29 July 2006

i do!

brian & i have photographed a few weddings
this summer
tonight brian did one alone
(left me with those crazy kids:)
check out this great pic...

i'm not sure but
i believe this ended in a trip to the hospital
(not really...but wouldn't that be a great wedding story?)

doing weddings is so fun!
i absolutely loved our wedding day
(drunk groom & all:)
& i've been coordinating weddings since then
bri & i just started working together
in the photo realm
& it has been really great
we're a good team:)

so if you know anyone who needs their picture taken...


An email worth sharing…

i just got this in my in box

From: jesus
Subject: VIP handbags replica

- Elite Handbags - Louis Vuitton (217 mod.), Chanel (29 mod.), Hermes (9 mod.). $164.99 - $324.99

at first i thought
the Lord works in mysterious ways
so okay, Jesus, if you really want me to…
that’s all it said
so on further thought…

A) if Jesus was going to give me a good tip on handbags
he would at least include a note
‘hey, noticed you were doing a pretty good job
but it looks your purse (read: diaper bag) is a little worn out
thought you might need a tip on some savings’

B) if Jesus thought i needed a new handbag wouldn’t it just come straight to me?
appear on my doorstep one morning or something?

C) Jesus knows what i can afford
& it’s about a tenth of the lowest price listed
(more like a twentyth)

D) (& this is for people who actually think capitalizing is necessary)
wouldn’t his name have been capitalized?

E) even if he forgot the note,
forgot my financial status,
forgot home delivery
& forgot to capitalize,
wouldn’t the Lord, the savior of the universe
be giving tips on AUTHENTIC vuittons & chanels?

The universe is full of questions…


28 July 2006

swim, pray, relax, run…gulka’s week o’ lots of fun

this is a long one
(with a few pictures
so if you have dial up
just go watch an episode of friends
& come back
& it should be just about loaded...)
but i find if i don’t just write everything i want to
i end up putting it off
& then it’s too late
who has just been waiting on pins & needles to hear about our 4th of july?
but now it just feels too late to write about it
maybe on a cold & wet november day…

saturday brian’s mom, rona & brian’s brother’s daughter (aka our niece), rachel
came down & we went to amazon pool
a super awesome pool with
baby pools
& shower/waterfall thingies
& slides
it was just great
Q LOVES rachel
so they just had a great time
& even better
they slept so hard
worn out , they were!

especially after we heard the ice cream truck
& then ran all over the neighborhood
trying to find it
in 102 degree heat
ah what one will do for a popsicle
nevermind that we have a box in the freezer
they taste so much better
after you find the truck;)

sunday we dedicated miss m at church
it was really special
practically our whole family was there
actually almost everyone who lives in oregon was there:)
my dad (pop)
tam (grammy)
rona (grandma ro or grandma norma depending on Q’s mood:)
kate (auntie)
ryan (soon to be uncle)
lilli (auntie)
great grandma betty
Rachel (cousin)

at one point Q whispered in my ear
‘lot’s of people mommy’
‘all of my relatives are here
what the heck is going on?’

it was so neat
miss m wore the dress
that my mom wore
when she was dedicated 57 years ago
hello can you say
‘my mommy is a nervous wreck?’
the dress has been hanging on a tack on miss m’s wall
for about 3 months
just sitting there
taunting me really
‘hi I’m a family heirloom
your great grandma made me by hand
& you have to put me on your daughter
your daughter who spits up

i finally tried it on her 2 days before the dedication…
believe me there were a lot of prayers being sent up
in front of the changing table
of course it fit perfectly
& she looked like the sweet little angel she is
she even sat on great grandma’s lap for the whole service
just hanging out with ggma!
so adorably cute (both of them:)

we went up to pray for her
& it was just so neat
different generations
different families
all there to make one big family
i can’t say it wasn’t sad either
especially because pastor gordon kept saying
‘merra susan’
so for anyone who knew
it was very obvious that susan was not there
boy do I miss that lady:)
can’t wait to tell miss m & Q all about her…

in fact Q kept saying
’merra susan, merra susan’
then he said
‘there’s merra
where is susan?’
(insert teary eyes here)
i told him susan is his grandma who lives in heaven
thankfully he didn’t ask what heaven was
or I would have become a puddle in the middle of the street

it was great to have everyone there
loving on our little girlie
she is a little piece of heaven
so sweet
& smiley
even as she’s spitting up all over your new black shirt

monday i met with a bride
whose i wedding i will be coordinating
she is having her reception at the art museum on UofO campus…
can you believe that?
if only i had known 8 years ago….

monday noonish brian & i drove to bend
for our anniversary
(actually on the 1st)
we stayed at a mcmenimen’s hotel/pub/movie theater/soaking pool
down town
it’s called st. frances school
& we stayed in a classroom
it was so great
if you don’t know about mcmenimen’s
they are brothers who buy old buildings
& make them into restaurants/hotels/pubs
but still call them whatever they were
& try to keep the d├ęcor & names of parts of the building the same
so this one had a nunnery & things like that
it was so nice
we just hung out
& did whatever the heck we wanted to
but not limited to
watching cable
going to 2 movies
walking around downtown
walking in to a shop that, had i been with my children
10 things would have broken
if we had so much as looked in the window
but it was just us
so we went in
& ooed & ahed at lots of breakable things:)
picnicing by the river
strolling around & stopping in for dessert at 10pm at a wonderful little restaurant
drinking alcohol (more than once)
& generally having a lovely time

I love my husband
& not just because he put up with my roller coaster like mood swings
(i stopped nursing & got my period on the same weekend…lovely timing:)
he is just the funniest person i know
& such a great dad
& is always doing such nice things for me
& he loves me
how that happened I’ll never know
but boy am I thankful
(more on this on august 1st)

we also saw our friends
chris & nishka
& their adorable twins
emma & bella
so nice to see them all
the girls are a few months older than Q
but they are so tiny
& they have little mice-in-cinderella voices
i picture Q meeting them
looking down
in a jolly green giant voice

we got back & picked up the kiddos
from my dad & tam’s house
(by the by
they are the reason we got to go on this lovely few days
they gave us a gift certificate for christmas
for hotel & babysitting
we were supposed to use it before miss m came
but ha ha
we fooled them
we waited until after she came & they had to take care of 2 kiddos!
we messed up & didn’t make reservations
so we had to wait to go
however they are so great
they had fun with both kids
& are going to watch them again on friday
hello grandparents of the year…)

we picked up the sweeties
went home for nap
then headed to Hayward field
a big track on Uof O campus
a track where steve prefontaine ran
a track where the Olympic trials have been run
a track where world records have been made
a track where a debut was made
wednesday july 26
Quinn Gulka!

they have this all comers meet
6 weeks in the summer
(of course we went to the last one)
starting at age 1
yes you read that right
we are already a year behind
but if enthusiasm counts for anything
we will more than make up for lost time

Q L-O-V-E-D it
no really
insanely loved it!
the kids get to do 3 events
long jump
softball throw
& 60 meter dash
he did the long jump like 40 times
it combines two of his favorite things
strike that THREE
& falling

they get ribbons of participation
so cute!

then he practiced running before the race
before he starts…
‘ready set go’
& he gets this determined look on his face
does this little half twist at the waist
& he’s off
swinging his arms like crazy
smiling like someone just said
‘it’s raining matchbox cars’

he was in the 2 year old boys heat
smart people i say
if they combined 2 year old boys & girls
i picture a lot of crying, pushing & a bit of blood
& that’s just the parents
(duh-dum-dum...thank you i’ll be here all week)

8 two year old boys running straight at me down the track
(with dads in tow)
what a total joy to watch
we will be doing this event for many years to come…

what a week!
now on to the next…


22 July 2006

mud, mud glorious mud...

my brain that is...

my friend emily
(one of the 4 emily moms i know
& one of the three who are in friday play group)
has a blog
i check it every few days
that girl
cracks. me. up.

but when i made a list about my favorite blogs
i decided to leave her off


because my brain
which used to be made of brain ingredients
is now
& generally mixed up
due to the delivery
& subsequent (i know it's probably spelled wrong but don't i get points for using it?)
raising of 2 little muffins
who are currently sleeping away
(can i get an amen?)

to get a taste of emily's writing
& see what prompted me to write
go read the comments in the day i posted my fave blogs

leaving emily rose off my list
just a finely crafted promotional campaign?
you be the judge...

go check out

& laugh again
& say
wow she's a good writer!
(at least that's what i do)


21 July 2006

for the love of tagless

sometime in the summer of the year 2024...

'when i was your age.....'


'when i was your age...'

'hey quinn! come in here
mom's talking about the olden days'

'mom we both just spent endless amounts of time
on airplanes to come see you
& you're already starting in on that?'

'yeah mom the flight from new york was so long
it was like the longest 20 minutes of my life'

'boo hoo merra
try an hour from australia
i had to program my zpod to-'

'you have a zpod?
when did you...?'

'when i was your age
we had these little bits of fabric on the inside of clothing
they were very small
about the size of your cel phone there, merra'

'oh mom i've been meaning to talk to you about that
i have the biggest phone in my whole dorm
it is so embarrassing
people point at me & yell
'hey look at that huge thing
it fits on the tip of her finger!'


'shut up quinn'

'no you-'

'enough kids....
they were called tags
& they had information printed on them'

'like what?'

'like the size of the item
the brand name
& how to wash it...
sometimes they were very itchy
& they would flip up
& if you were standing in line at the post office
the person behind you could tell what size you were wearing...
only a really good friend would tuck your tag back in for you'

'standing in line where?'

'the post office'

'oh yeah, we studied those in 'history of american pop culture'
it was like x-mail
but instead of mentally teleporting things to people
you had to go to a building & 'send' it to them in a box
then these guys in crazy outfits
would bring the boxes to your house'



'when you two were just babies
they started just printing information on the clothes
they called it tagless
& we all loved it'

'how long ago was this?'

'oh let's see
quinn you were about 2
& merra you were just born
i'm sure i have a picture someplace...'

'yeah mom we've seen the pictures
about 58,000 per year since we were born.
there not even holographic
so old...'

'merra be nice'

'well, it's true
mom's so old she remembers when president holmes-cruise was born
did you know people didn't think she even existed for a while?
so shnucky'


'shnucky, mom
it means crazy
like sean preston spears-federline...
have you seen his new k-video?
that kid has ISSUES'

taggless was the greatest thing'

'that's cool mom...
where's dad?'

'he's at jerry's buying wood for his newest project
it's a table to hold my new z-oven'

'why don't you just buy the table made for it like normal parents?'

'you know your dad
he likes to put his personal touch on things...'

'ava's parents they just got back from france for the 53rd time
& they brought the newest r-book with them...
they are so cool...'

'it's true mom
everybodies parents are so much cooler than you guys
clara's mom just started moon hopping'

'are you guys dating?'

'we're just friends'

'cause megan said she saw you guys holding hands...'

'she did not'

'she sent me an o-pic
i'll show you,,,
where is my phone'

'anyway kids
glad you're home for a while'

'thanks mom, love you'

'yeah, we love you, mom
even if you are a little shnucky....'


19 July 2006

bloggity blog blog blog

i love blogs
this is no secret
thought sometimes i do feel like
a no life dork & a half
when i start my sentences with
‘i just read on this blog…’
but i like it
besides i have a life
it happens between 7am & 11 pm
blogs are in the wee hours after the 2am feeding
so there;)

just in case you are looking for something else to do
(yeah i know
you’re life is so empty & void of time consuming tasks)
here are some of my favorite blogs
give ‘em a try….

a scrapbooker & friend of mine, she writes about everything
& gives sneak peeks of new SB stuff …because you can never have enough right?

scrapbooker/photographer…her pictures will make you want to grab your camera & drive your friends & family c crazy snapping away

sarcastic mommy with laugh out loud observations, some swearing may occur…

hilarious stay at home, scrapbook mom, writes like she talks (i imagine…having never actually met her…:)

my sis, miss katie b & the whirlwind of wedding planning…funny funny girl:)

my dear friend darci & her sister & their musings on life, love & sippy cups

cutie mom kelly & her sweet boys..live from boise:)

angie’s deep thoughts…funny & thought provoking…I love this girl:)

author of ‘good in bed, ‘in her shoes’, goodnight nobody’…fun to see how she spends her days plus (brag alert) i met h her & she signed my book (it was a book signing after all:)…funny funny & an interesting insiders view of
today’s literary world

believe me i read way more than this
but these are current faves
& don’t you worry your pretty little head
i will let you know when there are others you simply must see:)

& you better let me know your faves too!

16 July 2006

moment by moment...

i just got the newest
Wondertime magazine in the mail
if you don’t know this magazine
you should look for it
(in fact here's the site
you're welcome:)

it had an article all about living in the moment with your kids
not thinking about what to make for dinner
or the laundry
or even what you’re going to do next
just being with them
looking at them
& playing
& enjoying the little moments
because they make up the big day
& ultimately your huge life

this is hard for everyone i imagine
& especially when you have kiddos
there is just so much going on
but i also know how fast things go
miss m is almost 4 months old
i just want to remember things
& make her life one
where she grows up knowing
that it’s more important to be together
than to make the bed
(but hey if we can make the bed together all the better!)

last night
Q was playing in the back yard
& i decided to sweep up all of the leaves on the patio
he said
‘i broom too’
so i got his broom
& we swept together
then put the stuff in the recycle can
it took about
20 times longer to do it with him
but it was so fun
& he felt good because he helped
& i felt good because he is just growing up
& i get to see it

i worry that i'm going to get too caught up in other things
& forget to look down
& see that i'm feeding a beautiful sweet little tiny girl
& when i do look down
i will actually be looking up
because she will have grown right up past me
(this is not a stretch of the imagination
gulka+bressi=tall kiddos:)
i don't want to get all 'seize every moment'
because hello?
not possible
but i also don't want it to fly by
with no real memory of it....

this just what i'm thinking about
& i just want to know
do you ever feel like this?

13 July 2006

peep! peep!

that is what our friend
thomas the train says when he is happy
i'm sure it's supposed to sound like a train whistle
but whenever i come across it in a book
it sounds like
a bunch of little chicks
got caught in thomas' smoke stack

on that lovely note...
seeing thomas was just wonderful
the event was in hood river
(an absolutely adorable town that we even ventured around with
get this
no stroller or even a bjorn
we just got out of the car
& walked around a bit
where is my gold medal?)

officially it's called
a day out with thomas
but like to call it
holy crap look at all of this free stuff for kids to do

the actual train ride on thomas did cost money
which we did pay
but only for the boys to ride
miss m & i hung back
& did girl things
like shop for a thomas t shirt for Q
& paint our nails with thomas blue paint

the cool thing was that
you didn't have ride thomas to get to do all of the stuff
& if we lived in hood river
we would have been there every stinking day

-coloring activities
-a bunch of train tables set up
-a bouncy castle
-play structures
-a petting zoo
-hula hoop & giant ball area
-plus free thomas tatoos
hello 2 year old heaven

-gift shop filled with thomas stuff
-a tent just for changing babies & nursing mothers
(in reality a 6 foot long table & plastic chair in a tent
but better than the
'sitting on a bench in the middle of a crowd
casually covering yourself with a blanket
while trying to get your baby to latch on' senerio
plus they had a container of wet ones)
-corn dogs & elephant ears
hello 31 year old mommy heaven
(actually my idea of heaven
has a lot less
high on cotton candy kids in it
& a lot more
me being fanned with palm leaves
while being shown the secret new season of the office
but you can't discount elepahant ears...)

brian made an observation that it looked like
someone said
'hey where is the biggest gravel area we can find?
let's set it up here
if it's hot the combination of
cranky kids & insane parents
will be just right...
& hey do you know anyone with a
plastic play structure in their back yard?
oh, does joe have one?
tell him to drag it over
we'll put it on top of a big piece of carpet
those crazy parents will never know...'
(did i mention my husband totally cracks me up?)
yes that is exactly what it looked like
but we are not complaining AT ALL
Q had a blast
we were there for like 2 hours
it wasn't hot
so we were H-A-P-P-Y

also you parked a little ways away
(hey that sounds like i'm from the country!)
& rode a school bus to the site
so when it was time to go
we just said
'hey want to ride the school bus next?'
pure genius

there was also a singing trio
i know
this sounds like a recipe for disaster
hot cranky kids
parents insane from a train ride with hot cranky kids
add a bunch of chipper people singing
'she'll be coming round the mountain'
& you might as well just call the police on arrival
because some one is going to get hurt
but this trio was good
(& wouldn't it have been nice if i had noted their name?)
they had just the right combo of
kids & adult songs
'froggy went a courtin'
'closer to fine'
(by the idigo girls
just in case you forgot your mid ninties song reference guide)
very good indeed

if this event comes anywhwere near you
& you know the password
'sir toppem hat'
go get your tatoo
& have a blast

ps i do feel an obligation to tell you
there is a booth to get your picture taken with sir toppem hat
or meet him or something
for those of you not immerssed in thomas culture
sir toppem hat owns (?) the railyard
or something like that
mostly he walks around yelling at the trains
& generally being very grumpy
you really want to meet him don't you?
it's a guy in a costume
& it is scary
giant head
doughy body
vacant eyes
plus the costume is so hot that every half hour
a man comes by & says
'sir topem hat, time to check your schedule'
so sir topem casually walks away
but i'm sure the minute he is out of child eye range
he is ripping the head off
& pouring ice water down the neck

when Q heard his name
he wanted to go see him of course
but the minute he got to his turn he clung to brian
like i would want him to to if he ever came in contact
with 6 foot tall giant headed dough bodied vacant eyed man..
good job Q!
trust your instincts!

besides that it was perfect
thanks thomas!
peep! peep!

10 July 2006

goin' to the chapel & other congratulations...

congratulations to my dear little sister, kate
& her guy ryan
they are engaged!
& cute as can be:)

they are getting married in december
& sadly she has nixed the idea
of giant winter coats & sweat pants for bridesmaids attire
not even an exception for the 'matron of honor'
(watch soon for an entire blog devoted to the hatred of that term...)
so the working out begins...
(ummm yes,
it was supposed to have begun about
5 years ago
so i'm a little behind
strike that BIG behind:)

hooray for kate!
she is planning like a mad woman!
so much fun!
much more on this to come
be sure of that:)

you can kind of see her ring
in the picture
(well, you can tell she has one i guess:)
it's a sparkler!

also a big congratulations to some of my friends
who have been trying to get pregnant for a while
jamie & matt
holly & jeremy

nozomi & michael
& a mystery friend
who is still too early to widely announce
(& no it is not rachael:)

i am so excited for all of you!

we have now ended the congratulatory portion
of the blog

more to come...
4th of july

& musings on:
spit up
something to add to the

stay tuned...


03 July 2006

land that i love...

i can

whatever i want to

God bless america
my home sweet home