27 June 2006

school's out for summer...

so i know for most of the population
summer just means
that you don’t have to go 20 in school zones anymore

but for me it means
brian is home!
this is the first summer that neither of us is working
(except for the 4 weddings we are doing
but that just means we are working together:)
i realize not a lot of people have this luxury
so i’m not going to brag
(too much)

but on my goodness
it is so nice
like some days i go to empty the dishwasher
& it is already empty!
& not because Q took all of the dishes
out to his wading pool

& i could take a shower every day if i wanted too
not that I will
but i COULD

& if we wanted to we could just hop in the car
(oh yeah we could just hop,
after an hour of packing up everything under the sun
though, those of you with more than 1 kid
do you notice that after the first
you kind of decide
oh she/he’ll just have to be fine
without all of the comforts of home?
like one time with Q
we packed up the swing
(not a travel swing)
to take to rona’s house
because he could not function without it
now we’re like
set her on a blanket
with something near to look at
& she’ll be fine…)

we could hop in the car
& go to the grand canyon
or target

it’s really pretty cool
& Q LOVES having daddy home
finally someone to wrestle with
instead of these stinking girls
for some reason
don’t love to be surprised from behind
with a wiffle bat to the head
dad on the other hand loves it

okay so much for not bragging:)

to those of you in Oregon
(& you know who you are hopefully)
is it hot enough for you?

we went to fern ridge lake yesterday
a place where the potential for comedy
is boundless
if you’ve been there you know what I mean
jeff foxworthy would have a field day

the bottom of the lake is soft as can be
i try not to think too much about why it’s so soft
& it seems that they've added bark-a-mulch
in an attempt to soak up the water
(i'm just guessing)
so every time you walk
you are followed by a cloud of bark
how could i not expose my children to the natural(?) wonder that is
fern ridge lake...

Q loved it
it took him a while to get used to it
he's kind of a cautious kid
at first
after he gets used to stuff
then he's he's just wild
not sure how this personality trait will pay off in middle school...

Q & brian played for hours
brian throwing him in the air
& Q
'A-gin? A-gin?'
so cute!

it was really nice though
to be in the water
& just near it
i put so much sunscreen on merra
she looked like i was planning to bury her & roast her
like we were getting ready for a luau
(is that too gross?
i really would never do that…)
it did pay off
she hardly looks like she has seen the light of day
& she really didn't hate the water
she didn't love it
but she didn't scream
i count that as a victory!

we also have gone to barnes & noble
2 times now
our kids ages are perfect for it right now
Q would set up at tent
& live next to thomases train table
if we let him
& merra does one of three things
(she's very advanced)
sits on one of our laps
or lays on a blanket kicking & cooing
(what a cutie bootie!)

i read thought provoking literature
like US & entertainment weekly
brian researches photographic equipment
(because we don't have enough...
kind of like me & scrapbook supplies:)
it is so nice
& i do realize that when miss m starts crawling
this lovely little dreamy state will be no longer
so we are all moving into the tent with Q
& having our mail forwarded...

keep cool
enjoy the sun
& don’t forget the sunscreen
(like i did…yikes!)


26 June 2006

file this under i-wouldn't-believe-it-if-i-hadn't-heard-it-with-my-own-two-ears...

the following blog contains one or more
slightly offensive words
(i say one or more because
it really depends on what words you find offensive
some people really hate the word 'anyway'
because some people use it too often
some people use it so often
that whenever there is a pause in a conversation
their 2 year old son says
'um so anyway...')
i apologize to anyone that this offends
i feel that it fits in the context
of my subject matter
& plus it adds shock value
which let's face it is severely lacking in this blog...
so prepare to be shocked
& awed
on with the show...

in music
not of snacks
(though i have nothing against that, for sure)

it's a lovely trend
a new song with a bit of an old song
it's cool
it makes you feel connected to the past
or something like that

sadly the only example i can think of at this moment
(this moment being 3:18 am...thank you miss m:)
is jessica simpson's
'boy i think that i'm in love with you'
where she samples
'jack & diane' by john cougar mellencamp (sp!)

but the other day
a new one
the 'popular' music station round here
& apparently popular means mostly rap
because that's what i usually hear
when i push that button

the song
'if you're sexy & you know it clap your hands'

yes you read that right

so after i died laughing
& then clapped my hands:)

i thought
it's about time
those rappers have tapped into a market that the rest of music has forgotten
preschool mommies
i mean really, look what they've done for bitches & ho's
& now here it is
a song we all know & love
carefully rewritten

& what is next
i would like to wonder
the wheels on the pimped out bmw go round & round?
the itsy bitsy halter top?
twinkle twinkle giant diamond earrings with matching bracelet & necklace?

oh how i would love to hear your ideas
creative friends....


ps as i was thinking up new ones
i was picturing a well loved dvd we have
'elmo sings kids favorite songs'
so now i have elmo's voice in my head
if you're sexy & you know it...
will i ever get to sleep?

pps i just did spell check
because i couldn't spell my way out of a dictionary
& guess what word came up on Bloggers spell check?
oh how i love irony


19 June 2006


that's how quinn referes to them
why put the 'and' in, right?
or even take a breath between sylibuls (sp!)

anyone within 2 feet of us at any time knows
he LOVES cars
with a capital L
(or would it be a capital c?)
so taking him to see CARS the movie
was a total no brainer

last weekend
(when was the last time i went to opening weekend of anything?)
we did a last minute
babysitting plead
(thanks dad & tam!)
& brian & i took Q to see cars

it is so good
i recomend it to everyone young & old
with or without kids
Q did so good for over an hour
just sat there eating his popcorn
one kernal at a time:)

with about 15 minutes left he started to get antsie
now another parent might have said
'okay dear son, you've done so well
& if you are ready to go then we shall leave now'
we are not those parents
we needed to see how those animated cars ended up...
how could life go one without us knowing if lightning mcqueen won the race?
so out came the emergancy candy
(something i highly recomend)
& i gave it to him piece by piece
because every good mother knows that
it lasts a lot longer if you dole it out like that
the seconds it takes to pass it from your hand to theirs alone
must add up to at least a minute

it was great
& so fun to have a little date with our boy

in conclusion i must give a hand to disney
CARS is everywhere
gummy friut is not half as good if isn't shaped like mater
a scrape will heal so much faster if it has a sally bandaid
& what do you imagine mr Q will
be getting for christmas this year
when it comes out on dvd?

i would call it a racket (?)
but i'm too busy collecting all 7 happy meal toys...


15 June 2006

in the car...

on the way home
from having lunch with tam aka grammy

'okay quinn, should we head home?'
'yeah, head home, feet home'

& now our heads & feet are home

14 June 2006

hey who's that cutie?

let me tell you 'bout my best friend...

hard working
super cute
great dad
awesome husband
he turned 34 today!

happy birthday brian!
without you my life would be so boring
& sad

i love you...

13 June 2006

ode to the boots

he would wake up
& say

& when getting ready to go someplace
time to get shoes on

even when it was 90 degrees out
sticky & yucky
the chant was the same

& one day i found him
napping away
couldn't do it

no matter what he was wearing
t shirt & diaper
no outfit was complete without

now he's on to the next
next car
next truck
next bucket
next bat
next ball
next mr. potato head

but i didn't want to forget
or leave them
in memories

for the love of boots


so what do you not want to forget?


08 June 2006

happiness is...

today on her blog
my friend ali
what is your happiness today?
& it was so fun to read everyone’s hapinesses
so fun that i am going to do it here
so anyone reading
no matter if it’s today
or in ten days
tell me
what is your happiness today?

i said mine was
a healthy little guy
(he got what i had
& let me tell you
it was not pretty)
& miss m trying to smile & nurse at the same time
so cute!

but i must add one
a less deep, not so sentimental one

it is my new dessert of choice
i call it…
well, i don’t call it anything
hey i think i’ll have some of that darn good stuff
darn good stuff
that is lovely & inviting name, no?

one slice of pound cake
(frozen from costco)

one layer of raspberry jam
(canned from winco)

one spray (okay, 3 sprays) of whipped cream
(canned from costco)


(i’m sure it would be equally if not more
delish if all of the ingredients were fresh
but hey
i work with what i’ve got:)

i was going to post a picture of it
but our internet is running so slow right now
that by the time i got to it
this is all that was left

okay so on with the show…
happy things please…

ps here’s ali’s blog
it’s a great one
you should check it out:)
some day i will figure out how to post a link in a word
(i really will, jenna!)
until then
cut & paste it is…

06 June 2006

ain’t love grand?

so sick
throwing up
& other icky things

i call brian

he comes home early
US magazine
& a giant Hershey bar
(for when I feel better)


& because of his sweetness
i felt better already…

ps I am much better today
just a 24 hour thing

pps I once heard that the best test of a relationship
is to see how the person is when you are sick…
I think I picked a good one…


i was talking to my great friend angie one day
about how i think that there are people who
think i am a boring christian house wife
just cooking & cleaning & diapering
& doting on my husband

now of course i do all of those things
maybe not all in the same day
but i do them
(just ask brian:)
however i am more than that
i am cool
yes i am

so angie
genius that she is
started a blog
& if you
may feel
or know some one
who feels
or may feel
this way
you should check it out…


yep, she’s my friend…

oh & one more thing...
(the girl's got a lot to say...)

i was looking for a birthday card for
my darling sister & i came across this...

oh goodness
i laughed so hard
for all of us
& our dinner problems...

oh must give credit
this card is from hallmark
fresh ink series
some of the best cards around...


01 June 2006

happy kate day...

standing on the sidewalk
looking up
the window
with hope

my mother holds
the newest
for me
almost three

29 years ago
she came
changed us
to us

sweet girl born
friend realized
a match
well made


happy happy birthday my sister!
i love you:)

(this will have to serve as a card for now...
more to come soon
i promise:)