have to be shared...
but i have stuff that i want to share
& i just don't...
i LOVE to see other people's stuff
& so i should share as well
even if it's just for my own creative confidence...
this interview was so great
vidal has such a wonderful accent
& you can tell he loves what he does still after 40 years...
i love that!


14 February 2011

vv6: a valentine's day toast...

here's to you...

& your one, sweet life...

& everyone you love...


happy valentine's day <3


10 February 2011

my motion picture debut...

dateline: 1998
place: hayward field, eugene, oregon
what: shooting the movie 'without limits'
who: me & 1oo's of other extras

dateline: 2011
place: my computer, netflix.com
what: 'without limits' on instant watch
who: me & miss m ('mom, why do you keep laughing so much?')

oh my goodness!
i'm way too excited about this...
but it was my motion picture debut!
i guess i should be excited :)

when i was in college
(well, not exactly IN college....around college?)
they were shooting the steve prefontaine movie
in my town & asked for extras...
& i went
& they took me
& i got to wear a costume
& i was in a shot with one of the stars
& i got paid!

i saw it in the theater when it came out
& saw myself
but then when it came out on video
one of my friends said that she had rented it
& didn't see me in it
(she said she really looked)
& i was wondering if i had imagined the whole thing!
i kept meaning to rent it & see...
but then never did
but this morning i noticed it on instant
& i started to search...
& i found it!
i didn't imagine it!
there i am!
see me?
in the bottom left hand corner?
i am in two shots...

i used to refer to monica potter as 'my co-star'
(she's the blond in the middle-ish section
& now she's on one of favorite shows 'parenthood')

oh, what a funny funny thing
& the perfect thing to shake up an ordinary day :)

if you happen to own this movie
or have netflix instant
the shots i'm in are at
not that i figured that out by
rewinding it 12 times...

it's actually a pretty good movie
& tom cruise produced it so
he came to the premiere in eugene...

so funny, i feel like i'm in college again...
college age, i mean...

i wonder if any eugenies remember this?
or were in it too?
let me know if you were
i will totally look you up on netflix...

calm down...
it's just a couple of seconds in a movie...

i'm off to polish my pay stub...


09 February 2011

vv.5: love to read

i love to read!
i learned to read when i was 6 or whatever
& i haven't stopped...

during the summer when i was a teenage girl
my parents would pay us a
penny a page for reading books
(& they charged us a penny a minute to watch tv)
& i made so much money those summers!

i have always loved stories...
nothing historical
nothing real
but not too much fantasy either...
i live in real life i don't want to read about it
& yet i would like my books to be
based on things that probably could happen...

'love walked in' fits the bill so incredibly well...
sweet but not too sweet
funny but not too funny
romantic but not too romantic
sad but not too sad...
sheesh maybe i should just read the label on the oatmeal
i'm making it sound so plain...

i will admit that the reason bought
this book is because of the cover...
the font
the red ribbon
the headless body
how could i resist?
it's what got me past the name
which i think sounds so cheesey...
& then you read it & it all makes sense
& you love it
& tell all of your friends
& only one reads it
(hi, rach!)
but one is enough
because then we could talk about it...
you know?

check it out
i promise you won't be sorry :)

ps right now i'm reading 'the hunger games' series
brian has been telling me to read it for a couple of years now
& as usual he is right
(see: 'twilight')
it is so so good!
it's a young adult book
& the plot is so great
i can't even start talking about it...
plus it's going to be made into a movie
so i'm glad i read it before i saw the movie
(see: 'twilight')
it's a super easy read
fast fast fast...
though beware
in some parts you will want to hide from your family
so you can find out what happens next
(see: 'cat in the hat'...just kidding)
& the main character is such a sweet, tough girl
you just want to hug her
(don't see: 'twilight')

check 'the hunger games' out too
& if you've already read it
let me know what you think
i would love to talk about it :)



very valentine is a series of posts i do
in february as we get closer to valentine's day...
you can see more over here...

happy hearting!

08 February 2011

vv.4: wall o' hearts...

as soon as i put away the christmas decorations
(not ever too soon,
i'm not a day after christmas clean-up type of girl...
i like to have them around for a little while)
i get out the the valentine box...
it's not as big as the christmas box
(well, boxes :)
but it's always fun to unpack it...

there are a few things i've had for a while
& some things i've collected through the year...
(this is just a little bit of the pile)

every year i do something different
(not like christmas where almost
everything goes in it's own traditional spot)

last year at the coburg antique fair
i found a pile of wire hearts
(in auntie joy's booth...love her)
& i had to get them...
i didn't know what i was going to do with them
but that's not the point...
buying something you loooove
THAT'S the point :)

this year i put them in our windows
& i really love how they look
(even with our dirty panes :)

& then the hearts all in a row...
some i collected,
some the kids made,
some i made...

plus a little footprint in there
just so it's not TOO uniform :)

i have purged my collection several times
so all that remain are my faves...

i think it would be so fun to do the entire wall like this
just for the month or so before valentines day...
but somehow i think the man with the spackle won't
be too supportive of that...

do you decorate for valentines?
do tell!



very valentine is a series of posts i do
in february as we get closer to valentine's day...
you can see more over here...

happy hearting!

magazine monday (on tuesday), instyle february 2011

love the ads...
especially this one...
doodley doo...

even though it doesn't include my first celebrity crush
(still love you ricky)
it's super fun to read about other peoples...

though it does make me feel a little bit old
(ben affleck?
there's someone who is old enough to
work at a magazine who's FIRST crush was ben affleck?

this layout is awesome...

story on janet jackson...
so great...

i love skirts
& the one on the left side, in the middle?
the off white crochet number?

love how they did this layout to look like
ripped pages collaged together...
(& it was fun to read about natalie & her
love of converse...yes!)

this is one of the most amazing dresses i've ever seen...

it's made of silk organza
& would definitely take the focus off the bride
so maybe wear it to the shriners banquet, not a wedding

i love this green dress...
wood nimphy...

& there's a little section on
where to find the best plus size clothing
(petite section, too)...
i can't afford to buy on those sites
but, baby, it don't hurt to look :)

this next article just made me smile...
because usually style & hollywood fashion stuff is
all about how to be skinny & eat only
things that reside in nature
(no! not that three leaved plant!)
so an article all about
baking things using sugary trash cereal...

i am totally going to try this...

cool article about dita von teese
& her over the top house
& her love of vintage...

you never disappoint...


04 February 2011

vv3: a hearty get away...

of course it's my intent to post a valentine every day
of course it is!
it's called very valentine after all...
why would i plan something like this if
i was going to be out of town or something?
that would be just silly...
downright silly...

in other news
i will be out of town this weekend...


but have no fear
(i know you were quaking)
i will be back on monday with the
cutest, funnest, valentiniest stuff you have ever seen
in. your. life.
no low expectations here!

have a very valentine weekend, bloggies...
see you soon!



very valentine is a series of posts i do
in february as we get closer to valentine's day...
you can see more over here...

happy hearting!

02 February 2011

vv2: very valentine...hearts, hearts, everywhere hearts...

i love hearts
(have i mentioned that already?
a few times, yes...
will i continue to mention that?
for sure :)

& i seem to see them all over the place
& so i take pictures
with my camera
or with my cel phone...

i think of them as little love notes from God
but every time i see one i just hear 'hi em!' in my head :)

there are a couple more here, too...

if you keep your eyes open
i bet you'll start seeing them, too!



very valentine is a series of posts i do
in february as we get closer to valentine's day...
you can see more over here...

happy hearting!