16 October 2008

eugenie stuff...

if you are a local friend
or want to visit beautiful eugene oregon
in the next couple of weeks
i have some suggestions for you...

first bring a rain coat & dress in layers

go to this awesome sale
itty bitty boutique
wednesday october 22- saturday october 25
it's a consignment sale where tons of moms
bring their kids gently used clothes
(or in my case hardly worn
cause my kids don't gently use much of anything:)
on wednesday you can find awesome things at great prices
then on saturday everything is half price!
the girls who organize it are so great
& the sale has a really fun vibe...
this year they are also going to have
a section of new handmade things
all created by moms:)
i think that will be so fun!
click their name & go see...

come play with me & my friends!
saturday november 1
i'm teaching the advent calendar in that picture up there
there's more pictures of it at my other blog
emily ruth scraps
& jill is teaching a super cute project too
go check it out over here
the come play blog has all of the info
so come see:)

numero four
check out some little sneak peeks of what will be there
at the creative boutique blog
(yet another blog i try to keep up...)

coincidently i will be at all of these events
hope i'll get to see you local kids
& all you residents of other states & cities
go find some good handmade,
locally organized stuff to support...
it's just the nice thing to do


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Anonymous said...

i just tried to leave this wee comment on your sermon sketches page but, as i don't have a blogging identity i couldn't figure out how to do it (i am a bit of a technophobe!) so, this is what i tried to say:
i am not really sure quite what to say other than this is amazing. amazing. do you actually doodle this during the sermons? i thought i might be the only one, you know, who did this. yours are far more artful but now you have inspired me to try harder.