29 December 2008


"who is this?" she says pointing to her new christmas undies
"tinkerbell" i tell her
"tinker bell! tinker bell! tinker all the way!" she sings...


can you believe that hair
sometimes i can't believe that little blondie
came out of me...
i know where the blond came from of course
let's not start any rumors...


she will be three in march
& giant Giant GIANT fits are now the norm
& hitting her brother
& yelling 'NO!'
& screaming (oh dear God, the screaming)
& making silly faces with arm motions to match
(she's very 'vogue' in her movements)
& singing her own made up songs
& coloring very small deliberate marks
& mommy-ing her babies
& giggling & giggling
& 'reading' us books
& asking what each letter is
& every night after we pray she says
(faster than anyone who is not me or brian could ever understand)
'i want to tell you a story
mommy & poppy go to the park
that's a good one'
& asking for 'lips' (chapstick)
& saying 'i love you so much in this world'
(she pronounces world 'wor-yold')


she reminds me of this great
fresh ink hallmark card i saw once
'you are a human sparkler, you are'
she is
she is...


& no little girlie
i would rather spend my days with...
love you miss m!
so so much...


marlamuppets said...

oh gosh. there goes my makeup.
love this post. LOVE it.
what a darling little girl.this is the stuff that matters.

Liz said...

She is so cute- even if she hits her brother occasionally.

KaraBeagle said...

It's so cool to love even the imperfection. I have one like that too, but she's 24 (watch out, Emily, if you blink, miss m will be that old too!! glad you are watching wide-eyed). MY baby girl had an unltrasound today and tomorrow I will get to see a picture of my first grandchild. Another child to love, love, love!!

And God delights in us even beyond what we can imagine...We look at our children and think our hearts will burst with JOY...and God loves us immeasureably more. It must HURT to be God!!


Don't forget the changing of clothes all day...I love that about her. I wish I had more time, I think I would change all day too. She reminds me that clothes should be fun and pretty and make you dance a little. I love that girl and hope to get more time with her soon!!!

Anonymous said...

She is just so precious. =D

rach said...

this makes me want to start blogging again - everything they do is so new and original every day at this stage. ande yes i got the "he was kicking and hitting" from the sunday school teacher today, but i just couldn't be upset when he was giving me the sweetest druely neck hug.

rach said...

oh my gosh, i was able to comment - i haven't tried in so long because it was too frustrating.
i'm back!