18 December 2008

everything must go!

a few years ago
(actually it was probably about 8
geez i'm getting old)
a large department store in my area was closing
(i think it was the emporium, for those of you
present or past eugenians:)
so of course i went to the big
'we're closing out doors' sale
not sure what i would find
but always excited about the possibilities...
on a table they had a big pile of these
little price sign holder thingies
(official name)
for $1 each
i saw them & instantly had a few ideas
so i scooped some up
or rather
awkwardly walked around
trying to balance them on my arms...
& so
once again
when we lived on the farm
& had no elves running around
(except for the little furry ones that
we could lock outside if they were getting in the way)
i tried an idea
& it stuck...
snowflakes & angels
hanging out in the frames...
once again i hadn't used them for a few years
but this year they called to me
& so i set them up outside on the porch
where they had been on the farm too
(snowflakes & angels do enjoy the outdoors)
sprinkled a little fake snow
(which apparently called to it's friend
the real snow
to come for a visit:)
& called it a merry christmas!

i also think it really dresses up our shoe shelf
& everyone knows
those little shelves love a little flair...

i think pictures would look really cool in these too
don't you?
for a party maybe
or just a fun display in the house
if we ever have a surface
not covered with crayons
or dollys
or cars
or legos
or paper
or fabric
or camera equipment

yesterday the snow all melted
& then last night we got more snow!
it is so beautiful
i am such a wimp
& plus i like to be free to drive my car
so i'm ready for this to go too...
a white christmas would be really fun...


Sarah said...

so cute and crafty!!

Kel said...

This is just one of the many reasons I love and appreciate you. What a visionary you are! I would never ever have thought of that! And to think that I missed did not buy a thing at the "closing our doors" sale at Dillard's because the only things that were 75% off were the display stuff! Darn! =)
MERRY CHRISTMAS dear friend. Hugs and smiles to you and your sweet family!


I remember furry critters that you could not lock out being more of a problem at the farm...yuck! I miss the farm but not the critters.
Love the idea, not just anyone can decorate a shoe shelf!