06 August 2007

miss m on the mic...

just hanging out
in the apron my mom made me
it should fit just right by the time i turn 8
only six & a half more years to go!
well, i better go finish picking up all of the stuff on the floor
& then it's laundry
& trimming the hedges
that's how it is around here

oh & here's my brother in his apron too
his is for tools
& matchbox cars
he wanted me to tell you that...
he's not that into wearing pants these days
so yes
it does look like a mini skirt...
but a cool brave boy mini

eta: not a new broken arm
(please let us have already had our quota of broken arms for this child)
old picture
but wanted to share the aprons
i'm making a few more
hopefully for a bazaar later in the year
i want to fill them with mini tools
& mini kitchen accessories
& art supplies
that's the plan at least...


Kel said...

please tell me that this is an old picture of Q and not another casted arm! =)
such cute aprons (ahem...I mean apron and tool belt)

Grandma Betty said...

Cute, cute, cute.

Left Coast Sister said...

LOVE the plan! I'd love the apron as would my 3-almost-4-year old! We'll talk when i'm further north!

Jamie said...

I'll take one for a 7 month old girl--I'll just wrap it around and around and around until she turns 8! :)