22 August 2007

your card please...

(note: this morning blogger was having problems & not loading
so i’m writing this in word:mac
& then pasting it
but our word:mac is set to capitalize all proper names
just wanted to let you know
i am not ill
i haven’t become grammar correct
i am trying to catch each one…
which in itself is a bit ironic
because though the number one reason i don’t capitalize
is because i just like the look of lower case more
(except Q
i mean please! a backward p?
let’s get creative, people!)
it’s also so much faster than having
to deal with the pesky shift key…
yes, i am a hunt & pecker
how did you guess?...
not ill
just not motivated enough to figure out
how to turn off the capitalization thingy
thus ends the note)

first off i just want to say
it was so great to read everyone’s favorite movies!
oh i loved it!
i think that you’ve got mail was mentioned the most
which made my title for that post all the better:)
thank you for sharing
i loved it more than i can say!
& now on to the next…

my three favorite books…
i love to read
i do
i do
i grew up getting books & books from the library
& staying up for hours reading
our parents had this thing
we got paid a penny a page to read books
& we had to pay a penny a minute to watch tv
i always had lots more pages than minutes
not that i didn’t love tv too
but that’s another list…

number one…
ramona the pest
by beverly cleary
The engaging tale of young Ramona Quimby's first days in kindergarten, Ramona the Pest takes a pint-sized perspective on the trials and delights of beginning school. Ramona can't wait to learn all the important things. But she's disappointed when her teacher can't fill in missing parts of story lines, such as how Mike Mulligan (of Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel) went to the bathroom while digging the basement of the town hall. Nonetheless, Ramona loves her teacher, and loves going to school in spite of the torments--having to wear hand-me-down boots, for example, or having to (sometimes) suppress the urge to pull on another girl's "boing-boing" curls. Ramona's energetic take on life appeals to children who have passed through this stage, or who are dealing with a kindergarten-age sibling who is exhibiting Ramona-ish tendencies. (Ages 7 to 12)

oh dear
how do i even convey how much i love this book?
i got my first library card at the eugene public library
& i checked this book out so many times
& when we would get to the library
i would go straight to the beverly cleary section
i have been trying to collect the whole Ramona collection
from garage sales & things

how can you not love this girl?
squeezing a whole tube of toothpaste into the sink?
making a crown of thistles & having to have them cut out of her hair?
being the only angel in the Christmas play with balloons on her dress because it was the only sheet her family had to use?
getting excited to eat at whooperburger?
getting stuck in the middle of a giant mud puddle & having to be rescued by a big construction man?
too cute!
(some of those instances are from other Ramona books
i don’t want to be accused of false advertising)

brian got me the most recent ramona
ramona’s world
for my birthday or christmas when it came out
(gotta love being married to a third grade teacher
he knows when all the good ones are released…)
& i sat in our little farm house & read it cover to cover

when i was in college
my dad took my friend jessica & i
to hear beverly cleary speak in portland
i know this is so silly
but when i typed that i teared up
it was just such a neat thing
to hear her speak
& know that she & her characters had been a part of my life for so long
it was really wonderful
jess & i both got t-shirts that said
‘i’m a friend of ramona’
& let me tell you
i wore that thing until it was gone
such neat memories…

also, also
one year
i went to the library’s annual book sale
& i found a copy of ramona the pest
that i am quite sure is the one i checked out
& over
& over
that was so great
& i gladly paid $1 for it

also also also
Beverly wrote the book in Portland
& the Quimby’s live on klikkitat street
which is an actual street in Portland
i have heard that there is a park with staues of her characters in it
how bad do i want to go?

i am really excited to read this book to my kids

numero dos…
good in bed
by jennifer weiner
For twenty-eight years, things have been tripping along nicely for Cannie Shapiro. Sure, her mother has come charging out of the closet, and her father has long since dropped out of her world. But she loves her friends, her rat terrier, Nifkin, and her job as pop culture reporter for The Philadelphia Examiner. She's even made a tenuous peace with her plus-size body.
But the day she opens up a national women's magazine and sees the words "Loving a Larger Woman" above her ex-boyfriend's byline, Cannie is plunged into misery...and the most amazing year of her life. From Philadelphia to Hollywood and back home again, she charts a new course for herself: mourning her losses, facing her past, and figuring out who she is and who she can become.

this is a great book
i can’t say more
(but i will)
i just read it again
to make sure you know?
& it is
it’s funny
& sad
& sweet
& hilarious
& realistic
& unrealistic
& heart breaking
& uplifting
& just so good

jennifer wiener is a great writer
it’s an easy read
but not typical chic lit
as far as
there are actual issues beyond cute boys
& ‘i need to figure out a way to get those new manolos’
(not that i don’t love those too!)
it’s just good
especially if you have been reading some deep
& heavy stuff
it’s the perfect one to squeeze inbetween
war & peace
the screwtape letters

i highly recommend this book

(couldn’t get away without the also)
kate, angie & i went to a reading that Jennifer did in salem
(i see a trend)
& she was too funny
we got to meet her
& she signed our books
(i have a picture someplace….
need to look for that)
& she has a funny blog, too

good good good!
all of her books are by the way…
try ‘em
you’ll like ‘em

encyclopedia of an ordinary life
by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
In Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life, Amy Krouse Rosenthal has ingeniously adapted the centuries-old format of the encyclopedia to convey the accumulated knowledge of her lifetime in a poignant, wise, often funny, fully realized memoir. Using mostly short entries organized from A to Z, many of which are cross-referenced, Rosenthal captures in wonderful and episodic detail the moments, observations, and emotions that comprise a contemporary life. Start anywhere—preferably at the beginning—and see how one young woman’s alphabetized existence can open up and define the world in new and unexpected ways.

An ordinary life, perhaps, but an extraordinary book.

"I have not survived against all odds. I have not lived to tell. I have not witnessed the extraordinary. This is my story."

i find myself at a loss for words when i am describing these books i love so much
or maybe i just know i can’t do them justice
& you just need to read them for yourself

but i will just say that this bok
is such a great idea
& done so well…
the author does an atoz of her life
so in the ‘d’ section could be
a short story about death
& right after it a drawing of her favorite dessert
it is brilliant
i must say

there have been classes i have heard of
scrapbook & otherwise
to do this same thing for yourself & your life
i think it’s really cool
there is also a little group
(actually quite big)
who is blogging this way right now
so each day the do a letter of the alphabet
& something in their life that starts with the letter
this blogger has the list of everyone participating
& hers are really great & visually happy, too
i have been thinking about doing it
because then i can ask you yours
& i love to read what all of you have to say on various subjects…
i’m still thinking on it…

this book is great
& is an easy read too
(another trend…)

i have never met this author…
but if she is ever nearby i would like to…

honorable mention…
jane eyre (read on the euorail, no less)
eat pray love (beautiful)
where the sidewalk ends (classic)

i have loved many books
but right now these are my favorites
what are yours?
can’t wait to see…


Galadriel Thompson said...

I'll take the decade approach. First decade, "The Boxcar Children",second decade, "One Hundred Years of Solitude", third decade, "Jonathon Strange & Mr. Norrell". I once tried to cook my own soup in a hole I dug in our backyard because that's what the Boxcar Children did!

Colleen said...

Well, the one's easy and I KNOW I won't ramble like I did last time:

1) Anna Karenina - it just got me. I have to read it again. Dark, sad, real, moving.
2) Wind in the Willows - my heart and soul, how I view the world - the sweet simplicity of sunshine, friends and the everyday such as cheese and rivers.
3) The Lord of the Rings - transported me, truth, goodness, beauty - the good stuff.


Grandma Betty said...

You know how much I love to read. (leave the
dishes in the sink and the laundry in the hamper)
There is no way I can make a list of 3 favorite books.
I have the complete set of Little House books and have read them many times. Also a Pollyanna book
from the early 1900's.
You've seen my big boxes of paperback mysteries
and also the big bag of Christian romances as well
as all the hardbacks recently received from the
mystery book club and I still go to the library and
take out more books. A favorite - depends on which
day you ask.

milkcan said...

Books are hard. There are just too many I love. So, let's see:

1. Pride & Prejudice: I discover something new every time I read it.

2. Eight Cousins: I read that book every week for almost two years (middle school years).

3. The Dark is Rising...I still read it over and over again!

Jamie said...

Em, so funny the parallels of our lives. I LOVED the library and checked out as many as I could again and again and again!

First of all: I have all of the Jennifer Weiner books and LOVE them! I love how her short stories (Goodnight Nobody) even have some of the same characters in them...

Second of all: as I was reading your blog I was thinking of the book I'm currently reading and thinking, "I am positive this is going to be a favorite of mine," and then I scroll to the bottom and lo and behold-Eat Pray Love! I can't get enough of this story.

Oh my goodness, the titles floating around my head right now! Okay: Where the Red Fern Grows in 5th grade. Changed my life! Also a series of mystery books called The Happy Hollisters. In adulthood: The Secret Life of Bees, Confessions of Max Tivoli (amazing book, by the way! Read it!)Jemima J, and I really could go on and on...

Colleen said...

I bawled every single time I read Where the Red Fern Grows, Jamie. In fact all I had to do was go to a certain page, read and cry. 1,2,3 - it was that simple.

The Lydia said...

Okay, so this is one of my favorite topics...Favorite books!! I love books!! I dont however have time at this moment to write a detailed review of all my favs, so I must insist you wait until I do!! And when I do, I believe it might be a little too long for a commom comment, so please check my blog in the next day or two for a detailed anthology of "Lydia's Favorite Books." This will be sooooo fun!