25 June 2007

that's how she rolls...

i'm going to be gone
for a little bit
not long
but i will be back
with pictures...
so watch out.


& don't worrry
i haven't forgotten about flank steak
or george

21 June 2007

just for fun...

giant grin
& eyes that become little slits
crazy hair
& dribbles down the front...
my sweet little wild thing

18 June 2007

coming soon...

strawberry pickin'
flank steak
water fountains
sewing up a storm
george clooney

stay tuned

14 June 2007


happy happy birthday brian!
we love you
& are so blessed to have you!

e, q & m

07 June 2007

good grief...

so like i was saying
was is it with the arm slings for kids these days?
so granted i have had more experience
with child sized arm slings than most people do in a whole lifetime
& some may argue since that is the case that i should just keep my opinions to my self
no one else cares!
but you know me better than that...
onward i go!
so last year in march & this year in june
the sweet boy has to wear a sling for his broken arm
the same design both times
what do these things look like?
you wonder
a choice of solid colors?
so that a child may choose their favorite?
um no, hospitals don't give choices
unless sitting in an urget care waiting room for four hours
with a three year old with a broken arm is considered a choice
then yes!
they give you LOTS of choices...
okay you wonder
back to the slings
are they just a nice little design
like the baby blankets that they give the newborns
with small birds & woodland creatures in an array of pastel colors
(actually i hate those too
why is just plain white not okay?
i obviously have issues with hospital fabric choices)
anyway back to slings
no it is not a subtle little design
it is a loud primary display of the peanuts characters
charlie brown
his blanket
& snoopy
(who Q calls sniffy
talk about cracking me up
oh i laugh everytime i think of it much less when he says it
& i make him say it a lot.)
the whole peanuts gang
the peanuts whose comic was discontinued
like 15 years before Q was even born...
it's like a well meaning woman in 1967 accidently
ordered 100 dozen slings instead of just 1 dozen
(this recently happened to curious george with donuts
so it is a real life example)
'oh' she thought 'the next twelve children with broken arms will love these'
& little did she know
that the next 1200 children over the next 40 years
would have to pay the price for her ordering mistake...
honestly, mabel
even the monkey noticed that he made a mistake
& tried to fix it...
i have nothing against snoopy
(or sniffy)
or charles shultz
or even peppermint patty
(though she really isn't too bright)
my grandpa loved them
& really whose grandpa didn't?
but peanuts?
for three year olds?
in 2007?
although now that i think of it
Q did break his arm because i was holding the football
for him & as he ran to kick it
i pulled it away
& he flew up in the air & landed on his arm...
or did he trip & fall as he was running to see the great pumpkin?
or as he was dancing without moving his arms?
maybe it was a good choice after all....


04 June 2007

a weekend in pictures...

our weekend started like this...

& ended like this...

with a little of this

& this

& this

thrown in for fun...

it's an exciting life...
that's for sure
well, eventful anyway...

ps the answers to your questions:
pic 1
-the concert was great
-he didn't sing 'your body is a wonderland'
-or mention jessica

pic 2
-he broke the two bones in his right forearm
-he fell off of a bar stool
-yes, rachael & i are starting a 'no three year olds on bar stools campaign'
you'll be able to buy t-shirts soon
-yes, a similar thing did happen not 15 months ago
-he is all drugged up
& will get a cast later this week

pic 3
-it's the four gulka cousins
-& even though they aren't looking at the camera
it's my favorite picture right now...
love it!

pic 4
-yes they are both three (one week apart)
-yes they did start off with grandma rona's good jewelry
& then when all of the moms realized it
& went 'agghhh!'
& scared them
grandma gladly got out the play jewelry
-yes, they are both three:)

pic 5
-yes-sir-ree it's all natural curl
-she gets it from her mom (that would be me)
& grandma ro (i'll do side by side by side pictures someday...)
-& yes i did dress a one year old in a white dress
-& yes it got so dirty
-& yes i loved it:)

additional answers
-yes, i am a total dork for not taking a single picture of the birthday girl
(kate send me a pic or two & that group one maria took!)
-i agree that going to two barbeques in the span of 4 hours is not really the best diet plan
(but it sure was yummy...& now we're back to beans & rice)

01 June 2007

& many more...

happy 30th birthday, kate!
you're as cute now as you were then...

i love you