06 August 2007

more apples a day...

so you must know by now
that i love my computer
why would i spend many wee hours a night with something i didn't like?
& all of the divorced people said
'yes, why would you?'
i don't just love my computer
i love my mac
& all the pc owners said
'oh geez, not this again'
but i'm sorry
i do
& here are some reasons
*mac commercials...genius pure & simple
(plus warren cheswick)
*ipod commercials...so cool
*the white box...clean & simple
*the cute little apple...i mean who doesn't like apples?
* mac stores...they look like a museum or jewelry store...just cool
*i tunes...something i didn't know was missing in my life until i found it
*i pod (thanks, dad!)...it brings me joy...call me crazy & call me shallow but don't call me a girl without an ipod
*& now this...apple movie trailers
if you can (because you have quick time) check out this one
& this one
(have i ever mentioned how much i love owen wilson?)
& even though the only hope i ever have of getting an iphone
is if my dad gets one & then something even cooler comes along
& he passes his iphone down to the next generation
a cooler phone
like say a phone that
plays music & movies
holds your pictues
has internet
will find the closest shoe store
& gives you a pedicure while you wait in line at said shoe store
just like that
one time i was writing about how our computer was not my favorite piece of elecronic equippment of the day
& i got a comment about how macs aren't perfect
& it was good that someone was admitting it
& all i have to say about that is
'whoa there nelly!'
i would never say such a thing
did i throw Q out the window just because he broke his arm?
do i set miss m in the trash can because she throws pieces of banana on the floor?
(well, just that one time)
no i say
round here we do not withhold our love
just because there are a few bugs
a few bugs are good
makes us imperfect & real...
plus apple sent us an entire new computer no charge
better than the first one
how's that for customer service?
this is getting long
& silly...
but what can i say?
the 5th member of our family is here to stay:)
little mac gulka
we are so proud...



Grandma Betty said...

The problem with my Mac is
the nut behind the keyboard.
I need to sign up for a class
for AD seniors.

Kel said...

hahahahahahahahahahah! i love you grandma betty!!!!

Left Coast Sister said...

Glad you are a 5-person family now! My hugs to mac! (;

Galadriel Thompson said...

You would be ashamed of us to hear what we did with our Mac. If you're dying to find out let me know otherwise I'll hide my secret from you: )

jmbmommy said...

that's not what you said earlier this year when it pooped out...let's just remeber the good times shall we?? (I do love my little shuffle...yes I do!)

Angie said...

I love mac.

Angie said...

Okay, so that last comment was a little brief. But I had a huge long rant about how MUCH I love mac and it seemed a little over the top. So I pared it down some :)