29 April 2010

when the moon hits your eye...

when my sister & i were in middle & high school
for almost every birthday we would
have slumber parties & watch movies
(always including the original 'parent trap')
(kate, click that link! :)
& my mom & dad would make pizza
from scratch...
on a rectangular cookie sheet...
it's funny that a square piece of pizza
will send me back to those days on the farm...
i should have some old fashioned fiddle music
going for this post...)

at our house now
every thursday night the elves have pizza
(sometimes they help make it,
sometimes i say
'i'm almost done,
you can help next time!'
even if i'm not almost done...)
& then we put them to bed
& watch 'survivor' while our dinner cooks
(& then we send the elves to bed again)
& usually by the immunity challenge
brian & i are cutting into our calzone...
& every thursday night he says
'i think this is the best one yet'

we call it our 'at home date night'
& while a real actual date would hopefully
find us talking to each other face to face
this is one of my favorite traditions...
(i like it much better than watching
'silence of the lambs' on thanksgiving...
that one only lasted two years)

& i hope that in 10 years when the elves have their own blogs
(or whatever media they will
have to record bits of their lives)
they will have at least one post that starts out
'every thursday night my mom makes pizza
(& sometimes she let's me help)'


ps hmmm
you would think i would have a picture of
pizza or calzone wouldn't you?
this post started out as 'wonder finds'
about all of the shoes i have
scored in the last couple of months...
but then i saw that flour on the floor
& my brain went a different direction...

pps those slippers were $4.99 at goodwill...
the inside is so cozy
& the sole is like a real shoe
so i can wear them to take out the recycling
or chase a child down the street
(not that i know anything about that...)
i had been wanting slippers for ages
& couldn't justify spending $16.99 plus shipping
for the ones i really wanted
knowing that they would just end up
with flour & paint all over them...
as it was i debated about the $4.99 for a while...
(i know! dork!
but when most of your shoes cost $3.50
that $1.49 is a big jump!)
in the end i decided it was worth it...
treated myself to $5 slippers...
lap of luxury i tell you...

i do love them, though...


22 April 2010

house party....

oh, i've been having so much fun
playing around with my little houses

& clipping great old pictures
into my clip frame mash ups
(that's what i'm calling them...
with a little shout out to glee :)

come by my etsy shop
& see what else i've been working on
(you can click on any of the links in this post
or on my etsy pictures on the sidebar
at the right over there)

i wish i could invite you in to these little places for
orange juice & dark chocolate covered raisins
(that's what i've been snacking on lately
at my art table :)
& we could chat
& watch the finale of project runway on my
tiny tv made of a postage stamp
(i'm a seth aaron fan, for sure)

i hope you're getting some time to be creative
& doing whatever makes you feel like YOU

21 April 2010

6 is a magic number...

he's got big plans
& he'll tell you all about them
you have a few minutes
(big plans take a little while to explain)

he can get you through xbox lego star wars
every level
every room
(& he does it while humming the star wars soundtrack...
actually, he does everything while
humming the star wars soundtrack...
no, really. he does.)

he runs
& runs
& runs
& runs
& runs

he's got opinions
(& he says 'that's MY opinion')
one of them is about getting his picture taken

he's working on
being more patient with his sister,
looking at adult's eyes when he talks to them,
& not complaining about chores,
('i'm the only one who ever has to do anything!'

he's fearless
about height
& speed
(& taking the ball away from whoever has it)

he's a builder boy...
give him a new set of legos
& he's gone for the next couple of hours
(following those cool lego direction books)
give him a box of random lego pieces
& he will come up with a super amazing creation

he's sweet
& kind
& cuddles up with his mom
& says
'you're my favorite girl'

happy birthday mr. Q!
i'm so glad you were born...
you're my favorite boy

16 April 2010

holy yummmm...

holy doughnuts
1437 willamette alley, eugene

organic & dairy & egg free
fully yum :)

a friend & i have been planning a doughnut date for weeks
but things just keep happening
so we have to reschedule
but this week is just couldn't stand it anymore!
i needed to go get one (or two :)
if you are a eugenie
you should go try these yumms for sure...
they are as good as regular doughnuts
but they have a wonderful healthy taste
& they are cuter & better for you...

definitely a religious experience :)

& the day that i visited holy doughnuts
there was an article in the food section of our paper
about how the world famous voodoo doughnuts is
opening a shop in downtown eugene...
it's just a sweet little doughnut world...

doughnuts & cupcakes, right?
bite size bliss...


11 April 2010

not so complicated...

yesterday i was getting that feeling
you know that one?
the one where if you don't
get a little time to yourself
your family will find you curled up in a ball
on your closet floor muttering
'self contained underwater breathing apparatus'
thankfully brian recognizes that look in my eye
(& i say 'i need to go away for a bit')

& so off i went to see 'it's complicated' at the $2 theater...
there were other movies there that i would really like to see
'the blind side'
'a single man'
'alvin & the chipmunks: the squeakquel'
(ha ha. no.)
but sometimes you just need a movie that you know
is going to be funny & pretty & end up nice...

i needed that formula:

1-they meet
(or have known each other for a while
but are 'just seeing each other in that way for the first time'
or again)

2-things are grand!

a) a letter or technology
(emma, little black book, you've got mail, etc)
b) business
(you've got mail (again), sweet home alabama, etc)
c) inexplicable time travel, usually starring incredibly adorable people
& featuring a number in the title (or jennifer garner)
(13 going on 30, 17 again, ghosts of girlfriends past etc)
d) another person (who is probably not even involved at all
but one person assumes they are involved but doesn't ask if
they really are involved)
(every other romantic comedy ever made)

4-oh dear! many misunderstandings ensue

5-no one talks through the misunderstandings

6-crying & drinking wine with friends

7-'okay, i'll listen, but just this once'

8-sweet things are said & done

9-a great song is played

10- i walk out of the theater happy to have lost myself in
someone else's life for two hours...

& that is just what happened...
plus it was a truly funny movie!
i laughed out loud
which is always a plus...

& i appreciated that the people involved
in the relationship were not so young
(& i don't mean old :)
i mean not in their 20's or 30's...or 40's)
i liked that meryl streep's character
already had her career figured out
(& what a career it was!
she owned an amazing bakery & shop...
so great!)
& her kids were grown up
(the most clean & scrubbed noxema bunch you've ever seen)
& she had good friends...

& alec baldwin!
i know he might be horrible in real life
but he has just played the best characters lately
(we love 30 rock)
i can like who he pretends to be without liking him, right?

& of course steve martin...
we had 'roxanne' taped off of tv
when i was in middle school
& we watched it so much...
love that guy...

have i sufficiently plugged this movie?
i'm beginning to wonder:
was the movie that good
or did i just need some time
to escape into movieland that super badly?
a little bit of both i suspect...
a little bit of both...

ps i would be remiss if i didn't mention
john krasinski
(jim from 'the office')
he was great in the movie, too...
it really was a good movie :)

05 April 2010

good will, indeed...

mom got an easter skirt this year, too :)

thank you, plus size girl who donated
the cute floral skirt with the sweet pink bow
to goodwill last week
& also the big footed girl who never wore the
black ballet toe flats...
to both of you, a reeces peanut butter egg!

02 April 2010

not so foolish...

when a five year old boy says
'i have a great idea for an april fools joke for daddy'
construction paper flowers are not exactly what come to mind
but that's what my five year old boy
came up with yesterday about an hour before
brian got home...

& so out came the paper & scissors & tape
lots & lots of tape
& then the planting...

& the reveal!
(i love that you can tell that he's in the 'fool' part
of saying 'april fools!')

perfect reaction!
(the joke was that when brian got home
Q told him that we planted flowers
& then when he went to see them
'april fools!')

i love that five year old brain...

01 April 2010

not many words...

paint & glue & paper

& flowers & letters
& this & that...

better maybe :)