30 October 2007

boys don't make passes...

so i know you've been wondering...
just dying
can't wait to find out
what i am going to be for halloween
because in the past
i have really done it up
1990- grumpy old lady

1995-noah's wife

1996-night & day
i was a wild one...

2000-vincent van gogh
(missing ear & everything
& i can't find a picture
makes me want to
go paint a picture of sunflowers or something...)
2004-tired mom

2005-tired pregnant mom

2006-tired mom of two
(the little dino ran away gefore we could get his picture)

& also this
circa 1980 age 6

& i know there is a picture that proves that i was right!
but i can't find it
of course...

well, it seems that this year
the universe has given me a costume
& i didn't even have to ask...
thanks, universe!
on the way to church on sunday
i reached up to adjust my glasses
they broke in half
(actually it was more like
*tink* they broke in half
but as my life flashed before my eyes
the fact that i have no contacts
& that i have been thinking that i need to
make an appointment to get some
& the little fact
without the aid of glass or tiny pieces of plastic
(or whatever contacts are made out of)
the sound might as well have been earth shattering)
change of plans
to safeway we go
i wait in the car
holding both sides of my glasses on
with both hands
so that i can tell the two kids in the backseat apart
(i told brian
'if i didn't have to carry a purse
or hold a child
or open a door
or exist in the outside world
i would be just fine!')
my knight emerges from the store
with his crafty self
& some white athletic tape
& proceeds to fix me up
merging the two sides in a lovely wrap around
& around
& around technique
my hero...
i added my own craftyness
black sharpie
(this resulted in a little example of
the difference between men & women...
i was ever so artfully coloring the white tape with black sharpie
& brian said that it called attention to it
exact words:
'when you have a really big zit
it's better to just leave it
than to put a bunch of cover-up on it.
the cover-up just calls attention to it'
i say bless his heart
with the utmost sincerity
& i know that he believes it is better to not do the cover-up
but ladies?
are you with me?
sharpie it is!)
i need your help...
& i know you are quippy, quirky little lads & lassies
(broken glasses turn me irish...)
so help me out
with a gift like this:

what should i be?
(& no 'revenge of the nerds'.
it is obvious
& i already said it
pretty much the moment i
put on my glasses & looked in the mirror


ps now you can see why i said the universe gave me the gift
& not God
i like God too much to blame this on him...

pps the odd angle is because i was
holding the camera as far up & away as i could...
no need to add double chin to this unfortunateness...
also you may ask yourself
why am i looking off to the side?
the world may never know
but the looking straight on one was a little creepy
it's halloween
shoulda done creepy!
next time!

ppps title of this blog:
not true


29 October 2007

i keep on fallin'





happy fall!

see you soon...


23 October 2007

what's your hourly rate?

ps (that stands for PRE-SCRIPT it's the note before the real thing starts)
i want so badly to put a picture at the beginning of each post
but lately someone won't let me
i'm not naming any names
but it's in the website address of this blog
& it's not emily or ruth
they are always very accomidating of my pictures
though not so much of my spelling errors all over the place
& truth be told ruth can't stand the all-lower-case-letters thing
she was a grammar champ you know...
but i still love them
both of them
thanks, girls!
could you talk to blogspot for me, girls?
see if he could let me post a picture
just a little one?
& i promise
no headless children

so i'm re-reading one of my most favorite books ever
encyclopedia of an ordinary life
i only just read it last year i think it was...
& it is my pick for my book club book
i think it's scheduled for may or something...
i like to read
i love to read, actually
but i have a hard time reading new books
or books that aren't like all of the books i like or something
i have been in this book club since it started
it was my idea to start it, in fact
i had been reading oprah's book club books
(remember when she recomended one every month?)
& i was feeling like
i wanted to talk to someone about them
& i mentioned it to my darling angie
& she was off like a shot on that track
she makes flyers
& schedules the meetings
& collects ratings of each book by each reader
& sends out emails detailing what our group thinks of the book
& each email is written in the style that the book was written
just go back & read that last bit again
i am so serious about this
she really does that
& it is the funniest thing ever
i don't even read half the books but i always read the summeries she sends
& i am so happy that she does all of this
God knows i would have made some cute flyers
& never scheduled a thing
& sent an email full of spelling errors & lowercase letters
in the syle of crazed stay at home mom
every month
(emily & ruth would have dropped out immediately on principle)
she is a firecracker that one
don't suggest anything to her unless you want it done up right:)
that first year
i read one book
the one i got to choose
the secret life of bees
i gave it the highest rating of anyone
& then i never read another book again
okay so i didn't read another book club book again until the next year
& i don't know where i'm going with this
except to say that
i have a new book to read right now
it's whatever our book is for this month
& technically i don't actually HAVE it
but it is available for me to go find
if i choose
& yet i am rereading a book that i will most likely again reread in may
i do not know.
it is familiar
& i know it doesn't take a lot of concentration?
because the unknown books that i have read
like bel canto & blindness made me feel icky & bored or both?
most likely.
when i don't read most of the book club books
i say it is because
i have no time to read
but of course i do.
i have time right now
but if i stopped writing
then you wouldn't have anything to read
& i am nothing if not your loving friend
bringing you things read daily
okay weekly...
your welcome

i know you are readers because
when i listed my three favorite books
you all flooded my comments with your favorites
(& i loved it)
unlike when i listed my favorite tv shows
to which i got one comment.
from my sister.
okie dokie
any ideas?
should i disguise a new book with the cover of an old book i have?
sleep with a new book under my pillow until it becomes familiar?
make little copies of the cover of the book
& have them pop out all over the house at unexpected moments...
'just going to make some toast...'
shazzam! out pops 'cane river'
& i shake my head & look into the camera as if to say
'oh, that zany pop-up book cover got me again'?
or just leave myself the h alone & read whatever i want whenever i want
without feeeling the need to analize it to death?
that last one actaully seems like a nice option...
thank you, doctor
this has been a very productive session
see you next tuesday...

15 October 2007


i get to teach a really fun class next week
& i am really excited about it
& i am trying something new
& a little different
but i think it is really going to be so fun!
& my friend, ali will be there
which is super fun
because i love her
but also because i took a class from her last year
& now she will be at my class
i'm not sure if that has happened to me before
but it's pretty fun...
if you are going to be hanging out in eugene
next week
go look at my other blog
(did you know i had ANOTHER one?)
click right here

& i would have an adorable picture to show you
of one of the projects we will be making
except blogger is not being friendly this morning
but it's cute
& i know you want to come & play...
come on
let's play...


11 October 2007

i get to go away for a bit of the weekend
& the weekend starts...
who said there were no perks to being a stay at home mom?
actually no one would say that
the perks are obvious & very cute...
the additional perk is that as long as my kids have someone of age with them
my weekend is whenever i need it to be
so i'm
heading to portland for a women of faith conference
with some of my favorite women
like this girl
& this girl
& this one too
oh & don't forget this one
& many others who apparently don't have a bloggy footprint...
i get to go to ikea!
oh joy!
finally oregon has a reason for people to visit
because i guess crater lake just wasn't enough to get them here...
very excited
see you soon...

ps the picture is from the little photo shoot i did
on tuesday
there is something about these pictures
of kids with their heads cropped off
is it cool?
is it morbid?
i don't know but i like it...

06 October 2007

a new fave...

kiddos all comfy
"reading" books
in mom & dad's bed
so cozy...

05 October 2007

today i'm...

missing this girl
wishing she was here
amazed that it's been ten years
(can you believe it?)
wanting her to know my kiddos
thankful that i got to have her for my mom
hoping that i always remember...

02 October 2007

tube top...

okay so
it was premiere week
& since i work wednesday & friday nights
& have bible study on mondays
& i think that desperate housewives has gone down the tubes
(some may argue that it started there...)
my only nights for tv are tuesday & thursday
(isn't it nice that i think of it as
'the two nights i can watch tv'
as opposed to 'the two nights i get to hang out with my husband'
or 'the nights i can research how to cure cancer'
but i guess i can do that stuff on saturdays & sundays
so tuesday is
the biggest loser
the unit
& i won't even go into how we decide
what to watch when...
but thursdays is all about nbc, baby
(well, until er comes on
yes, it is still on)
so i have been looking forward to the office premiere for a while
but first things first
my name is earl
oh yes.
at one point brian said
'i don't know if i have ever heard you laugh this much
at one time, it's great!'
it was so funny
oh so very funny
i mean come on
randy has to be taught how to set his alarm clock
push time
to set the time
push alarm
to set the alarm
why didn't you tell me it rhymes?'
& just because i really like you a whole lot
i have a present for you
click here to watch the entire premiere!
oh it's lovely

& the office was great too
maybe it was because i was in smalltownville mindset
& because i had laughed approximately every 5.6 secnds of the previous hour
but it wasn't quite as funny as i had built it up to be
don't get me wrong
it was funnier than two & a half men could ever hope to be
& jim & pam?
come on...
too cute
& i have to say
i have faith in the writers
that they can do something great with this
& not let the relationship go the way of this
or this
hear that?
i have faith in you!

so on that note
let's get back to everybody's favorite game
my three favorites...

tv shows now & then


the office
oh dear
too predictable?
so sorry
it just is
& how could it not be
with quotes like this...
Michael: I hate hospitals. In my mind, they are associated with sickness.

Michael: It is up to me to get rid of the curse that hit Meredith with my car. I’m not superstitious, but, I’m a little stitious.

Phyllis: I’m a Lutheran, and Bob is a Unitarian. It keeps things spicy.

Dwight: With the electricity we’re using to keep Meredith alive, we could power a small fan for two days. You tell me what’s unethical.

Pam: You have reached the offices of Dunder Mifflin Scranton. Currently the entire staff is out doing the Michael Scott D.M.S.M.P.M.C. Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race.
Michael: For The Cure.
Pam: Leave a message.

Michael: While I eventually puked my guts out, I never puked my heart out. And I’m very, very proud of that.

& that's only in the first episode of the year!
oh joy
it's going to be a great fall season...

2...really right now
my name is earl
it has to be
you can't laugh that much in one hour
& not give it the second place prize
plus in the episode on thursday
joy did two
count them
craft projects
a mosaic of earl's face made from the broken stained glass window of the baptist church
& a quilt of earl's life made from her kid's winter coats
watch out martha...

project runway
does it count that i have never watched it in real life?
only on dvd?
i have consulted the rule book
& it says that shows on dvd
as long as i have watched them in the last 6 months
are okay

so project runway
if you like fashion, craftiness, cattiness, creativity
& hearing hiedi klum say 'aufedersein'
you will love this show
it is awesome
i'm on the waiting list to get season three when it
gets to netflix...
try it
you just might love it

rule book again
these are shows from my past
past could be last week...
but not next week

one... family ties
(please click on that link...please please!)
oh dear
how i loved this show
& how i loved michael j fox
& let's be honest
how i still do...
favorite episode:
'self contained underwater breathing apparatus'
& now justine bateman is on 'men in trees'
just a little trivia for ya...
least favorite episode:
all of the ones i had to miss because
my dad wouldn't let us watch it
because they treated the dad like an idiot...
no hard feelings, dad
i understand
ps christmas is coming

i still laugh out loud at this show
(mostly chandler & monica)
when i get to watch it every two months or so
love it
can't help it

sex & the city
i have little to no comments
i just love this show
i can't choose an episode
but here's a quote or two...
Miranda: I know you're probably busy, but I feel you need to know that your good friend, Miranda Hobbes, has just taken a piece of cake out of the garbage and eaten it. You'll probably need this information when you check me into the "Betty Crocker Clinic."

Carrie: That's another reason I love New York. Just like that, it can go from bad to cute.

Carrie: I will never be the woman with the perfect hair, who can wear white and not spill on it.

i hear that it's on tbs
& if you are sensative to naughty words
i'd check that out...
if you swear like a sailor
go for dvd
cause that's me
sailing the high seas
swearing up a storm...

& you?
& you
& you too...
what's are your favorites?


ps due to the unfortunateness that is television scheduling
the office & grey's anatomy are on at the same time
the good people at abc have done something
so kind
so selfless
you can watch entire episodes on abc.com
the newest ones even!
very cool
the nbc people have done the same thing
just in case you need to know what
happens to meredith before
you find out what happens to michael
or jim
or pam
or dwight
or phyllis
or kelly
or stanley
or angela
or creed
or oscar
or ryan
or jan
or kevin
or toby...


pps this will come in quite handy when lost starts again
since i am working wednesday nights...
shout out to abc
thanks, guys...