03 November 2008

every leaf speaks bliss to me...

since my first job
(@ mcdonald's, thank you very much
i made the biscuits back when
they were actually made with a mix
not delivered in their hockey puckish state)
i have always had a few jobs at a time
or at least switched often
& i've only been fired once
(& that was because that dumb guy
didn't show up to cover my shift
& also
i hadn't gotten his signature that he would cover it
& also
when that happened i was in mexico)
i like the variety
& doing lots of different things at once
(yes, i have considered getting tested for adult adhd)

so right now one of my jobs is
doing seasonal displays for my friend
who owns a spa
she loves different & over the top
& she gives me lots of freedom to play around
tonight i'm going to do christmas displays
so i thought i would show you my fall stuff

(if you are morally against
tearing pages out of books
& painting them
& cutting them to look like leaves
you might want to just move along to
another blog
or go read my last post
there's new born babies in it!)

anyway i guess i just explained my process:
tear all the pages out of a book
(an extra copy of jane eyre that i had)
~paint them with watered down paint
so that the words show through
~let them dry
~cut out leaves free hand
~cut so many that you don't even care if they resemble leaves any more
~hot glue them to a tree
remember that originally you had wanted to
get a great looking branch
but then didn't find one
so you had to buy a fully green leafed ficus tree
& cut all of the leaves off
& then glue all of the fake book page letters to it
remember that the easy way is never quite as fun
& that if it had been easy & fast you wouldn't have been able to watch
7 episodes of gilmore girls while painting cutting & gluing

i also do things for the tables
& usually those have to do with things
& sticking out of
a vase or vessel of some sort
but this time i decided to make little
stand up quote decoration-ie things (official name)
brian made the wooden stand up part
& i did the quote decoration-ie part
i love doing this stuff
i go late at night
& listen to podcasts
& just enjoy some creative time
also i love fall
so playing with these colors
is really nice
& also
usually there are little treats
sometimes m&m's even
happy fall, friends...

& come play photos coming soon...


kimberly a. said...

Wow Emily- does your creativity know any bounds??? I had to show my husband-he agreed, just stunning. Thanks for sharing.

jmbmommy said...

my gosh you are awesome. I love your projects, enthusiasm and all the rest. Nice work!