20 November 2008

my favorite accessory...

paint on the fingers...


ps the ring is a favorite accessory too
i just started wearing it again after having to have it
cut off when i was pregnant with Q
(over 4 years ago, for goodness sake!)
i wore fakes for all those years...
i just kept waiting to get it fixed because i wanted
it to fit without having to add metal
(if you know what i mean)
but finally right before our tenth anniversary
i gave up the dream
(for right now, i'm still dreaming of smaller fingers & other parts)
& had it fixed...
i should have done it so much earlier
i love having it on
& brian was so happy, too:)
oh &
by the way
i'm the fourth generation (of the gulka fam)
to have this diamond
i love that:)
brian & i picked out the setting after he proposed...
it was a really blurry time for me
& sometimes i look at the ring & think
'did i really pick out this setting?
do i like this style?'
but most of the time i just think
i am so happy with the one who gave it to me...


(i know
the ring's a little fuzzy in this pic
i love this lens by the way
it makes such great detail shots
don't ask me what kind of lens it is
or i shall answer
'the one i love')


Barb - aka Craft Junkie said...

I love your favorite fashion accessory...both of them. They're my favorites, too. *smile*
Peace & Love,

Galadriel Thompson said...

I do the same thing! Did
I really pick out this setting? Oh those fuzzy times: ) I used to walk around hating those fuzzy times. I felt they betrayed me. In reality they are a testimony. A marker of where we have been and who we once were in light of who we were becoming. Hug yourself, and p.s. I thought that was a little girls hand! Such lovely fingers.