28 January 2007

the art of time suckage...

why yes i have been sitting at my computer for the last week
staring in awe at the technilogical advances
just since monday
did you know
you can watch a video on the internet?!?
& sites just pop right up
when you click on them?
& pictures upload like lightning
just since monday i tell you...

on to other news
though just because i'm moving on
does not mean that i am not so very giddy & grateful for this
high speed wonder
believe me
it will be like when we moved into town
(a country girl term thank you very much)
& every wednesday afternoon i would say
'they just came & took our garbage!
we had it in a can & someone just came & took it away
& it's gone
& we just get to fill it up again!
(sad that i am excited about post consumer waste. yes i know.)
& we don't have to go to the dump?
(not that i don't love the dump
i do!
who doesn't?
all of that throwing over the edge
& seeing what other people threw over the edge...
one of my favorite childhood memories is going to the dump
(told ya. country. just like britney)
again i say
you can't overstate how nice it feels to just throw a big item into a huge hole.
i'm sorry i know it's horrible.
but a memory is a memory.
even if it involves trash & hurting the earth...
excuse me i need to go recycle something...)
so anyway...
bottom line
love the high speed
love internet
even more than i did before...
(& i know i have a hanging parenthesis)


the point...

last week we visited a new church
no we are not thinking about changing churches
we live 30 miles from our church
& some sundays
(read: every sunday)
we are running late
& last sunday we were running so late that we said
'let's just try out that new church at that elementary school'
(by the way
new churches are popping up in elementary schools all around here!
it does seem like a good idea
they're not in use on sundays
& then people are not just building new structures willy nilly
therefore less waste
therefore my dump guilt is gone
i went to a recyled church!
i feel so much better)
so we were there
& it was just fine.
during the sermon brian pointed out something in the bulletin:
'there are easels & art supplies
in the back of the room for those
who wish to express themselves artistically'
(is that spelled right? i'm an artist not a an editor...ang?)
& b said
'you may never get this chance again...go for it'
& i did.
so the 'art supplies' left something to be desired
every colored pencil was down to it's nub
& the markers were almost inkless
but i made it work
& let me tell you
it was very cool.
my drawing was fine
not great
but the idea
is something i never have even imagined...
when i was in college
(those gloroius 3 terms...)
i took interpersonal communication
because it fufilled the speech requirement
cause you weren't getting me up in front of a group for nothin'
i asked the teacher
about doodling
i said that i felt like when i doodle during class
it helps me listen better.
rather than staring at the teachers face
& then wondering where she got her necklace
& if she bought her shirt in 1956
& so on...
it seemed like it helped me pause that wandering part of my brain
so i could really listen.
she begged to differ
& said it was actually just distracting me
blah blah blah
& i believed her until now!
& now i will be doodling away
during church with no guilt
this is such a guilt cleansing blog today!)
thank you 'the point'
very cool...

my new favorite picture...

love the movement of the train
love his hood over his head
love his jeans
love the dirty
love him looking at the train
love me looking at him
love the lines
love the color
love that you can see my earring
(nice focus job bri!)
love that seeing a whole face is necessary
love love love
don't love my butt...
but who does?
i can overlook it
if you can...

gotta dash
Q just came in & said
'i awake!
& your girl's awake!'

love to all...
& less guilt
that's my motto


24 January 2007

for whom the dial tones...

i will miss
i can't say i won't miss you
the dial tone
& the screeching kooky sounds you make
as you lead me to the land of blogs & shopping

the way i have to load 5 pages at a time
& then go do something else for 5 minutes
10 minutes
while you retrieve them

the fact
that i could read
through a magazine
while browsing amazon

i will miss you the way i miss
8track tapes
when i see one
i have
a quaint little reminder of the times we had before
not really wanting to go back to those times
but happy to sit & remember them
as i listen to my ipod

i will miss you the way i miss
having a wood stove as our sole source of heat for five years
i am glad to have had the experience
& know that if necessary
i could start a fire at will
(with the help of wood & paper & a match
this isn't survivor...)
but after living with heat that i can turn up & down upon my whim
i never wish to go back
remembering thee as i sit in 70 degree comfort

so farewell dear dial up
you have served me well
but i wish to set you free
some relationships are not meant to be forever
i will always look back at you with love

but the time has come
to move on...
the twenty first century calls


19 January 2007

oh to watch you squirm...

if i ever need a few comments in my box
i need to remember to just use the words
'i'm not telling'
it was nice to hear from ya'll
even if it was to say
'what?!? what is it?! what?!?'
now of course i know the first thought
in all of the minds of you readers
so to answer that right away
there will be no 3rd child anytime soon.
(as far as i know...ha:)

so the surprise is just something i have been working on
& will hopefully be ready to share in february
that is only 12 days away
(you can wait, kel...i know you can:)

also two things i have been asked
in comments & out of comments
(i do talk to people in real life too!)
the ceasar itailian dressing is from kraft
it's full name is
kraft free ceasar italian
but i like to call it 'ceas it'

& the enchiladas are not in fact made by any amy i know
but by a little amy that everyone should know!
in your organic freezer section
(i got mine at super collosal walmart
& i have seen them at alberston's
& i'm sure whole foods
has them
not that i would know because
we don't have a whole foods yet
because apparently the city leaders of eugene
perfer the lovely landscape architecture of truent teenagers
to a grocery store full of tasty goodness...
did i mention i love this town?)
i hope that will help all of the preggers out there
(of which i am not one...i don't think...:)

also a big congratulations
to three sweet girls who just had three sweet girls!

my dear friend, ex-roomate
(that sounds so sad, let's say former roomate)
(& yes i did just make up that spelling...it just makes sense!)
nyc tour guide, dancing queen & all around great girl,
jamie had darling vivi
just a few weeks ago
oh how i love that name!
& she'a a cutie pie!
(ps jamie please email me your address
(yes i lost it again!)
i have something for your little muffin)

& the ever beuatiful nozomi
just had ahn (pronounced 'on')
& though i have not seen her in person
i have no reason to think that she is
anything short of gorgeous
considering her parents (think brangelina)
plus they are just the nicest little family!

& the darling holly
& her sweet little bundle, selwyn
holly is amazing
she was in kate's wedding
& wore the shoes from hell
(truth be told she helped pick them out
so she had better be wearing them:)
& danced like there was no tomorrow
all at 8 month preggo!
what a woman!
(ps thanks, kate:)

yipee for girls!
so excited for all of you!

til we meet again...


18 January 2007

a thing or two...or eight

golden globes-

the first two presenters were george clooney & justin timberlake
i turned it off 3 hours later
& was just as happy as i would have been
if i had turned it off at 8:13.
i have seen none of the movies
& the chances that i will before the Oscars are slim
that does not make me happy.
so the choice is
take up a new hobby
to take the place of watching & reading about movies
be fine with the fact that i will only see
42 seconds each of babel, the queen & dreamgirls…
& if you know me at all
you know i am going with door #2…
because i still get all of the good feelings & suspence
& know i would cry…
they put the best 42 seconds in those anyway…
(that’s what i like to tell myself)

dixie chicks-

i went to this concert ummm like 3 months ago
but it’s still just going through my head
& when i listen to the cd i’m right there
belting it out with the chicks
(much to the delight of the grumpy people
we were sharing the sky box with)
their voices were just right
& natalie maines is so funny & fun
& when they sang the song lullaby
they asked everyone to open their cel phones
so it looked like a modern day lighter ocean…
very cool…
& i’m sorry to all of the men who think this song is
not okay
(yes i’m talking to you brian & dad)
but ‘goodbye earl' totally rocked
what a great night…
thanks kate!


Christmas was good
Christmas was great
for next Christmas i can hardly wait

family & friends
from near & from far
gave my kids enough gifts
to fit in a mid sized car

i love the lights & the air with it’s chill
too bad most of the stuff from last year
ended up at goodwill…


but i love Christmas
don’t think for a minute that i don’t love Christmas…

hair gel-
the cure for the bowl cut
thank you jesus

this is site i can’t get enough of
all handmade things
different things
different categories
it’s like the hippest craft sale you could ever go to
the best part is choosing a category
then looking at someone’s stuff
then looking at their favorite artsists
& you can just go on & on
it’s like an internet on the internet
but it’s full of cute purses & felt hair accessories
instead of ads for quick loans & porn
i have found a place i want to stay for a long time…
(& if i ever decide to start my own store on etsy
you can bet you will know about it…)

my coast getaway with miss angie was great
& movies
(pretty in pink
high school musical
the whole first season of the office)
bliss i tell you
pure bliss
sunday morning we walked on the beach
& discussed some very deep topics
& we didn’t agree
& we are still friends!
we must be growing up
because 19 years ago
(when we met)
i would have been calling Rachael
(i didn’t know racheal then
but i’m saying if we were now like we were then
besides it’s my blog
i can time travel if i want to…)
& saying
‘i can’t believe angie said that!
can you?
wasn’t she so wrong!?!’
so no phone calls like that took place
(that i know of…)
good times were had by us
i really love that lady…

amy’s enchiladas-
brian & i are doing a new diet
i will not be expanding on that fact here
i will only tell you that
amy’s cheese enchiladas
& luna bars
are God’s gift to dieting women…
they are both allowed on this ‘life choice’;)
& i am a happy girl indeed.
i am glad to know that i have finally stopped
trying to find the best healthy substitute for all of my favorite foods
i have decided to expand my food selections
& take each morsal as it comes
i have decide that peanut m&m’s are good as they are
& they are good when i have 8
not an entire bag
(no not those small bags…)
i have no interest in
some imitation peanut & carob concoction
claiming to taste like the real thing.
newer & better
that will be the name of my autobiography
maybe not…

also… last night at dinner
‘i don’t think i’ve ever seen you eat as much salad as
you have these last few weeks’
‘i don’t think i ever have’
(fat free ceasar-italian dressing is quite good too)

muppets take manhatten-
close your eyes.
think back to a movie you saw as a child
perhaps a movie that someone taped off of tv for you
a movie that you watched with a vcr that was borrowed from your church
(because let's just say your dad was the pastor of said church)
a vcr that spent more time at your house than at the church
a movie that you & your sister watched over & over
a movie that you & your sister watched so much in fact that on your sisters wedding day you sang her a song from the movie while walking down the hall of a hotel
(‘somebodies getting married’)
a movie that you spotted at target yesterday for $5.50
a movie that you brought home
a movie that your son now calls ‘that frog movie’
a movie that makes you happy
a movie that is now passed on to a new generation…

kate’s wedding-
it has been brought to my attention that
people want ‘more kate’s wedding! more kate’s wedding!’
people are outside with signs
marching & chanting that right now…
there will be more
more i tell you
(& stop throwing rice at my house…)
when she gets the pictures
& i get permission to post them
there will be more
oh yes, guido, there will be more…

anything you would like to add?


ps i have a big fun surprise brewing...
& i'll tell you about it soon...

10 January 2007


this week someone has a favorite toy
it's something that he wants to play with most of the day
he puts it in different configurations
& dumps it out of it's container
& puts it into it's container
& when he's upset sometimes he throws them

what could this toy of boundless fun be
you ask?
the trains & train table that his parents (read: daddy)
researched & lovingly chose
for it's perfect match to the toddler in question?
could it be the 43 trucks & 28 cars he recieved
for christmas?

see for yourself...

it's a bag of diapers, of course
miss m's diapers
(unused thank you, lord)
& while i find it a little puzzling,
the house does smell baby fresh
& there's nothing bad about that...

so here's to imagination & 'creative' toys...
because apparently there is something
more fun than a barrel of monkeys


he also just said to me
'mama don't hit my castle
(why i would do this no one knows)
it's bery fecial
my daddy made it'
bery fecial
love that...

(translation for anyone who doesn't speak toddler
or quinnese: bery fecial=very special)

oh one more since i'm on a Q kick
when ever he sees something that had sparkle or glitter
he says
'oh look that's very farkley'
i love this because it sounds like he's going to say fart
but then it is actually a decription of something pretty...
is that irony?
or just funny?

you be the judge...


oh & please give me a funny or two
kiddy or otherwise
(i do not decriminate on the basis of no children:)

09 January 2007

trust me....

thank you for the sweet comments & emails & calls & love
after that very downer of a blog!
honest but downer all the same:)

& of course you all know
it's just a day
& the next one is always better

my friend ali (her blog is over there on the left)
encouraged her blog readers to choose a word for the year
that would be kind-of like a theme
something you want to keep in your head
to remind
help encourage
(she has a much better desciption of this idea on her blog)
so i am doing it
& i chose

to me this means a lot
trust myself
trust my husband
trust the people i love
trust my instincts
trust God, especially
trust that things are happening for a reason
trust that i can make good choices

ali posted a giant list of people's words
& it was so fun to read them
there were nice ones like
balance & dream
& live
& funny ones like rockstar
cause some years you just need to live the rockstar

what would your word
if you were going to pick a word...

lovely days to all....


05 January 2007

just one of those days when Q woke up at 3am & wanted to ‘go downstairs & play’
just one of those days when everyone was dressed & ready to go & i remembered that merra had thrown up in the car yesterday & i had taken her car seat out to wash & scrub it & so i had to put the whole thing back together
just one of those days when we were finally out the door & Q said ‘i’m poopy. can you get me a new diaper?’
just one of those days when the car still smells like throw up
just one of those days when i go to start the car & it doesn’t turn over because we need a new battery & i have just been putting it off since thanksgiving
just one of those days when i burst into tears & get out of the car & open the hood & get out the jumper cables & a cute lady in a four runner drives right by me
just one of those days when a nice man in a little junky truck stops & helps me
just one of those days when we go to les schwab & it takes 5 minutes to replace the battery that i thought would take at least a hour which is why i had been putting it off in the first place
just one of those days when we were an hour & a half late for play group
just one of those days when on the way to playgroup we talked at length about sharing & not hitting & not taking away toys & being a kind friend
just one of those days when i got to play group & my sweet friend greeted me with a hug (plus a bonus hug from miss mimi) thanks, rach:)
just one of those days when mr. Q was hitting & taking away toys & not sharing & not being a kind friend
just one of those days when every time i would go to ‘help’ Q correct his behavior miss m would burst into tears & a nice mom would pick her up & try to comfort her (the abc’s seemed to work best…thanks, em:)
just one of those days when all i wanted to do was just sit & talk to other moms & all i did was talk to kids
just one of those days when i changed merra’s smelly diaper when we got to play group & then sniffed her again 10 minutes later & well…you know
just one of those days when Q hit someone for the last time & i picked him up, took him outside & wrestled him into the car as he hit me & screamed 'no' at the top of his lungs 4o thousand times
just one of those days when i left play group feeling like i don’t know what the H i’m doing
just one of those days when on the way home Q asked me to hold his hand
just one of those days when i did
just one of those days when i cried as i drove
just one of those days when a run on sentence seemed perfect
just one of those days…

03 January 2007

on with the new...

i find myself wanting to post about
things that happened months ago
even weeks ago
but didn't do...
dixie chicks
& kate's wedding
& kid stuff

& maybe i will
but for today
on with the new...

i mentioned that i was going to start working for
a scrapbook kit club
& i have
& let me tell you
i can't say enough
that it is the perfect job for me right now

helping choose what will be in each kit
searching for just the right thing on the internet
pouring over catalogs
receiving the kit in the mail
seeing it all together
getting to play with it
making things with stuff i helped put together
seeing it on a web site
with other designers art
more amazing than mine

it is a giant blessing
a dream for sure

so how can you see these kits of which i speak?
simply send me a check or money order for $7253.00
& i will tell you
after you address all of my 'new year' cards

okay okay
you can get there through this too...
or look over there
(to the left)
& click on my new nifty link
it's under 'places i like to visit'

so go there & look around
it's pretty fun
even if i do say so myself

& hey
happy new year!