05 December 2008

stars hollow & gabon...

(if you already know what this post is about
just by the title
ten points for you!)

i am looking for a very specific subset of people
shall we see if you are in it?
are you a gilmore girls fan from at least season 3?
are you watching survivor:gabon on thursday nights?
if you answered yes to both
then you are just the person i am looking for
check it out:

stars hollow...
i came to gilmore girls a little late
we never had the channel
& my sister would rave about it
i could see how it would be great
but never saw it until netflix!
(thank you netflix!)
we got the first two seasons from netflix
four episodes at a time
& then i couldn't wait for that red envelope in the mail
any longer
so we started buying the seasons
(they were written into our budget for 4 months:)
& since then i've watched the entire series
7 seasons
two times
i'm working on my third right now...
okay so
(now i will be getting specific)
remember the third season
when rory & jess weren't talking
because in season two he wrecked her car?
& when she came back from her summer in washington dc
(at politics camp or something...)
& she sees him making out with some blond girl
& then for the next few episodes
he's just always making out with this girl
& rory finds out that she works at the beauty supply store
when she & laine go to get hair dye
because laine is feeling rebellious
& dyes her hair purple for 45 minutes
before she gets scared & dyes it back to it's original color
(but it was still dyed! so she's still rock & roll!)
okay so anyway
that girl that jess was making out with?
blond & cute & sassy & grumpy
her name was shane
& so i was watching those episodes this week during nap time
(i don't really watch them around the kids
though if i'm watching anything they say
'are you watching gilmore girls?'
& they both know the theme song
where you lead i will follow
& this time when i saw shane i was like
what is she on?
she looks so familiar
so i started going through the show we watch
the office
30 rock
ncis (i was conned into this one but now i like it:)
grey's anatomy (me, watch online)
private practice (me, watch online)
samantha who (which coincidently sukie from gg is on...just keeps getting weirder!)
i didn't even consider the reality shows we watch
amazing race & survivor
because that would be silly
& then!
last night!
survivor comes on
& there she is!
sugar is shane!
& i'm like
gilmore girls!
the girl jess makes out with for three episodes!
(& god love him he did remember:)
it's sugar!
(yes her name is sugar
at least on survivor it is...)

i told brian i wanted to blow this wide open!
give me a radio show!
i said
i will tell the world!
then i realized the chances of
anyone even remembering her on gg
were slim
(though lydia, i have faith that you remember her
& kate? you too!)
plus those same people watching survivor this season?
maybe there are 8 of us out there?
but boy would i love to meet up with those other 7
they would call us the the survivor-gilmore 8
(like the oceanic 6, you know
oh, we watch lost too)
we could have coffee at a diner
(or rain forest)
i picture that meet up going something like this:
'wow, shane is sugar'
'i know! sugar is shane'
'it's really crazy'
'yes it is.'
'do you watch battlestar galactica?'
'no. do you watch project runway?'
'do you want to see my gilmore girls collector plates?'

so anyway
i am so happy to get that out
into the open
i feel so free...
now to ponder how she got to survivor
& is that a step up or step down from gg
(i think we all know the answer to that one)
& would she ever admit it
like if someone was so hungry & starving
& they started to hallucinate
& images from their past came back
christmas when they were 5
third grade spelling bee
mom reading them a bedtime story
first kiss
high school graduation
college graduation
birth of children
third season of gilmore girls
& they were like
you're shane!'
would she say
'go back to your daydreams bucko'
'yes that was me & i got to make out with the guy
who is now one of the main guys on heros
pretty cool huh?
by the way
can i have the fake immunity idol?
i know i could find out most of this info online
but speculation is way more my style....


okay so i had to look it up
i googled:
shane from gilmore girls sugar survivor
& found this
with video & everything!
i love the internet...


i have seen all of the seasons of gilmore girls
for about $15 each at costco, target, walmart
& in fred meyer ads in the past few weeks...
so if you're looking for the perfect gift
for the special (& freaking cool) someone
i would recommend getting them a season or two
they're the gift that keeps on giving...



The Lydia said...

do they actually make gg collector's plates?! I mean I've got the Charlie's Angels plates, but Rory and Laurelie would really round out the collection :)

~Barb~ said...

GG's ROCK! I didn't see them first time around either but I'm watching the reruns on TNT or whatever channel it is they're showing them on in order. Love it!
Peace & Love,


I am watching them again from the beginning on family channel. I love the GG. R can't handle how fast they talk.
Sugar does strike me as the actress type so this is fun and not too shocking! Love the detective work!

Jenn said...

emily -- although i do not watch Gilmore Girls, i was aware that Sugar aka Jessica Kiper was an actress and NOT a pin-up model as she claims to be. In an interview I saw, Sugar said she thought that saying she were a pinup model would make the others think that she was dumb and less of a threat. ALSO - Crystal who is remarkably un-athletic and surprisingly unhelpful has a gold medal in the 4x400 relay from the 2004 summer Olympics.