28 May 2009

world wide wonders: whirlwish

super cool
& cute
just the thing i needed today...


& all of those cute skirts & shoes!
so fun!

video by jen gray via superhero journal

21 May 2009


mom & me by Q
dark hair
hazel eyes
yellow dress (i wish i had one)
yellow necklace (that too!)
big happy smile because i'm with my favorite boy

yep he nailed it :)

13 May 2009

i need answers...

how can you not wish for more hours in the day
when there are just so many neat things to do?
this is not rhetorical.
how do you (you!) decide what is worthy of your time?
& how do you (yes you!) say goodbye to what isn't?
tell me
tell me


08 May 2009

all i need

for a 7 mile
(excuse me 'quarter marathon')
with friends
the ipod is just in case my friends are faster than they claim to be
& then i will walk with my podcasts
& the shoes are for...
well, i hope you know what shoes are for...

i realize that in order to avoid being
arrested &/or uncomfortable i also need
some pants
a shirt
a nicely supportive sports bra
socks with no seams
& some strategically placed vaseline...
but the shoes & ipod are my favorite parts...

& so off i go
driving to stay with my sister first
then meeting the girls at the race in the morning
& then hopefully
in full use of my legs
making my way to someplace grand
to wander & enjoy
& then home & bed
& a wake up on sunday morning
to a joyous, as Q says,
mudder's day
(yep, just like the song:)

it's looking like a fine weekend is in store:)
(& if it's not
i will be sure to be back here
telling you ALLLLLL about it...)


05 May 2009

playing with paper & kids...

the cocoa daisy may kit
was fun to play with
i always have fun playing with the kits, actually
even if i wouldn't have chosen the items when shopping on my own...
i mean what's not to like?
i open the mailbox
inside there's a magic key to a bigger mailbox
& inside is a box full of paper & ribbon & embellishments
who's complaining about that?
not me!
& then there was this paper
this paper that told me it wanted to have light
glowing through it
& i'm not one to go against talking paper...
here's what they look like when it's not glowing
just baby food jars
with paper wrapped around them
not quite so magical
they are incognito...
watch out when the lights go out...

& then i had one strip left
& lately if anything is 2 or 3 inches wide
& longer than a two feet
it's a headband...
thankfully this was white
cause black would have just been cammo
though i guess i do have a blondie running around here somewhere...
this kit is called strawberry lemonade
doesn't that cute name just make you want to buy it?


& then this great post
ten tips for being a more lighthearted parent
(linked from simple lovely another super blog)
i love them all but my favorites:

1. At least once a day, make each child helpless with laughter.
4. Wake up before your kids.
7. Look for little ways to celebrate.

so go read them...
they are good
& hopefully one or two will stick...
that's what i'm hoping for...

04 May 2009

Q & e

so i really did finish the little table on friday!
don't get in the way of a girl & her paint
(if there is enough time & sun & the kiddos are playing happily nearby...)
& paint was my original idea
then i wondered about sharpies
& considering that we got this table just before
someone was taking it to goodwill
i decided to try it...
i love sharpies
almost every holiday brian gives me a set with all of the new colors...
love love love!

the benefit to using sharpies is that they dry instantly
so i didn't have to say
'oh! don't touch that!'
or 'ugh. now i need to redo that part'

we had fun
it was a team effort Q & i:)

first i did the top
Q requested rockets
so stars & rockets it was...
the downfall of having an instant gratification personality
(besides the obvious: weight gain, empty wallet & no fingernails)
is that i get an idea
& i just want to do it
don't bother me with the facts!
so instead of taking the time to sand off the stickers
that were on the top of the table
i just painted right over them
& already they are starting to show themselves...
oh well
it's a desk for a 5 year old
it was going to get dinged & chipped anyway...
(another sign of instant gratification personality:
excuses why what i did was really okay)

then i asked him what we should do on the sides
& he said 'Q's!'
& so we each took a side...
Q's by Q

Q's by me
(blurrrrrrry)then Q pooped out so
i worked on the other sides
& did more what i had been picturing in the beginning...

& even though it's different than my original idea
i am so happy that Q & i got to be creative together...
he's a fun one!

here's to things not going the way you planned
& ending up much better...
(guest smiley by Q)