25 February 2010

100 days of...

today is Q's 100th day of school
& they are doing lots of fun things...
he's been practicing counting to 100
& as you can see
writing all of his numbers to 100
(any idea how long it takes 5 year old to write
100 numbers?
longer than 100 minutes...)

also counting out 100 jelly beans
that was a toughy
you have to reward yourself along the way when
you're doing that one :)

so in honor of that
i thought i would make a list of 100 things
but as i tried to think of what my list would be
i got tired
& i thought that if thinking of a list made me tired
how would making the actual list make me feel?

& so i have decided to make a list of 10 things
in direct proportion of Q's energy level to mine
(i think 10:1 is pretty accurate for a 5 year old to a 35 year old don't you?)
(is that a correct ratio? not a math girl either...
art & ap english! ask me about those subjects!)

so my list is:
the 10 things i'd do in a day
if money &
other people's schedules & living locations
were no object

1. breakfast at the glenwood: me, brian
& the newspaper (preferably the oregonian)
(& eggs benedict & homefries)
(& a wonderful, competent babysitter
at home watching our kids)

2. home to snuggle buggle with Q & miss m

3. meet my sister for estate sales & thrifty stores
(& a wonderful, competent babysitter
at home watching our kids)
(oh, & someone handing us money at every cash register)

4. lunch at cafe yumm with my whole family, both sides,
from the far reaches of the universe (with only a few
exceptions which i will not list here because this is a
nice, happy list & the people who wouldn't be
included aren't reading anyway...)

5. meet at a playground with all of my mom friends
& their kiddos
(& somehow it's just us the whole time
& all of the kids get along
& no one has to go to the hospital
& all the kids like the healthy snacks that magically appear
& an espresso cart is there giving free
16 oz samples & brownies that only moms can see
& the moms get to finish sentences
& when it's time to go everyone hugs
& skips to their cars
& gets in their car seats
& buckles their own seat belts
& waves
& smiles
& says 'whatever you make for dinner tonight
is just fine with me, mom')

6. me. barnes & noble. cozy chair.
magazines. peanut butter cup cookie.

7. movie & angie & a good discussion afterward
(popcorn & some sort of chocolate candy)

8. dinner with brian & Q & miss m
anywhere that serves pasta & yummy bread
& has paper table clothes that you can color on

9. dance party! all of our adult friends & family
all ages, all dance abilities
drinks & snacks & booty shaking
slow dances too, of course...
(& wonderful, competent babysitters
at all of the homes who need it,
watching all of the kids who need it)

10. brian & i head home to
sit in the hot tub that appeared in our back yard

i'd say that just about does it...
so i guess this list was me staying in my town
but everyone else
having to travel...
very nice :)
a travel day would be fun too...

you may have noticed that many of the items
mentioned food & snacking
& that is because i am dreaming of the day
when i can just eat what i want to
because yes
you guessed it
i am still sick...
& i though i have added a few things to my menu
(rice! mashed potatoes! jello!)
i am still nowhere near eggs benedict & homefries...
i do have sort of an answer as to why i've been so sick though
so that's nice...
the dr's figured out that
there's something going on in my liver
& tomorrow i'm getting a ct scan so they can look & see
exactly what's going on in there
& hopefully help me out...
help me out :)
pretty please?

what would you do with a day just for you to fill up?
or more importantly
what would you snack on?

wishing you all happy 100 days
happy 100 everything!


10 February 2010

little bits of this & that, here & there...

-i want to thank you guys for your
sweet comments
& emails
& texts
& facebook comments
& in person hugs :)
about my sickness...
such nice & kind blog readers you are!
today i have a dr. appointment
so hopefully i will have an answer or two

oh, i was so happy & looking forward to it!
& it's not like i've given up on it,
i mean i've been 'lost' from the beginning
it's the last season
we're two episodes in
& there are more questions
AND more characters...
now i know you non-lost-ers
(if you even still reading)
are saying
'duh! that's why i don't watch it in the first place!'
i'll just say this
if i don't get some answers soon
i will
keep watching to the end
i mean
it's only like 8 more episodes or something...
but i will be annoyed!
very annoyed!

-instyle magazine...march 2010
i've been checking my mailbox
everyday since february 3 or so...
& yesterday it came!
i love having a subscription to instyle
(thank you rona!)
& i don't care that the only thing i can afford
is the actual magazine...
(& i don't even have to buy that)
this issue does not disappoint
it's huge
& full of get-ready-for-spring colors
& styles
oh! it's so pretttttty :)
perfect for a chilly february day...

-i have been so good about cutting coupons
every sunday when the paper comes
& signing up to get emails,
to get coupons online to print...
& organizing them in this
big cool clear envelope
& making a good list...
the one thing i have not been good at is
taking the big cool clear envelope
with me to the store.
& you know?
i think that is probably the first rule of couponing:
remember to bring the coupons to the store.
maybe next month...
-one day last week brian found Q upstairs with
tape & toilet paper trying to mummify himself...
it was not working out so well
so brian & i helped the kids out :)
it was pretty fun...
the kiddos favorite parts was taking it all off
& having a tp fight :)

hope you're days are full of fun little bits of this & that...

05 February 2010

found on friday: north by northeast

the estate sale of a fashion girl & seamstress...
(& the familiar stack of yellow magazines on the bottom shelves :)

cool light...
crazy cool stairs...

cool business name...

& here's what i got...

can't pass up those cheap necklaces
nope never ever...
& blazer glasses...
anyone remember them?
my brian, he is goofy for blazer glasses...
someday i will tell you just how goofy
with a story that involves him crawling up
into the attic of a dairy queen...
& now i am
because when i find them at an estate sale for 10cents
i get very excited :)

fun on friday
i must say...

03 February 2010

2010, i thought we were friends...

ALERT: talk of sickness & recounting of illness ahead...
you have been warned.

it would seem that my body,
having been unsuccessful at benching me with
cold, flu & back contortions
has decided to go a different way...

let's all say hello to mr. kidney infection...
he decided to join the team a while ago
apparently & i didn't know...
i have been throwing up quite a lot
(thanks for sharing)
but thought either i had the flu
or i was pregnant
(that's how my kids introduce themselves...
it's gross but it gets my attention)
this weekend i was having a weird pain in
my back, on the inside
(again, didn't take anatomy)
so monday i went to the dr & was given
a diagnosis that i will not name here
the name is just icky
& i don't want to put it here...
antibiotics were given & i thought
'oh good! on my way to wellness!'
but tuesday afternoon i had this horrible shooting pain
in that same spot on my back
it was awful.
i feel so bad for my kids
they have seen me in tears from
pain so many times in the last month...
i called brian
& got the wheels in motion...
my bff angie came & got the kiddos
(thank you so much angie x10,002)
& brian drove me to urgent care
he even did some law breaking to get me there
which is very big for my rule follower husband...
thanks bri! :)
& so
they gave me a big antibiotic shot
& sent me home with pain meds
& best wishes that my body doesn't
try anything else on me...

better watch my back
& every other part....


i'm hoping to be back tomorrow
with a non medical related blog post
(i can write them!)
unless all my teeth fall out
& i suddenly go blind...
barring those events
i will be back...
have a lovely day!