04 December 2008

mix it up...

i'm so excited for christmas
i will be posting a lot this month
(have i jinxed myself now?
we shall see)

as soon as we got home from portland on friday
Q started asking
'are we going to get the christmas stuff out now?
are we going to do it now?
okay. now?'
& so we got it all out
i held him off until saturday
feeling like a grinchy mommmy...
if i can feel guilty for waiting until the saturday after thanksgiving
to put up christmas decorations
you can see i am a world class guilt monger:)
so saturday
the earliest ever for me, i must say
& i also must say that is it so great
to just have it all out
& getting to enjoy it
(don't faint)
we put all of the boxes away...
i know!
no red & green tubs in the corner?
no snow village foam & cardboard boxes floating around?
the age old question:
if there is no mess after decorating
did it really happen?
it did!
& i am gleeful about it:)

only the stockings are left to do
i will post about that soon
we each have to choose our button
& that's all i will say
i know, suspenseful!
(though if you have been
reading my blog since last christmas you already know
what that means
i'm not much of a mystery writer i guess:)

& i need to mention that little star up there
it was in a cute little primitive shop
& i am not really a primitive girl usually
more vintage is what i am
i love it
i have to say
i do.
& i stuck the hanging silver merry christmas thingy
(official name)
on it
just to see
& i wondered
is it the mixing of two too different things?
like ketchup & chocolate
good apart
not so good together
you know?
rustic & shiny.
but i decided that i like it
it's two of my favorite things
a good visual of me, my life:
country girl dreams of the big city...
& that my friends is the true official name of my
to the right of the front door
the end.


ps i got the star at a cute little shop in junction city
buttermilk junction is the name
it's primitive & sweet & rustic for sure...
but not so primitive that they don't have a web site
click on their name to see it
or if you just want to see how much i spent
on the star click on the picture
i know tricky...

i can't remember where i got the
hanging silver merry christmas thingy
probably some year at the target after christmas sale
75% off is hard to resist...


~Barb~ said...

Don't tell anyone but I still haven't got our decorations out and put up...ugh, I'm a slacker. lol

I love the primitive and modern together...contrast at is finest. Lovely!

Peace & Love,

The Lydia said...
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jmbmommy said...

You just make me laugh....can I say that?? I love the star and the shiny thingy...together, apart...looks good!