01 December 2008

& so it begins...

after a lovely little (long) thanksgiving weekend:

wednesday night:
work work work

thanksgiving day:
drive to portland
fun with great in-laws
cousins running around in their undies
(okay that was just my kids)
pumpkin cheesecake
(so incredibly yummy
& the only reason i tried it
is because i knew it would be rude
not to try the homemade dessert:)
'& because there is such a thing as manners
these fish?
these fish have manners.'
name that movie:)
kids to bed & watch cable
give thanks that we don't have cable

black friday:
6 am lessons learned
(1.check the store open time
2. make sure the comforter you want is on sale friday not sunday)
cuddle with the twins
drive home
date night at home
(feed kids early
put them to bed early
eat homemade calzone
& watch the brave one...
that's a crazy movie)

thanksgiving dinner 2: the sequel
sausage stuffing
(i know!)
fire eater
(lilli's boyfriend is! really!)
the civil war game!
(the civil war game!
you know!?!)
rock band
(i am so in love with this game...
so glad we don't own it)
spend the night on the most comfortable couch ever

late to church
(surprise! surprise!)
soccer game (Q)
nap (miss m)
sesame street live at the hult center
(so fun to take my kids there for the first time...
the place where i saw
& the nutcracker
& chicago
& les miserables
& stomp
& amy grant
& many others)

a great weekend full of
great people
great food
great things to do
great! great!

& now on to the next!
i love this month
i love the bustle & busy-ness
& decorating
& wrapping
& happy happy:)
& i love that we made our list
& budget
& we have cash for every bit...
i might love that the most actually:)

can't wait to just enjoy this time of year
both of my elves are at great ages for christmas magic
& they are elves for goodness sake!
this is their time:)

hope you're excited too...
try it, it makes everything more bearable & fun...
happy december!



~Barb~ said...

Happy December to you, too.

I am glad that we've got our list made and have set the budget so that everything will be CASH ONLY this year. That takes much of the stress off so maybe we can just enjoy it this time around.

Pumpkin cheesecake? And it was good? Really? Hmmm....

Peace & Love,

Kel said...

One of these days I think you should bring those little elves for a visit. Then your elves and my elves can all run around in the underwear! =) Miss you friend, and so thankful for your blog so that I can feel like I am there with you.

jmbmommy said...

Yeah! I am so excited too! Happy happy...you got to see the babies. 2, I still can't believe it.


The boys loved the visit...next time we will make sure Q has leg armor before he goes into the green space. My boys can't wait to have cousin time again.
We are also all cash this year...it is a proud moment!