31 May 2007

sweet as can be...

wowie you guys...
i just have to say that if this is the outpouring of sweetness
& compassion
& encouragement & sympathy for
the demise (thanks for that word, jmb:)
of a three month old
web site
i am confident that i would be covered in
love should anything worse ever happen

i have been in tears for the last few days
reading your comments on the blog
some kind emails from rp, kw & jmb
getting sweet phone messages
from rpx2:), ar, em & kw
& one very sweetly worded
'get up & move on things will be fine!'
phone message...thanks miss ef:)
also a lovely little
'i thought you might need a little something' care package from bt
(that's my grandma by the way:)
& lots of hugs from brian
& Q
(& i know they say that kids can sense it when something is going on)
hugged me & then patted my back & said
'it's going to be okay'
& told grandma
'if i clean up my room it will make my mommy feel better'
talk about tears
(by the way the room is still not clean
but with that sweet comment
he's excused for a few weeks:)

thank you all
you are too sweet
(word of the day, pee wee...)
& what some of you said is so right
i will have more oppurtunities later
& this just wasn't the time for it
& i won't run out of ideas
(always too many in that catagory:)

i am overwhelmed with love
thanks for letting me be me
on this giant blogosphere
but where these last few days it has felt really cozy

i'll give a few more details later
my embarrasssment may lead to avoiding it
(i'm quite good at that huh, rach:)
but we'll see
maybe it is a new me
willing to look idiotic in order to be real & true...
but don't count on it
i am still human:)

love you guys...
truly i do

29 May 2007


this is what i posted on go-mom-go today...
sometimes you have a great idea....
& you work on it & it becomes everything you dreamed it could be...
sometimes you have an idea & things happen & choices are made & things don’t turn out the way you had hoped...

it is with a very sad heart that i announce that the go-mom-go site is now closed.

thank you so much for making it part of your web stop & for the support & comments & help & fun...

thank you so much.

& more details will come for you...
a different day this week, though
now i'm going to hide under the covers...


18 May 2007

every friday...

play group
play group
it is a wonder
& an essential part of mommy sanity!
(for me at least)

i mean it's not like it's the only day of the
week we leave the house or anything
but it is the only day of the week where we leave the house &
are going someplace
just to
& socialize
(i suppose technically any place my kids are
is to play & sociallize

why didn't i appreciate that more when i was three?)
so for ME it is the only time
set asside for playing & socializing
(are you tired of those two words yet?
me too)
today we were at my friend jessica's house
jessica & i have been friends since the 7th grade
(with a few esstranged years in there for good measure)

& she is one of the funniest people you will ever meet
so witty
& kind
& smart
(yes you!)
& now i can add
the greatest yard in the county to have playgroup in
to the list of her attributes...

it was so fun
kids running
& jumping
& yelling
& singing
& fighting
& blowing bubbles
& hammocking
& riding
& digging
& playing & socializing

i love to take pictures at play group
i have known so many of these kid for years
& some even since they were born
(4 whole years in some cases!
they are my kid's friends
& my friend's kids
(& yes, there will be a scrapbook page forthcoming:)

& i love them!
& the sun was shining
(overhead, which is not so good
for picture taking
but that's what photoshop is for right?)
& it was just lovely!

i have included a little selection here
but if you would like to see the whole set
let me know
& i will email you the snapfish linky thing

summer afternoon
summer afternoon
no two better words together
(that is completely ripped off from someone
& not even exactly right
i need to google it...)

& speaking of google....
if you are wondering what kind of a day
yesterday was
around here
(as opposed to the 16 other days i was gone from the blogosphere)
i had to google:
"getting crayon out of carpet"

02 May 2007

i whine & then i play...

*ranting shall commence*
first off i would like to say that i love my blog
i love to blog
maybe is the better thing to say
either which way
blogging is great
sometimes my pictures don't show up
then i don't like my blog
but then people comment & say sweet things about the pictures
so some people can see them & some can't
this makes me angry
i know it has to do with server shmerver something or other
but i still don't like it
everyone should get to see
including me!
*rant has thus ended*

we have been painting & arting up a storm round here...

i had some square canvases that i bought long ago
just knowing that i would need them someday
(story break!
when i lived on the farm
next door to my grandparents (hi grandma!)
i needed some shelving options
i had this cool little box
that could be turned on it's side
& then used as a shelf
but i needed more
or something like it
so i went up to see my grandpa & ask him if he had any ideas
he said 'how many do you need?'
we climbed up a ladder above his wood shop
& there were about 10 of the exact same boxes!
after we got them down i said
'i'm so glad you had those!'
& he said
'i knew that some day i would have a grand daughter who needed them'
i love that story!
it gives me an idea of where i got this from...
the idea that if i save something long enough
it will be of use to someone
i am actually trying to curb that need lately
but that's another post....)

so i had a brainstrom
i love how they come out of nowhere
& just hit!
i had Q color on three of the canvases
& then i framed them
check it...

oh i love crayons!
one time i injested a substance which i will not specify here
but it made me very focused
& i spent a good hour melting crayons over a candle...
good info on me.

i have the perfect spot for these
& when i get them up i will show you
it is that perfect...

oh & yes
as he was creating these masterpieces
he told me what they were called
'this is 'the rains'
'this is 'the other rains'
those could really be names of art pieces!
he has it in him i tell you what...
this kid
he just makes me grin...

a few weeks ago for moms night we went to brushfire
to paint our own pottery
& i made a 'mom says' vase...

all around the inside it says
'mom says. mom says'
& then on the outside i listed things
that i think are good to practice
such as
dream big dreams
don't be afraid to mess up (it's ok)
just be you...you are great
have fun...lots of fun
be kind to everyone
love with all you've got

i'm happy with it
& that's a good thing too

ps i sure miss my grandpa
he was quite a man:)