29 July 2008

yo vip let's kick it...

i'm working on a gift for brian
for our 10th anniversary on friday
& so you would assume that i wouldn't get caught up
on youtube.
you(tube) would be wrong...
just had to share this craziness
if you like to dance
or to watch dancing
or have ever heard of dancing
you should watch this...

i'm only sad that britney didn't make the cut...
oh well maybe next time


28 July 2008

miracle indeed...

i'm reading a new book
animal, vegetable, miracle
by barbara kingsolver
(& if you are looking for it at
smith family bookstore in eugene oregon
it is in with the cookbooks
just go there
don't bother to go to the fiction section
& upon not finding it ask at the front desk...
they will just look at you & say
'well, it should be there'
thanks for the help, chuck
i'll just go wander the upstairs like a nomad
& hope that i don't accidentally pull out a book that
releases a secret door to a dungeon full of
sweet valley high books...
oh you euegenians
you know it's true
all of those giant stacks of books has to be hiding something)
animal, vegetable, miracle
i was intrigued by this book
a family moves out to a farm & makes
it their goal for a year
to only buy food that is grown or raised near them...
or within 100 miles of them?
or that they have met the grower?
something like that
i just started it!
give me some grace!
today the little elves & i met our friends
wendy & samson
for a walk by the river
& after we said goodbye to wendy & sam
we went to play at the little park...
after pushing miss m in the swing
(step one: lift miss m into the swing
step two: the instant her bottom hits the seat she yells 'faster!'
step three: start the actual pushing
step four: 'faster!'
step five: push
step six: 'FASTER!'
repeat steps five & six over & over & over...
enjoy the ride lady
you have at least 85 more years to be bossy...)
after the swinging
the elves began to play together
(one of my favorite things about them growing up)
& i sat to read my book.
it is a lovely book
& i am enjoying it
she is talking all about their moving
& about how other cultures don't have serious weight issues
because they eat things that are native to their culture
& location
& don't have mcdonald's & starbucks & 7-11 around every corner
she didn't name those
i am just adding my own two cents to
this new york times best selling author's book...
i thought she could use a little help from a blogger
who hasn't updated her blog for three weeks.
hey, i did take AP english...
anyway the kiddos played
i read
then we realized that it was noon
& we needed to go the bathroom
& we were hungry
& the mall!
it's just right over there!
so we went into the mall
on one of the most beautiful days of the year
into the mall
& went to the bathroom
& then got a wetzel's pretzel to share
because it seemed like the least horrible choice
in the sea of mall food...
i know
looks like this book is really sinking in...
i'm sure the butter on the pretzel was churned just up the road
& the salt was mined(?) near here too
(how do they get salt anyway?
maybe that's in chapter two)
hopefully i will do better in the near future
maybe not walking into the mall is a good first step?
or bringing snacks with us!
& you know what they say at weight watchers:
if you fail to plan
you're screwed

or maybe that's just my two cents again...

02 July 2008

double up...

if you thought that last news from
my sister was cool
check this out

& lots & lots of fun!