22 September 2009

jump in the booth...

& don't come out
until everyone looks

just this kookie

a few photo boothers from the summer...

21 September 2009

while you have been striving where you are
you could have been thriving someplace else...

to you (& me)
from God

:) & ? & !

20 September 2009

am i in or am i...auf wiedersehen? part 2

i'm nervous about what nina will say...

& does michael kors think that yellow & grey are so over?

will heidi say
'that looks like the mother's day gift i made in 3rd grade'?

will i cry on the runway?

or will i just get up there
& defend my choices?

& explain what i was thinking
& my point of view?

yes i will
& i will rock that runway...


19 September 2009

am i in or am i...auf wiedersehen? part 1

i'm home alone tonight
& watching past seasons of project runway
& feeling like i need to make something
so i'm pretending i'm on the show
(yes this is why they don't leave me alone very often)
& i will be creating something with the following items
purchased at mood's eugene location
(conveniently located in my garage)

rick rack...
(is anything complete without it?)embroidery floss...
& tickets...

so i'm going to go to the workroom
& create my little item
& i'll be back for the judging in a few hours...

i just hope santino will knock it off with the tim gunn impression
so i can concentrate...
oh...this is going to be fierce!


17 September 2009

coburg: vintage fun with...stuff i brought home

so that's all the stuff i got
cool huh?

ha ha
not so fast
of course
i have a few more things to say
about the things i acquired...

when i go to coburg
i usually don't go with a big list
because i just never plan that well :)
but even though i don't
it seems like there are always themes
& the same sorts of things pop out at me...
so this year that was...

of course letters!
i just love them
& always have
& i have a hard time passing them up...
oi, indeed!

i tend to look & never buy
but this year i just decided to go for it
i mean not REALLY go for it...
everything was less than the price of
'gilmore girls' season 6 dvd used on amazon

i actually got that turquoise necklace at
an estate sale on friday & then the daisy on saturday...
it just gave it that little something...
i think they will be bff for real...

these little white flowery things are clip on earrings
& before i found the daisy
i was going to use them for a necklace helper
but now i might make them into clips
(thanks for that idea, trisha!)

then, my dear, jill gave me a little gift at our show & tell time
a goodie bag full of rick rack...
oh rick rack....fruit of the crafty gods
which leads me into the trims & embellishments portion of the day...

that whale ribbon takes me back to the 80's

black & white
is always welcome...
hello little floweries...

& this next one was an amazing find
i give every bit of the credit to kim
she saw it
she plucked it from it's spot
she showed it to me
she handed it to me
i bought it
(& speaking of come play...
you can see the fun we had on saturday at jill's house
over at the come play: eugene blog...
something really fun is brewing
in the come play offices (read:my head)
i will tell you all about it soon...)

this last one might be my favorite little find
i don't like to play favorites
black & white
great pattern
purse like
big enough for lots of great stuff
what i look for in a favorite

is it any wonder why i love coburg?
such fun stuff!

oh & one more
all credit to kim again
who said
'oh, these are my daughter's 1st & middle initial'
after a few beats i said
'oh, those are mine, too'
i only type them in every day like 8 times a day when i log into
my email & whatever else...
so after kim assured me that she wasn't going to get it
(thanks kim:)
i also got this little gem
i think i see a new banner in the future...


15 September 2009

coburg: vintage fun with...friends

our 2nd annual come play: september vintage field trip to coburg
was just so fun...
the loads & loads & piles of amazing stuff was great, of course
but the big old group of girls were really the best part...
so let's start with them shall we?

we all started off from the same place at 6am
& then throughout the day
we would run into each other in this booth or that...
'what have you found?'
'have you seen any ______?'
'oh, you have to go check out that booth over there'

at 9am we met for 'show & tell (& eat)'
i love to see what everyone got...
that first picture isn't everyone
(of course, as always
i said
'let's get a picture' after about 6 people
had already gone back to the hunt
oh well....)

& here's michelle
who was our teacher on saturday
(more about that awesomeness later this week)

she scored this amazing ledger book
that had entries not only of
every single grocery the person had purchased throughout that year
but also all of the things you can do with potatoes
& the best colors for painting a landscape
it was quite entertaining...

& this is kelleigh
she was looking for locker baskets
& boy did she find them :)
& darling jill, who never ceases to amaze me
with her ability to find incredible stuff at awesome prices...
she's just the queen, i must say...
here's sarah & casey
these cuties made numerous trips back & forth
to their car with some really awesome stuff
(& had to make a trip to one of their houses
to drop off treasures
& then back to coburg to get another load...
i love that :)& this little umbrella looks super sweet doesn't it?
well, don't let it fool you!
it bit casey when she opened it for this picture...
but she toughed it out, found a band aid
& forgave the umbrella
so that's a happy ending...

these were the only pictures of actual people that i got
because hello, there were deals to be had
& vintage goodies to be seen...
more about all of that tomorrow...

thanks girlies...
i love this tradition!

kate & jessica!
next year!
put it on your calendars!
it's the sunday after labor day!
every year!
it was not the same without you two!
(the exclamation points agree with me!)

or maybe i could just follow it on twitter...

if it was possible to befriend an article of clothing
then this dress & i would be fbff
(facebook friends forever)

& the little jacket & purse could come along sometimes

when we go out for chocolate fondue

& chat about project runway...

picture from lucky magazine
dress is jillian lewis
bolero jacket is philosophy di alberta ferretti
purse is nicole miller

sadly out of everything in this entire outfit
the only thing i could afford right now
(or ever in my life) are the tights
& possibly the lipstick, though i'm not making any promises...


ps i'm working on a post
about my lovely
crafty-vintage-super-fun-girls-&-stuff weekend
it was such a nice time :)

meanwhile i will keep dreaming of that

strapless sweater dress...

with pockets, even...

can you imagine...


09 September 2009

i think, therefore i am wrong (about my kindergartener)

what i thought: Q would be super excited to go to kindergarten
what actually happened: he said he was nervous (because he didn't know math yet :)

what i thought: on the first day of school we would walk together hand in hand, with me reassuring him about how it would be fun & he would really love it & do great
what actually happened: he rode his bike & i walked pushing miss m in the jogger...& he was always at least a block ahead of me (he did wait at every corner to cross the street with me & then he would take off to the next corner)

what i thought: when we were in sight of the school he would slow down & be more nervous & i would tell him how it would be fun & he would really love it & do great
what actually happened: when we were in sight of the school he went faster & yelled over his shoulder 'hurry up! we're gonna be late!!'

what i thought: we would walk into the school together, hand in hand. i would look lovely, like a wonderful, caring mother, who just strolled to school with her son while reassuring him that school would be fun & he would really love it & do great
what actually happened: by the time i caught up to him, he already had his bike in the bike rack, his helmet off & was heading to the door. kindly he waited for me to park the jogger & get miss m out but the minute she was out he was on his way. ps i was sweaty, hot & red faced from trying to keep up with him the whole way to school...pps i do not glisten

what i thought: when we got to his classroom he would need help remembering where his cubby & desk were (after all, it had been a whole week since we had been to meet his teacher & see his classroom)
what actually happened: he walked right in, put his backpack in his cubby, sat down at his desk (after all, it had ONLY been a week since we had been to meet his teacher & see his classroom)

what i thought: he might not know what to do once he got to his desk or might not talk to his teacher or any number of crazy things a mom can think of in the days before kindergarten
what actaully happened: he put his name tag on, wrote his name on the paper on his desk, listened to his teachers instructions & was all ready for whatever was going to happen next (of course)

what i thought: he might ask me to stay for a minute, or say goodbye with a little sadness in his voice, or look at me as i left, or acknowledge me at all as i exited the classroom
what actually happened: nothin'. zilch. zero. nada. bubkis.

what i thought: after school he would tell me everything he did at school, with full detail (okay, honestly this was much more of a hope because he has never done this ever, not even in pre-school, unless i tricked him (which i may or may not tell about some other time)...thankfully,
what actually happened: pop (my dad) called & Q told him all about his day & i eaves-dropped ...hey, you do what ya gotta do

what i thought: i would get some pictures of Q's actual face
what actually happened: i got one (on purpose)

what i thought: Q would love school
what actually happened: Q loved school (& it was really fun & he loved it & did great :)

1 out of 10 ain't bad?