16 December 2008

o christmas wreath...o christmas wreath...

i love decorating for christmas
& i'm so glad we did it early this year!
when brian & i were first married
we lived in the house i grew up in
on my grandparents 107 acre farm
(yes it was beautiful & wonderful:)
for christmas one year
i made this little wreathie thing
to hang over our table...
since we moved i only pictured it above
our table
& i didn't want to drill holes in the ceiling
(well, honestly i would drill holes
all over the house if it were up to me
but my husband
the logical one
thinks that would not be so good
because someday
we might need to try to sell the house
& people wouldn't want to live in swiss cheese...
so year after year
i just left it in the box
but this year
i pictured it someplace else...
so to make it
i used a fake wreath
(i mean EVERLASTING wreath:)
& set it on a table
then wrapped lights around it
twisting the wreath branches around the wire
i used tulle to hang it
but you could use ribbon or twine
or whatever strikes your fancy:)
the tulle worked well because it hid
the wire from the lights...
to finish it off i hung sparkly snowflake ornaments
around at random spots...
i'm so happy that it worked outside
why didn't i think of it before?

here's to all foliage everlasting!

i had never been a big fan of
non-real plants
(i can't afford the kind that look real
& i can't make the cheaper one's look good
like i've seen friends do)
but one year i bought a few wreaths & garlands
& i worked hard to make them cute
& so for christmas
i am big fan!


~Barb~ said...

It's gorgeous and so original. I love it! You've inspired me to try and get more into the holiday spirit (I've been way too bah-humbug this year.)
Peace & Love,

Liz said...

What a great idea! Everlasting is a wonderful idea - pay for it once and be done - instead of buying one every year.

Sarah said...

-this is beautiful!! Love it emily!!

jmbmommy said...

Great idea....I was just going to get rid of my "everlasting" greenery...but you have sparked some great things!

emmi said...

I love the idea. When are you going to add it to your Etsy site? :) By the way, I love the snowflakes as well. Mia and I tried to make some; definitely not as cute.

enjoying the journey said...

Beautiful! You are very creative Emily!