30 May 2008

& then there were three...

hey friends...
go take a look at this fun news
from my little sis...

pretty great huh?

ps DARCI!!!!!
i want to see you!
email me!
i can't find yours!

28 May 2008


(i feel you miss m. i feel you.)

i woke up too early
i got distracted (curses on you internet!)
the kids slept too long
i forgot to put the car seat in the car
it was raining
it is garbage day
we forgot
i had to park the car
run back to our garbage can & pull it to the street
Q was late for school
i was late to meet my friend to walk
i took miss m to the bathroom in the mall
she peed the second i pulled her pants down
all over me & the floor
i dropped my purse in a puddle
i couldn't get the stroller to fold down & fit in the trunk
i got pulled over on the way to pick Q up from school
i cried a lot
i still got a speeding ticket
Q hugged me & his head bumped my chin & now i have a little fat lip
i'm having some intestinal issues if you know what i mean
my water tastes like bleach
my ipod headphones broke
& so did the ones that i bought from the dollar store
it's still raining
peas are yucky
pencils are stupid

i think i'll move to australia


12 May 2008

& a one & a two

the other day i was looking around for my little girlie
where was she?
she loves to play 'hide seek'
& so i thought maybe she was doing that
which by the way
is always a bit scary if she forgets to tell me she is playing
because then i'm all
'miss m...
where are you...
miss m?
where are you?
MISS M!!!!!
& all the while she is hiding & silently giggling
because i can't find her...
who made up that game anyway?
i found her & she was not playing hide seek
she was piling on layers of her brother's underwearnotice how they are not on top of each other?
but in lovely layers
like a cute little skirt
i'm calling it the underoos mini
& it will be available at urban outfitters next season...

& the boy...
oh the boy
we decided to clean out mr. Q's closet yesterday
the part where he keeps all of his clothes
(right here let me give some advice to the moms out there
or moms to be (not naming any names)
hi moms!
it is fun to buy clothes for your kids, isn't it?
i mean really
how could it not be?
unlike buying clothes for yourself
(myself anyway)
you pretty much know they will fit
& they cost like a third of what adult clothes cost
dear target:
please stop making adorable clothing for kids
it makes walking through the kids department
like walking through a peanut m&m factory
& not having just one little taste.
thank you good bye
i mean good buy
emily ruth...

okay so advice:
don't buy any clothing for your child
(especially your boy child)
unless you know for certain
that you will regret it on your death bed
that you didn't get that cute striped thermal shirt
why you ask?
well, firstly because
you will get lots of cute hand me downs
from your friends with great taste
(& how could they not have great taste?
they are your friends aren't they?)...
but more importantly
because no matter how many adorable
polo shirts you get them
or cool retro button ups
inevitably they will wear the same five t.shirts over & over...
you know the ones with cartoon characters
that you swore you would never let your kids wear
& also that four sizes too big hockey jersey that you
let him buy at value village
you know?
the one that says 'ackerson' on the back?
that's why...
save your money people!
use it on yourself!)
we were clearing out the closet
& we were playing a game called
'give or keep'
(i assume this is self explanatory)
he really liked this game
even though i was cheating
because even when he said keep
if knew he hadn't worn it in weeks, if ever
i would wait until his back was turned
& bury it in the give pile...
i know
rotten rotten...
after the game was over we played a new game called
where should everything go?
(another bit of advice:
just let them decide where their clothes go
they are the ones who are getting dressed in the morning
who cares if it makes no sense to you?
go arrange your own closet!)
so we put the underwear in that slot
& the trillion pairs of shorts in that spot
& the one pair of pants over there
& the shirts on the floor
(heed my advice!)
& then came time to decide on the socks
& this is the absolutely genius idea
that my son came up with
geez, i love those kids...

love, the mom of
merra versace
& Q the idea man...


01 May 2008


some of you may know
that one of my favorite bloggers is tara whitney
she is funny
& colorful
& such an amazing photographer...

she has started a new little thing
one project a month
& you can join right in...
just choose one project in your house
(fun or otherwise)
that you have been putting off
& commit to doing it this month...
post some pictures of the before
on your blog
or on your fridge
or on your front door...
then break the project down into manageable bits
& go for it!
then post your redo pics at the end of the month
or whenever you finish the job...
you can even post a link on tara's blog
& look at others projects...
very fun

for my may opam
i have chosen the kid's bathroom...
i have had ideas for it in my head since we moved in
almost exactly four years ago
(Q was three weeks old...
can you say crazy?
although no one really let me do too much
having a newborn & all
so maybe not too crazy actually...)
& even though i have an idea in my head
& could describe it in full detail
the elfins bathroom continues to look like this

& this
& this

& yes
that was a sombrero on the toilet
we really fiesta right around here...

what i would like to do
is make it really fun & colorful
with some frames
& other stuff

& happily we have lots of frames & other stuff
in our house
so i am so set:)

hope you might play along too...
we can do it!