28 February 2007


my newest adventure....


for moms & kids
looking for things to do
places to go
memories to make

the site includes
things that are happening...
this week
this month
all year long

things that happen every...

places to find...
where to go when it's rainy
kids clothing
classes for kids
places to have a party

& soon it will have...
where to go when it's sunny
mom owned businesses
places to get out of town
ways to help others
classes for moms
kid friendly restaurants
groups to join
mom's time out
& lots more...

i am starting to sell advertising
& so it is a little business!

i'm so excited
so go check it out!

& if you are interested....
i am going to make a little survey
& have people go through the site
to help make it better
point out things that don't work
things that do work
things that should be changed
so get your opinions ready!
& let me know if you want to do it...

so take a look...
i hope you like it...


& kelly
i got in right under the wire...
love you:)

ps there was the neatest article in the register guard today
about a little school in goshen
(a few miles south of eugene)
the school had empty classrooms
because their enrolement has gone way down
& with that goes the funding for art
so a smart cookie down there had the idea to offer
free studio space to artists
in exchange for them letting kids come
& observe them during the day...
oh how i love this idea!
it just sounded so great
& when in your entire life
would you have the chance to watch an artist at work
& get to ask questions
& get personalized help?
i even teared up a little reading it...
i loved art class
i remember 7th grade art class
when we drew descriptive words
(like the word fluffy was all puffy & well...fluffy)
& high school art with mr. larsen
(you jchs grads know what i'm talking about:)
developing pictures in the dark room
& making things with clay
& he let me paint a little mural on one of the walls
i love art.
yes i do.


22 February 2007

am i blue?

oh how i love a good quiz!
i found this one through another blog
which is where i find all of my information these days it seems;)

you answer all of the questions according to how you were as a child
it is very interesting
& i almost cried a couple of times
thinking back to that little girl...
motivating hmmm?
go cry your eyes out!

anyway here's what it said about me
i am a yellow
which coincidently is my favorite color

YELLOWS are motivated by FUN. They are inviting and embrace life as a party that they're hosting. They love playful interaction and can be extremely sociable. They are highly persuasive and seek instant gratification. YELLOWS need to be adored and praised. While YELLOWS are carefree, they are sensitive and highly alert to others' agendas to control them. YELLOWS typically carry within themselves the gift of a good heart.

YELLOWS need to look good socially, and friendships command a high priority in their lives. YELLOWS are happy, articulate, engaging of others and crave adventure. Easily distracted, they can never sit still for long. They embrace each day in the "present tense" and choose people who, like themselves, enjoy a curious nature. YELLOWS are charismatic, spontaneous, and positive; but can also be irresponsible, obnoxious, and forgetful. When others interact with you, as a YELLOW you respond to them best if they take a positive, upbeat approach and promote light-hearted, creative, and fun interactions with you.

i think this is a pretty good description of me, actually
but i always wonder if these are like horiscopes...
when i see the horoscope page i do one of three things
1) turn the page
2) read mine & think 'huh. that's good advice'
3) read any other one & think 'huh. that's good advice'

if you are feeling motivated
go do it
it's interesting
& after you do it
they direct you to a page where you can pay like $168
to find out more about your color
ohhh i'm tempted...


have a lovely day
from your irresponsible, obnoxious, and forgetful friend,
emily ruth:)

(do you think it says something about me
that i decided to sign off highlighting the worst traits described in my profile?
hmmmm armchair therapists discuss.....)

20 February 2007

there's never been a better time to buy...

does your baby girls hair look like this?

are you tired of people saying
'oh what a cute baby...what's his name?'
do you long for a day when barettes will be a part of your daughters morning routine?
look no further
the answer is clear
the answer is
miss m's growgane baby serum
simply rub the serum on your sweet girls head daily
& in 6 short months you can go
from this:

to this:

tons of thick lucious curls
giant chunks of hair
to clip into barettes
hold back with a headband
or twist in to those teeny tiny elastic bands

merra g from eugene oregon tesifies
'da da mummm mumm plllllt pu pu pu'

available in super curly & super straight formulas

miss m's growgane serum:
a little bit of curls
goes a long long way...

17 February 2007

hooray for boys!

she holds him
he is hers
& she never knew

a boy
& pink
& dear
& fresh
& she never knew

& she never knew
til he came

just met
already bound
in heart

& she never knew

& now
a boy
a dream
a taste
a love

& now
she knows

oh how i love to take pictures of babies!
& this guy
he is a sweet one
& angie & ben
absolutely glowing
i'm so excited for them!

gotta have a yawning shot...
is there anything cuter?
sleepy remy...
oh did i metion his name is remy?
cool cool name
can't wait to get to know this boy:)

congratulations my friends
& to the new sisters
the fun
& laughing
& hugs
& mess
& crazy
& love
& everything
is just beginning

14 February 2007

love. love. love.

(heart in the sand & snow...oregon coast 2007january)

there's nothing you can do that can't be done
there's nothing you can sing that can't be sung
there's nothing you can say
but you can learn how to play the game
it's easy
dum dum da da dum da da dum
all you need is love
ba do do do do do
all you need is love
ba do do do do
all you need is love
love is all you need

& now that i have hopefully successfully put that into your head for the day....

instructions for kids hand project

~tell 2 year old 'we are going to paint!'
~ after hearing 'when are we going to paint?' 218 times in 5 minutes realize you should have set everything up & then told him
~ start to cover table with newspaper taping it down as you go
~pause to get cracker for baby clinging to your leg
~answer 2 year old 'yes, i'm getting the paint ready' as you are getting cracker
~put baby in high chair
~tell 2 year old to crawl into his chair
~realize that it would be quite smart to have something on the floor under the chairs
~wish you would have thought of that before everyone was in their seats
~take everyone out of their seats
~patiently answer 2 year old 'yes we are going to paint very soon'
~ grab the nearest larger fabric surface which happens to be a queen size blanket from martha stewart's kmart line. acknowledge to yourself that yes it is a favorite but do you really want to go searching for a tarp or sheet with mr. questions & miss leg cling in tow? answer 'no.' martha will have to understand. i'm sure she did this numerous times with alexis...or she directed the nanny to do this many times with alexis...
~get everyone resituated
~hand brush to 2 year old
~get cheerios for baby 'yes we will paint in just a minute'
~put glob of paint on paper plate set out for just this purpose
~direct 2 year old to paint the cute boxes you bought for valentine brownie delivery
~watch as 2 year old does not obey (imagine!) & just sticks his hands in the paint & rubs them around on the newspaper
~decide this is better anyway...you love paint on your hands too
~grab lots of blank paper & ask him to make his hands stretch out really big
~as soon as you see anything resembling stretched out really big thrust his hadn onto the paper
~press each finger down firmly even if he says 'ow that hurts'
~remind him that sometimes you have to suffer for art
~repeat until you get a few great prints
~allow 2 year old to return to his own form of art which now includes dipping his hand in the paint, rubbing it on a body part, then asking for more paint & rubbing it on a different body part
~convince him to paint the boxes for a while
~just paint them yourself in a '2 year old sort of way' no one will ever know!
~turn your attention to the sweet baby
~have box of wipes at the ready
~quickly paint her hand as she stares in amazment at the strange feeling
~tickle the inside of her hand so she spreads in out
~thrust it toward the paper & press firmly on each finger
~hear 2 year old tell her that sometimes you have to suffer for art
~grab wipes just in time to see her put her paint filled hand in her mouth
~stare in horror as she picks up multi colored cheerios & eats them
~recover & pull the tray off of the high chair
~ tell 2 year old that it is bath time
~tell 2 year old to stay on the chair & 'do not touch anything'
~run to the bath tub & start the water
~realize you are not wearing a paint shirt & 2 year old is wearing a body glove of paint
~change into oldish shirt in a flash
~run back & grab 2 year old
~put him in bathtub
~run & get crying baby
~come back to 2 year old out of the tub touching the tiolet & cupboards & telling you that the water is too cold (better than too hot!)
~warm up the tub
~put everyone in
~watch as the water turns a horrbile shade of avacado with floating dry paint pieces
~ rub dried paint off of children
~take them out & drain the tub
~ clean the tub to the sound of chattering teeth
~ refill the tub
~ put children back in
~ collapse by the side of the tub
~greet husband as he comes home from work & finds you in the bathroom
~hear him say 'wow that water is dirty'
~scream until said husband hands you chocolate

oh & one more step
~wish there had been someone taking pictures

happy valentines day, my bloggy friends!
my favorite holiday this is...
love the hearts
& the red
& the love
& the candy
& the friendship
& the love

& & & &!
someone is arriving today...

i will definitly keep you posted...


ps two dear girls have posted that they can't see the pictures
i just tried again
if you are reading this
& feeling generous of heart
will you please let me know if you can see them?
thank you!

09 February 2007

bootie details...

so as i was typing the previous post
Q woke up from his nap
& i hate to say
'just a minute buddy
i have to write a little bit more about these crazy felt shoes i made'
now i am back
to write about the crazy felt shoes

i got the pattern for the actual shoe part from
this blog:
the pattern that you can print at home
is on the right
there's a link...
she also has a flicker group where people who have made the booties
post their pictures of their creations
so you can see all of the interpretations
how they added ribbon
or lace
or little blue flowers of their own design
(hey i did that!)
it's very cool

funny however...
i was so excited about these little shoes
& i hand sewed all of the parts
because i was upstairs with brian
& we were watching something
& i didn't want to go downstairs
(that might be scary
you never know what's down there
yes i do.
dirty dishes
& army men)
so the next day
i tried them on merra
who is almost 12 months
& the shoe pattern was for 3-6 months
& they were huge on her!
& didn't even remotely hug her feet
so loose!
oh it was funny.
i know now that i stitched too close to the edge
& i know now
that when i use the sewing machine
it will take .02 seconds
& maybe they will fit
& even though i liked the green idea
in the glow of our bedroom light
in the light of the morning
they look quite hilarious
brian was so right:)

these are not my last pair
& you will be subject to viewing the upcoming designs...
yes you will


07 February 2007

to theleft...

snuggle down.

today is snuggle down at our house
no place to go
no one to see
nothing to do
nothing but jammies to wear
no pressure
nothing but fun
& relaxing
another definition of snuggle down:

this is my favorite picture right now
it is so Q
messy face
(messier than usual i feel i must note)
lightening mcqueen shirt
(which he would wear 24-7
but i do wash it every or so
with much protesting by the sweetie
but as we all know
'lightening needs a bath too, buddy')
one of miss m's clips in his hair
because she had one
so he needed one too:)
big giant open mouthed smile
squinty eyes
little corner of his plate...
i seriously love this kiddo.

& my miss m
oh she is such a sweetie
& so funny
& getting such a personality
i love to watch her grow...

speaking of the little munchkins
they are both asleep!
that hasn't happened since....
well, last night
but during the day
mr. Q seems to have decided
that napping is not really him
so quiet time in his room it is...
but the crazy thing that tends to happen
is that when we have snuggle down
he naps.
i always thing on the days when we are running in tweleve different directions
& go to bible study
& the park
& the store
'oh he will conk out for sure'
no dice...
stay home
in jammers
eat a leasurely lunch
& hang out
& he's done in!
i love it
no matter where & when
two sleeping babies is good stuff

a song or two.

'to the left to the left'
this song is amazing
just when i think
there will never be a better song than
but really
try it
you just might like it...

dixie chicks
i had never heard this song before
but it's to her little boy
& it is just the sweetest
plus any song that metions matchbox cars
is on my list

otis redding
try a little tenderness
i had a friend who LOVED otis
don't know where the friend is
but otis was at i-tunes
nice to see you again otis:)
(this is the song on 'pretty in pink'
where duckie slides into the record store
& does a big performance...
so good
if you have no idea what i'm talking about
get thee to a video store!)

this song gets stuck in my head
every sunday that we sing it at church
oh it is so good.

sarah mclachlan
ice cream
your love is better than ice cream.

nora jones
not too late
i went back & forth
should i buy the whole album?
should i just try one song?
i bought just this song...
i made the wrong choice...

a little tiny something.

i've been perusing crafty blogs
& they are so great
so inspiring
& i will be making a link list soon
soon & very soon.
so i saw these sweet little felt booties
& just had to try them
because i don't have enough
crafty things to do:)

i had fun
i tell you what...
brian said
'she will make such a cute lepricon'

more to come...


06 February 2007


they are good things.
last night i got to spend time with a few of my favorites
so much laughing
serious topics
that always turn funny
& good advice
lots of goooood advice

this lovely 3 hour block of time
spent only just
sitting & talking
talking & laughing
was a perfect little post-it
stuck to the giant piece of paper that is my life
i would like that piece of paper to get smaller please.

if they asked me
i could write a book
about these girls
but sometimes fewer words
are better

thanks a, r & e
fun is much funner with the three of


& because i want to put more pictures
on this here blog
i have included a picture of each of my dear friends...
rachael in a perfect arooette
(i'm guessing)
& erin looking cute on her back porch...

in a disturbing turn of events
i could not find a picture that i have taken of angie in the last year or so
& so instead of going back just a bit farther
why not go back to the very beginning?
a very good place to start
senior pictures
(a few years after the beginning, mind you but who cares?
dorkiness prevails!)
& so as not to make my favorite redhead model alone
i have included one of my own
90's pictures too...
i do believe that giant glasses beat
ballet poses & polo shirts everytime
(& erin,
the only reason the picture of you is normal & lovely
is that i haven't known you long enough...
just wait:)
(& i have no idea why angie's picture is smaller than the others
it is certainly not because
i wanted to make my gynormous glasses gynormouser


so here's your chance
give your favorite friend or two or three
a shout out
right here in the comments
(details gladly accepted)
& then send them an email
or call them
send them a real live actual letter
(if you do that please report back
i don't remember how it feels...)
friends are good.


02 February 2007

every day.

oh if you only knew how much i wish to post everyday!
& i've been surfing crafty blogs
(i will be creating links soon)
& i love how the super talented
super fun
super inspiring girls
have a picture with every post
so i'm going for that...

love paint
so much more than i can convey in words
& i love the blur of the paint brush
the movement
can't even stay still for a moment.
must dip.

so it's the 2nd
& my surprise still isn't ready
but i'm working on it...
(please don't be mad at me, kel:)

i'm excited about it
but i think it's a little funny
because of my 8 'known' readers
about 4 of them know the surprise:)
oh well
life is full of sameness...
we all need a surprise every now & then
(& hopefully not of the
'mommy i pooped in the bathtub'
not that that happened to me yesterday morning....)

i'll leave you with one more shot...

i love the movement of this
(a running theme i believe:)
& that they are playing together
(if you define together as 'in the same room')
ps she almost always pulls her foot back before he runs over it
a trait that will serve her well in the future i believe...

love to you all...
soon & very soon
i will post a fun thing...