30 January 2008

rollercoaster...oo! oo! oo!

a day of high highs
& low lows
(but not really that high
or that low, really)
today is a day of dramatic dramatics
yes that's better

thought i might pull out a list of favorites right now...

tv show...
gilmore girls
i've been watching this thanks to netflix
& still am on season one
but those girls sucked me in
from the first scene
of the first episode
of the first season
loving it

learning to love you more
i have an amazon wish list
& a lot of people who got me gifts used it this christmas
(thanks guys i loved them all!)
including my step-brother, wes
but he also went out on a limb
& got me a book not on my list
though he is the best qualified person to do this
seeing as he works at amazon
(yep, he really does)
& this is such a great book!
it's made from this web site
that gives assignments each week
(or month maybe?)
& the book is different people's responses to those assignments
absolutely right up my alley
i love it!

old song that came on my ipod at a good time...
we're all in this together
from high school musical
(i know, i know
but really
watch it
& tell me it doesn't get you happy & moving...)

this is a really hard one
considering that i listen to podcasts
at least ten hours a week
(working two days a week
5-7 hours each day)
but right now
it has to be filmspotting
i love movies
& these guys are really great
funny & knowledgeable
& wonderfully geeky about movies...
& that's going to be my new screen name
wonderfully geeky

christmas present that
i got in the mail
& am still smiling about
lo these four weeks later...

this envelope

full of puzzle pieces
that made this
hello cuteness!

word that miss m says...
it's tie
between 'crackerie' (cracker)
& 'sibiyou'
(which translates to 'sit by you'
which translates to
'hey! you! come sit over here by me!
right here where i'm pointing!
hey! right now!')
sweet girl, she is...

pbs kids show...
while i do love me some
& clifford
& arthur
have you seen word girl?
it's on like every other friday at 3:52
but only when it's hailing
& a leap year
but if you can catch it it is funny
funny i tell you

weight loss program...
i have started
& in january no less
how predictable...
but i lost 4.6 pounds this week
not too shabby
now if i can just replicate that
twenty three weeks in a row...

print & pattern
you know i did take 'intro to graphic design'
at lane community college
& then i had to take algebra
& then i stopped going to lane community college...
but if i had kept going
i like to think i would have made something
that could be shown on this site
& it's updated everyday
i love it!

new addition to the Q files...
as we drove by the famous pizza place
that is full of video games & rides
& has a mouse as it's mascot
'look! it's chuckie jesus!'

blog reader...
you, of course!


29 January 2008

mom! dad! guess what?!?

it snowed!
it snowed!
it snowed!

saturday night we went to bed
& sunday morning when we woke up there was snow!
& it snowed all day
& we went out in it three times that day
all three ending in tears by our mr Q
cold & tired was he
but give him a couple hours, a couch, chocolate milk & his blankie
& he's ready for action again...

miss m of course
can't leave the house with out
at least one dolly
& a back pack full of treasures

(look at how hard the snow was coming down)

& there were the usual snow traditions
a new friend...

& some car trouble...all in all a great snow day...
in the end we had five inches!
that's huge for us!

no school monday
(we had a pretty happy teacher when they announced it sunday night:)

& the best part for me today?
it is practically all melted!
i love the snow
but only a day or two...

i know that some of you out there
have so much snow
that you just throw your full soda cans out the door
& two minutes later
they are nice & cold
(hi colleen!
i can't believe you were at -43°C!)
(if you want to see
some beautiful snow pictures
click on colleen's name
really breathtaking stuff)
but i love every season
& weather situation in small doses
(except rain...
keep that coming)

happy melty snow day to you!

23 January 2008

tickets please...

i'm not sure how good this movie looks
but it's got this guy
this guy
might be worth it...


& this one for sure!

i don't know
this one looks pretty cute too...

a possibility...

oh dear

22 January 2008

Mr Q: in his own words

you're the cutest girl in the whole world

to the tune of 'wheels on the bus')
cleaning up your room is cool & nice
cool & nice
cool & nice
cleaning up your room is cool & nice
cool & nice
(thank you jesus for giving me
a child unlike myself...)

i think we need to take merra back
& get a nice sister
i'm just kidding you!
(true she is not always kind
but so glad he was kidding:)

you know,
some people in this city
don't have pets...
(yes sweetie
& you are one of them...)

(watching clifford
the one where the kids talk about
what they want to be when they grow up
& charlie says he wants to be a karate teacher
& jetta says that he can't be a karate teacher
that jetta...)
Q: or you can teach kids how to read, like daddy does

me: that's true. is that what you would like
to do when you grow up?

Q: no, i think i would like
to go in to really messy rooms
& vacuum them all up
i think that would be really fun
(dear son, let me introduce you to your parents room...
let's call it an internship, shall we?)

i love that kid...


i saw juno last night
two words:

more later...


16 January 2008

i gotta go wii...

(have you ever seen that camp skit?
'i gotta go wee'?
click on that link to read a descrpition of it
thanks scout troop 325!)

so monday night
i joined three of my favorite mommies
for lots of talking
& bonding
& just getting to the heart of
what it's like to be
a mom
& a wife
& just a woman in the 2000's...
oh, who am i kidding?
we played wii

we made our own little guys
(i can't remember what they are called)
& then we played!
bowling=i stink
(just like in real life!)
tennis=i'm below average
(just like in real life!)
golf=i won
(just like in real life!
ummm, no)

it was really fun
& i highly recommend it
but i am pretty glad that we don't have one
because if we did this would be
my last blog post
& dinner would always be chips & salsa
& we would all learn to love every stitch of our clothing
because we would only do laundry when everything was dirty
& even then i'm sure we would say
'oh that shirt?
you only wore that once!
& plus it smells like salsa!
your turn to bowl!'
(click here to see a couple golfing
...you will not be sorry)

thanks for sharing, miss angie:)

i finally gave my girls their
new year

(if you want to see them bigger just give them a click)

i had so much fun making these little houses
that i decided to see if any of you would
want me to make one for you
& your family
or your friend's family
or your favorite grocery clerk's family...
& with that i announce
that i now have an etsy shop
i've had it for a bit
& i wanted to see how it went
before i showed it to you, my friends...
& sunday i sold my first item
so that gave me a bit of confidence
(thank you girl in north carolina for that!)
check it out
let me know what you think
& i will be adding stuff to it
every now & again...
hopefully a little valentine love
will be there soon...
& if you want a little house
you can order it there with paypal...

happy days to you...

ps hey emmi!
as i wrote this i was listening to an
interview with dave grohl
& they keep playing parts of nirvana songs
& my mind just goes back to high school...
i'm so happy
cause today
i found my friends
they're in my head...

or is it soda?

happy birthday dad!
sorry we are a little slow on the uptake!
but i'm betting that adorable pictures
of your grandchildren will get us out of it
(another great reason to have kids...)
we love you!

(not only can she write actual words
she does it upside down...
told you she was advanced)


10 January 2008

give us this day...

what do you do
with those last two slices of bread?
you know the heals?
the top one you've just been reaching around
the whole loaf long
& then you get to the end
& you have two heals in a long tube...
i think that the bread i buy
(cracked wheat thank you very much)
slices there heals particularly thin
so that if you toast them
they burn
& the fire alarm goes off...
i set the alarm off about once a week
on my own
i don't need your help, thank you, mr. bread product...
& truly they are not even sandwich worthy
(very similar to sponge worthy)
if you put the sandwich fixings
(or as we said where i grew up fixin's)
on the bread part
then you have a weird heal spaceship looking thing
if you try to disguise the fact that you are using heals
you are quickly found out to be the bread liar that you are
as the fixin's fly off of the slippery heal parts...
so what's a girl to do?
i hear you, men & women not on a budget
'throw them away'
throw that whole plasticy tube in the trash
(or in our case the three (probably moldy by now) bags
that are in our bread bowl)
but then
there is
the guilt...
it's not enough that i worry that Q
will only ever know how to write a Q
or that he will catch the mother of all colds
because i refuse to argue with him about clothing
& i let him wear shorts
no matter what the temperature outside is...
it's not enough that i'm pretty sure
that when miss m's wedding day comes
& the centerpieces have votives instead of tealights
she will let out a blood curdling scream
usually reserved only for the middle of the night
after you decided that
'saw 3 can't be that scary'...
it's not enough that i'm pretty sure that
no matter where i bought eggs this month
they are 3 cents cheaper somewhere else in the city...
now i have bread guilt


& i am back...

eta: my grandma emails me comments
& i wanted to share this one:
About the heels of bread (see, I did read your blog).
I save them (in the freezer) until I have 5 or 6 and then make crumbs
out of them in the blender or food processor. You can add seasonings
or not as you wish. They make attractive toppings for casseroles or as
breading on meat or fish that you are baking. Also a good addition to
meat loaf or meat balls instead of oatmeal. Add paprika for color - (that's
my gourmet tip).

thanks grandma!
i love it!