30 October 2008

let's hear it for the boys...

william edward
4:31pm 6lbs7oz 19.5 inches

calvin charles
4:29pm 5lbs13oz 19.75 inches

so sweet & so healthy
& everyone is so glad:)
kate's water broke yesterday morning
& so the boys were ready to be done
even though it was six weeks early!
they are in the nicu for now
but they are breathing on their own
& trying to nurse or bottle feed today
so hopefully they will be out soon:)

kate is a champ & she is doing well too
a bit sore & tired...
i think a few people have said, in not so many words
'the soreness will go away
but the tired is just beginning' :)

if you have some wise baby advice,
wise twin advice
or just want to wish her well
you can put it in the comments here
& i will email them to her
she will love that:)

hooray for boys!

love, auntie em:)

16 October 2008

eugenie stuff...

if you are a local friend
or want to visit beautiful eugene oregon
in the next couple of weeks
i have some suggestions for you...

first bring a rain coat & dress in layers

go to this awesome sale
itty bitty boutique
wednesday october 22- saturday october 25
it's a consignment sale where tons of moms
bring their kids gently used clothes
(or in my case hardly worn
cause my kids don't gently use much of anything:)
on wednesday you can find awesome things at great prices
then on saturday everything is half price!
the girls who organize it are so great
& the sale has a really fun vibe...
this year they are also going to have
a section of new handmade things
all created by moms:)
i think that will be so fun!
click their name & go see...

come play with me & my friends!
saturday november 1
i'm teaching the advent calendar in that picture up there
there's more pictures of it at my other blog
emily ruth scraps
& jill is teaching a super cute project too
go check it out over here
the come play blog has all of the info
so come see:)

numero four
check out some little sneak peeks of what will be there
at the creative boutique blog
(yet another blog i try to keep up...)

coincidently i will be at all of these events
hope i'll get to see you local kids
& all you residents of other states & cities
go find some good handmade,
locally organized stuff to support...
it's just the nice thing to do


14 October 2008

to eat while you watch falcon crest...

how great are these?
they are from guess who...
of course:)

the picture is from black eiffel
because in order to see miss martha's
you have to watch a whole video
& i have much more important things to do
like post pictures of
cupcakes that look like
mashed potatoes


03 October 2008

okay okay i'm doing it...because i am a lemming...but for the positive...

you know
i love this sort of thing
clever things
like this
& like you
you clever thing...