27 June 2010

less direction, more fun...

for all of the
'look over here!'s
'please smile!'s
& even
'we will go get a treat if you will
please just get within an inch
of each other
& make a face that resembles a smile!'s
all it really takes is
a morning hike to a waterfall
where mom gets to take lots of pictures
& dad gets to breath in the fresh air
& miss m gets to be carried by daddy
& Q gets to climb all over everything in site
& a quick
'everybody squish in!'
& daddy's long arm...

& just like that
true smiles
& real love...


(we camped at loon lake this week
it is such an awesome place!
it's a lake with a swimming area
& a sand beach...
did i already say awesome?)


thanks to everyone who came
to visit at the shop hop!
what a beautiful day it was...
when i was out hanging signs
there were so many sales!
& yard
& tag
& estate
& church rummage...
i almost dropped my hammer
& went for a browse :)

the shop looked so great...
i had our tiny baby camera
& after i took one picture it died...
sad baby.
so i hijacked jill's
& i will post some fun pictures
when i get them...

i had something unprecedented happen
during the summer mini book class i taught:
4 out of the 5 students left with finished minis!
it was v. exciting...
us scrapbookers
easily excitable :)
so now those cute girls
don't have to worry about finishing their minis
they just get to enjoy life
& fill their books with summer memories...
nice job, girlies!

now onto the next...
personal: sleep...please....
creative: i've got some ideas... always :)
travel: jill & i are getting our july 31 trip to
barn house figured out...super fun!
family: 2 words: backyard pool & also: husband home :)
celebration: 4th of july! my sister & nephews are
coming down...hooray!
blog: figure out these new backgrounds...too many choices,
cute on first look, not so cute once they are applied
attitude: don't stop believing! (& watch glee all summer)


22 June 2010

i saw the sign...

i love painting
i love words
& i love painting words...
even if it's the same words
over & over
& over
& over
& over
& over

i hope i'll get to see you...


17 June 2010

good stuff...

making stuff
& organizing stuff
& delivering stuff
& planning stuff
& emailing stuff
this fun event...

if you live around me
i hope you'll come visit
there'll be lots & lots of cute stuff...
for sure :)


14 June 2010

world wide wonders: doodley doo...

love this quote
& this picture with the quote
& this website...

notebook doodles
(via tara)

my mind is wandering to some fun places lately
especially because school is almost out!
& a teacher husband means that summer is
wide open...
& this year because we have no napping elves
it really is open open open...
let's head to the coast!
let's head to the mountains!
let's take a nap while the kids watch a movie!
anything is possible, friends...


07 June 2010

actual doughnut day...

i may have a new favorite place to hang out
(previously it was my couch)
the photo booth just puts it over the top...
& the doughnuts don't hurt


03 June 2010

donut day!

tuesday night
i got to celebrate my dear friend's
soon to be delivered baby girl...
as everyone headed to their cars at 9pm
i was stunned:
i thought we were celebrating!
thankfully my friend susan
is a little kooky, too
& so off we went
in search of sugary treats...

we ended up going to a great little waffle place
(i'll share later)
as we headed home i remembered
voodoo doughnuts had opened downtown
& so we went to see
where all those doughnuts were living...

susan spotted the shop
(20 east broadway, for curious eugenies)
& i was happy to know where it was...
& then i looked closer
& i saw it through the window
like a lovely lovely friend
saying 'come on in & see me'

& so we did...

after the posing
we couldn't insult the doughnuts by
not taking some home...
so we made our selections...

for miss m
Grape Ape
Raised yeast doughnut with vanilla frosting, grape dust and lavender sprinkles!

for Q
Marshall Matters
Plain cake doughnut with vanilla frosting and mini M&M’s!

(get it? eminem?)

& for brian
Bacon Maple Bar
Raised yeast doughnut with maple frosting and bacon on top!

then we headed out into the rain
eager to get home before midnight
when our converse would turn into stilettos (ouch!)...

i was full of other yummy stuff
so i didn't even think about getting one for myself that night...
but wednesday morning i was thinking about...

Captain my Captain
Raised yeast doughnut with vanilla frosting and Captain Crunch!

thankfully tomorrow is national doughnut day!
& so i will have to fulfill my civic duty...

if you're in eugene
(& civic & sugar minded)
& want to celebrate in the afternoon
try voodoo
(their hours are 2pm-2am...love that :)

if you're more of a morning carb fan
go for
holy donuts
(for yummy pics check my post)

& if you live someplace that's not eugene
find a local doughnut place
grab a friend
& party down!

all dunkin donuts nationwide
are giving a free doughnut
with the purchase of any drink...

have fun!
you won't believe you ate the hole thing...
(couldn't resist :)