26 December 2006

company's comin'

12:54 am
day after christmas
sitting on my parents couch

high speed blogging
company potatoes as my companion

brian in seventh heaven
high speed shooting & stratagizing

once you go high speed you never go back
they all say

i'm beginning to beleive them...


company potatoes...
a tam christmas tradition
i 'm not sure what's in them
besides potatoes
but i'm guessing crack has to be at least
one of the ingredients.
maybe two.
has to be...

plus she always has them ready before
anyone comes over
i think i'm on to something...


24 December 2006

okie dokie....

so i guess that's why they call this the busy season...

i have seriously been thinking in blog
like i was writing in my head
brilliant brilliant things
to make you laugh
out loud even
& perhaps shed a tear
the kind that just pops out of your eye
& then rolls all the way down your face
until it falls onto your chest...
they were that good.

but now faced with the blogger screen
all i can think of is
merry christmas to all
& to all a good night...
very inspired...

but for fun let's add two more things...
i am generally not an over acheiver in life
walk into my house on any given day
& this fact will be startlingly clear
but when it comes to christmas cards
i usually try to go way beyond the rhelm of reality
always dreaming of making a card that will use many cutting edge techniques
but not too many
(don't want to look like i'm trying too hard)
& a letter that will touch & inspire
but usually it ends up like this...
i buy paper i love
just the right green
25 sheets
i will cut them in half
print one try on them
i can't read it
the perfect green is too dark
it's too late to go search for something else
i print on regular paper
& swipe a stamp pad over it
hoping it will look planned
curse christmas cards
& the perfect green...
merry christmas!

now last year...
(ah last year)
for thanksgiving we went to california
& we got
(i am not joking)
the best family picture ever.
really it was so good
we were on the beach
the ocean looked unreal
everyone was smiling
it looked planned but unplanned
the perfect picture can cover a multitude of sins...

this year
pictures are not even on the radar
i try for a few at my sister's wedding
but someone who is older than 30 months & younger than 33 months
refuses to look at the camera
& when he does
he is giving this look
as if to say
'i just have one question for you
are you feeling lucky?
well, are ya?'
(& he looks just like clint eastwood when he says it)

so another brilliant idea
i'll make a photo collage
our favorite pics from the past year
i love photoshop
so this will be FUN...
long story short
i hate photoshop
i hate the walmart 1 hour photo place
(i'm sure i am not alone in this)
& i especially hate all of my friends
who just chose their best picture
whole family or not
smiling or not
& ordered the cute border
& sent them off...

so my cute blogger friends
you will now be the only people on the face of the earth
to see what could have been
our best christmas card ever.


oh well...
i'm going to go watch the office
(season 2 episodes 11-16
plus deleted scenes)
& address our new year cards...

have a wonderful christmas
celebrate your family
& Jesus...
i think having had babies just increases the feealings
can you imagine giving birth in a barn?
(i will just let you sit with that)
& then rasing the son of God...

but beyond that
Jesus came to give us all hope
& i pray that no matter how things go
perfect or not
(christmas cards out or not)
that what you feel is hope
hope for the best life
hope for better things for the people in our world
hope for a great future for our kids
hope for anything you can imagine
& a reassurance that you are so loved
truly loved.

enjoy your christmas...


13 December 2006

i now pronounce you...

for now
a few shots

& a couple drinks
never hurts;)

plus my favorite pictures of the moment...
is there anything cuter than a boy & his daddy all dressed up?

more later...


10 December 2006

somebody's getting married....

today is the day...
kate's getting her hair done...
the wheels are turning
it's happening!
& don't you worry
pictures will follow
very soon:)

my stomach is in knots
& not because i've been doing sit ups
i'm toasting tonight
& i am nervous
too long?
too short?
fortunately kate & ryan told me
that i didn't have to be funny...
they said
'the best man is really funny
so you don't have to be'
so i guess i know how they feel about my sense of humor...

boy do they have a surprise coming
cause i have a juggling routine down...

until the balls all fall...

i tried out the instruments of torture
(aka the wedding shoes)
at the rehearsal
& they felt....
but so did everyone else's including BM#1 & #2
so i am not alone
let the limping ensue...


05 December 2006

meet my arch-nemesis

five days to go
five days
until the wedding of the century

there are many
blood boiling
stories about this wedding to be
but will i be talking about those right now?

because there are greater issues at hand

ladies & gentleman
the bain (?)
of my existance....

i put no blame on the bride
(for 2 reasons:
1) she did not pick them out
2) who in their right mind would
put the blame on a bride for ANYTHING
5 days before her wedding?)

the blame goes to two bridesmaids
who i otherwise love & adore
& i'm going to chalk it up to a giddy excitement
over being all together in a shoe store...
who is in their right mind in a shoe store?
i'm sure the conversation went something like this:

bridesmaid #1
(holding up a pair of wellies)
'i bet you wouldn't wear these in the wedding'

bridesmaid #2
(holding flip flops)
'bet you wouldn't wear these'

BM #1
(that abbreviation in no way reflects my feelings toward them
only toward their shoe choice)
(holding up very sensible 1 inch heels)
'bet you wouldn't wear these'

BM #2
(holding scary 2 inch heels)
'bet you wouldn't wear these'

BM #1
(hold above pictured shoes of death)
'bet you wouldn't wear these'

BM #2
'yes i would & i think we should make everyone
wear them too. even the pastor'

well, the pastor got out of it
lucky SOB (sorry grandma)
but all of the tall skinny bridesmaids
& me
did not.

let us just see how tall these heels are shall we?

now i would have to ask carrie bradshaw for an official ruling
because i'm not sure if you measure
right up to where the heel meets the shoe
or from the ground to where your physical heel is
(plus this measuring idea was lovely
except i should have possibly
put the ruler & the shoe on the same surface
so now they look like they are 3 & 1/2 or 4 inches!)
any which way...
i'm going with 3 inches...


this is not going to be pretty
no matter how cute they are...

& you better believe i am bringing
shoes to change into
& they will be flats.
that's no inch heels...


ps if you do want to know about the
blood boiling
they are well documented on
very cute...