05 November 2008

& many more...

this month i had so much fun with the cocoa daisy kit
i mean i usually have fun with the kits
but something about this month...
i really like the layouts that came from it
maybe because they feature some of my favorite
& pictures
& subjects...

kate & her cute belly...november 2009
(i know it hasn't happened yet
but i can tell it's going to be a banner month:)
i love all of the numbers
(the pink ones were cut from a piece of patterned paper)
& just in case you were wondering if
i was so off that i thought it was 2009
or maybe that i found a time machine & you want in on it
come back in a few days...
i will tell you all about the calendar idea then

& my favorite first day of school picture
that one in the middle...
oh my he is so cute!
& how he's standing & looking over
& his hair!
i just want to eat him up
& i do try sometimes
but when i start sprinkling salt on him
just for flavor
he runs away...

this month is cocoa daisy's second anniversary
it seems like it was just yesterday
we were excited to see her first smile
& now look at her walking around & talking...)
& to celebrate tricia is giving lots of stuff away
so go check it out
you too may be a winner...

if you want to see more of my cocoa daisy stuff
& other scrappy stuff
check out my scrap blog
it's full of stuff
that's for sure:)

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