29 August 2006

boys are cool:)

our little neighbor boy, gavin
has been hanging out with us
for the last two weeks until school starts
he is 4
& let me tell you
sometimes the difference between 2 & 4
is nothing at all
(when it has to do with throwing things & driving trucks)
& sometimes they might as well be 10 years apart
(when Q wants to play with anything gav has & vice versa)

so i know
someday Q will find out about guns
& knives
& machetteys (ooh spell check? grandma? anyone?)
& grenades
& dying
& basically anything you might see on an episode of 24
but it would be nice
if we could hold off
until he’s at least two & a half
or fourteen
(a mother can dream)

so last week when they were jumping on Q’s bed
(a completely okay thing with me
heck if there was a guarantee
that i wouldn’t go crashing through the floor
i would be doing it myself)
& gavin fell down on the bed & said
‘i’m dead’
i thought
‘oh no! here we go…’
but i was overjoyed when out of my little innocent cuties mouth came
‘i dude’

yes you are..
the cutest dude i know


28 August 2006

and the winner is...

they can't actually say that any more you know?
they have to say
'& the emmy (oscar, tony, backyard junior theater award made of tinfoil) goes to..'
musn't make anyone feel bad
there are no losers...

did i mention that i LOVE award shows?
i'll watch anything
whether or not i even know what it is
it's a good thing we don't have cable
or i would be watching
'the golden hammer awards
for excellence in home repair'
'the silver scissors awards
gong above & beyond in the catagories of hair styling'

i loved everything about the emmy's last night
from the red carpet
(did you see candace bergins disaster of an outfit?
& julia loise dryfus's awesome black & white dress?)
to the opening
(pure genius to have conan drop through the 'lost' hatch onto dwights desk on 'the office'
pure pure genius)

from the great awards
(magan mullally choked up over her last award for 'will & grace')
to the boring awards
(sound editing anyone?)

from sweet tributes
(dick clark had me teary...)
to other sweet tributes
(arron spelling's wife was really hard to watch i must say
not that she wasn't sad or anything
but from what i've read in the very reputable US magazine
she is not a nice person
& may have a had a boyfriend before poor arron was even dead
plus she's mean to tory...
poor, sad
trillion dollar tory)

from cool entrances
(the original charlies angels..
excuse me
but is farrah faucet creepy or what?
everytime i see her
she seems to tripping on something
that makes you slur your words,
touch everyone around you entirely too much,
& wear really tight badly constructed dresses...
okay now i feel a bit bad
maybe she does have a disorder or a disease something?
i don't want to be coming down too hard on
72 year old sex symbols...)
to more cool entrances
(introducing the lawyers who count to ballots
like basketball stars
with kareem abdul jabbar..

from every conan joke
(i love conan
we go way back
to when Q was tiny
& would eat for 45 minutes a pop
at least twice a night
i would take him downstairs to the futon
(no we were not in college when he was born...why do you ask?)
& watch conan on the live(?) broadcast at 1am
& then again on replays at 3am
i also developed a tiny crush
on one of the reporters on the abc all night news
i can't remember his name right now
but when he moved on to bigger & better things
Q magically started to sleep throught the night
to every poorly read teleprompter joke
(why do i always feel so bad for the actors
when 'their' joke doesn't get a laugh?
they didn't write it!
they are forced by the man
to skwint (how do you spell that?)
& time it right
poor poor million dollar actors...)

from silly introductions
('our next presenters are an actor who likes grapes
& an actress who ate one for dinner tonight')
to the good intros
(i really liked
'here's an actress with two first names
& an actor with two last names,
evangiline lily & wentworth miller')

it all makes me happy
& i love it
give me conan singing & dancing
ellen pompao clutching her train
charlie & martin sheen trying to banter
the chance to see jim from 'the office' in a tux
i'm there

& the winner is


25 August 2006

a blog 32 years in the making...

dark hair?
chubby cheeks?
almond shaped eyes?
slightly rumpled shirt?
hands ready to scrapbook the crazy adventure she just had?
strangly shaped head?
(who knows what's under all this hair now?)

that’s me.
32 years ago.

some things never change…


in honor of my birthday
i wanted to tell you about something
that involves some of my favorite things
cool home decor
treasure hunting
garage sale

my friend, jill
is having a mega garage sale
crazy garage sale
i went to help set up her last night
& she has

our friend ali gave her
tons of scrapbook treasures
a lot not even opened

she has clothes
& a bunch of shabby chic home stuff
& a snack booth
(to keep up your energy while you're looking for treasures:)

it is a find & a half
& if you like any of the things i mentioned
you will be happy indeed:)

so if you're in the eugene area
or even oregon & like to drive:)
it's friday & saturday
on sterling street
off of silver lane (near north eugene high school)
off of river road
off of beltline
off of I-5
(oh tricky directions in reverse:)

happy hunting:)

24 August 2006

sugar, spice & beyond...

toe holding

spending time on her tummy

giant take-up-half-her-face smiles
adorable giggles

wearing the same sunsuit every other day

cracking up at her big brother
making her big brother crack up at her

waking up talking

rolling over
& over
& over
& over

covering her eyes with her arm while she eats

sleeping with bum the in the air
thumb in the mouth

turning toward daddy, mama & Q's voice

waiting for her hair to grow
buying barettes for when it does

giant you-go-girl burps

grabbing at everything
putting it all in her mouth

melting hearts all over lane county

sweet smells
big dreams

that’s what my little girl is made of…

21 August 2006

who wears 'em?

i just went in to Q’s room
because he was yelling
at the top of his lungs
while he is supposed to be napping
he piled all of his pants on his bed
& was driving matchbox trucks through the legs
‘i playing pants mama’
he says
cute as can be….

ah, that age old game, pants.
i love that one too
although my version usually involves
me balancing on one leg while holding merra in one arm
trying to get my pants up over my bottom…

i’ll have to try the cars version…

17 August 2006


one thing
you could never accuse me of
is missing a chance
to take a photo booth picture

when i was in high school
my friends & i
would go to woolworths
in downtown eugene
& collect hats
& scarves
& glasses
& take pictures in the photo booth
changing props every shot

one day we wnet to do it
& there was a sign
'please no unpaid merchandise in the photo booth'

but we made due
with our gorgeous smiles
& sparkling personalities

i really should dig up some of those
i'm sure there are some great shots of
angie & i
jessica & i
darci & i

after we got married
i heard about a wedding
where they rented a photo booth
& all of the guests got their pics taken
how beyond cool is that?

so here we are at the lane county fair
believe me
it was the place to be on tuesday:)

Q, miss m & i
went in the morning
(every two feet Q would point & shout
'mama, wook at dat!')

brian & i went at night
it was grand
as only the county fair can be...


16 August 2006

i watched this dr. phil last week
it was horrible
i cried through pretty much the whole thing
it was this mom who was awful to her kids
i can’t even write what she did & said
i hear it in my head
but to say it or describe it would be too hard
i know it’s not the worst thing that happens to kids
but i just imagine those things
this i had to see
because she had a camera in her house

i had seen the commercial for it
& decided i didn’t want to watch it
but i turned on the tv anyway
i really just wanted to see what dr.phil would say to her
what i had seen on the commercials was bad enough
but when i turned it on it was in the worst part
& i couldn’t look away
i turned it off at one point & put my hand over my eyes
but then i turned it on again
i hated it
& i went down & talked to brian who was watching it in the garage
& who gave me a hug
& said maybe i shouldn’t watch it
then i went & hugged my napping kids
& Q (who wasn’t actually napping)
was a little perplexed i think
but that doesn’t matter because
who doesn’t need more hugs in the middle of their nap time
& for someone to say
‘i love you, you are my favorite boy’?

what i really wanted was for dr. phil to bash her
i wanted someone to punch her in the face
i wanted someone to hit her
& yell at her like she yelled at her kids
but dr. phil told her she wasn’t evil
(i said ‘yes she is!’)
that she needed help
he would get it for her
i was a little disappointed in dr. phil to be honest

for days after i watched
i would hear the things she said in my head
sometimes when i looked at Q i would hear what she said
& i couldn’t believe
that she would say these things to her sweet little babies

i felt like that show haunted me
i thought it was a mistake that i watched it
& that i would be paying for it for a long time
because now it was in my head

i thought it was a mistake until today

i am reading this book
blue like jazz
it had been recommended to me by my dear friend rachael
& brian read it by a recommendation from his best friend dave
brian told me i should read it
he really wanted me to
i said okay
& proceeded to not read it
but then i decided to.
my procrastination is everything here.
the timing.
i guess sometimes even the bad traits are used for good:)

this book is incredible
that’s what i say after every chapter
it’s subtitle is
'nonreligious thoughts on christian spirituality'
it is startling & thought provoking
i will write more about it later
or maybe you should just read it…

he’s talking about the verse
‘love your neighbor as yourself’
& how you can’t really love your neighbor until you love yourself
my pastor says this same thing
so does oprah
& i always think
‘that is so right.
but i don’t really know how to love myself
what does that look like?
it sounds very cocky
& not humble
it’s kind of confusing

today it came together for me
i have been talking to myself the way that that woman was talking to her kids
very badly
& that is not okay

i might not know how to love myself
but would i ever say the things i think about myself to brian?
to angie?
to kate?
to rachael?

would i EVER treat my family, my friends, my neighbors the way i treat myself?

God loves me with a love that is unexplainable
& really hard to understand
because it isn’t based on what i think about myself
or anything i do
i have a hard time with that

obviously i don’t have this figured out
maybe i never will
but i know that i’m going to stop treating myself like an abusive mother treats her kids
& i’m going to try to interrupt my own naps
& say ’i love you, you are my favorite emily’
or something like that

i am God’s child
& i wouldn’t want my kids talking crap about themselves
so why am i talking crap about His kid?

i’m going to stop
& think you should too
because you are loved
wholey & dearly loved.
you are.

11 August 2006

have i ever mentioned…

i love scrapbooking

to me it is the perfect mix

i get to be artsy
i get to play with paper
& ribbon
& paint
& anything i want to

& i’m preserving my family’s memories
FOR ALL TIME (say with an echo effect)

a perfect mix
a sweet little dance


09 August 2006

tell it.

sometimes when i type in my user name i accidently type
it's a good reminder really....

04 August 2006

shout out to the preggos

when i was pregnant with Q
i listed all of the other preggo girls i knew
& there were 16
(including gwyneth paltrow)
when i was preggo with miss m
there weren’t quite that many
but still a bunch
(including gwyneth paltrow)

& now another boom
i’m not in this one
(let’s all say amen to that)
but i’ve got a few friends who are

so a big congratulations
to the current preggers
(not in delivery order)

(insert name here when she tells)
& (this bears giant shouting)
(who has 3 year old triplets!
sending up some mega prayers for her:)
(& it's not that i forgot their last names
or think y'all know all of them on a first name basis
i just wasn't sure how they would enjoy
having their names on my blog for God & everyone to see)
(yes, God reads my blog...)

love those babies!
do you know any who are on the way?

& speaking of babies
here are mine with my grandma…

oh for cute!


02 August 2006


‘i now pronounce you’
seems like
minutes ago
hours ago
days ago
years ago
decades ago
centuries ago

lots of laughs ago
two doggies ago
billions of kisses ago
a few passed aways ago
two sweet kiddos ago
some pounds ago
many tears ago
bags & bags of popcorn ago
countless x-files ago
two houses ago
buckets of smiles ago

too many bags of peanut m&m’s ago
lists of hard talks ago
tons of movies ago
two schools ago
lots of prayers ago
eight million loads of laundry ago
so many dreams ago
dozens of talking in your sleeps ago
four cars ago
a kizzillion pictures ago
bunches of ‘whose your favorite…?’s ago
a handful of vacations ago
trillions of hugs ago

8 years
so many more agos
to go
i can’t wait…