20 August 2007

you need quiet while a hot dog is singing?

my three favorite movies
(i'm all about caps locked this week)

the parent trap1961
hayley mills
hayley mills

Hayley Mills plays twins who, unknown to their divorced parents, meet at a summer camp. Products of single parent households, they switch places (surprise!) so as to meet the parent they never knew, and then contrive to reunite them.

i grew up watching this movie
it was one of my moms favorites
& at every birthday party for years
we would rent it
(& karate kid)...
at some point it was
on tv
so we taped it
taking great care to cut out the commercials
(i was a pro at this by the way)
& then we watched it
& over
& over
(ps i still do)
if you do one thing for yourself
in your lifetime
rent this movie
it is just so funny
& campy
& it's fun to see if you can figure out how they
made the scenes with hayley & hayley in a single frame
before digital, even!
(& checking imbd
it says that they won an oscar for film editing so there you go...)
we loved this movie so much that we even taped
parent trap 2
with a grown up hayley & hayley
parent trap 3 hawaiian honeymoon
it had real life triplets in it
& maybe 2 hayleys again
i can't remember
(kate do you?)
but by this point i can imagine hayley being a little tired of
only getting to be on one half of a shot every take
& saying 'enough already!'

a few favorite lines:

'I know all there is to know about hiking & camping & woodlore'

'Congratulations. In the history of this camp, that was the most infamous, the most disgusting, the most revolting display of hooliganism we have ever had.'

'Oh yes! Don't say anything about that dear, sweet, precious Vicky! That plus-faced child bride and her electric hips! '

& the song they sing for their parents
i really think you're swell
uh huh
you really ring the bell
oo ee
& if you stick with me
nothing would be greater
hey alligator!'
rhyme greater & alligator
& i am a fan for life!

there is a remake too
with none other than lindsay lohan
it was released in 1998
after her first stint in rehab
maybe not
but she had big things in her future!
actually & i don't know this for sure
(& that has never stopped me before)
i think she had a deal with disney because she also did remakes of
freaky friday
(also excellent)
& herbie
(since seeing 'christine'
when i was 18
i only watch cars with personalities when they are animated
thank you lightening mcqueen)
this movie is super cute too
& fun to see miss lindsay without
a mug shot or a stripper pole in sight...
honestly it is sweet & cute
& really fun
dennis quaid & natasha richardson
really great...

number 2
brad pitt
morgan freeman
gwyneth paltrow
kevin spacey
This thriller portrays the exploits of a deranged serial-killer. His twisted agenda involves choosing seven victims who represent egregious examples of transgressions of each of the Seven Deadly Sins. Two cops, an experienced veteran of the streets who is about to retire and the ambitious young homicide detective hired to replace him, team up to capture the perpetrator of these gruesome killings. Unfortunately, they too become ensnared in his diabolical plan....

(any summery that has the words
& diabolical
well, that's the movie for me...)

okay so i usually put this
on any list of movies that i love
it has a bit of shock value
which i don't mind saying i like
especially after the parent trap
& while i was thinking about my favorites
i went over this one in my head
because i have been kind-of returning to
the favorites things i have loved over the years
& wondering if they are still favorites
or just favorites at that time in my life
& not really the life long sort...
i think this movie remains a life long sort
so far...
so i hope you will still like me
even if i do like this movie
& am going to state the merits of it right now...
i saw this movie in the theater with brian
it came out in 1995
(fun fact: that was our first year dating)
the thing i remember from the start
is the beginning credits
for someone who loves graphic design
it was amazing
i can see it in my head right now
cool distressed flashes of text
that hooked me right away
& then the plot
i love lists
lists of favorite things
lists of what i want to do before i die
lists of stuff
to do lists
& i know that the seven deadly sins is not the list
you want to keep in your diary
but just that aspect alone
got me too...
& as the detectives figure out the pattern
& realize that there are 3 to go
or something
really smart & amazing
also deranged
& diabolical
plus brad & gwyneth
(i think they met on this movie
or something
& i'm not saying that they should have ended up together
but there was something about them
all blond hair & perfect cheeks)
gwyneth is in it for like
8 minutes total
(unless you count her head only
& then she's in it for 9 minutes)
i have only seen this movie one time
just that time in the theater
but it stayed with me
in a scary way
& in a good way

after Q was born i stopped watching all of those
law & order
america's most wanted
witout a trace
(look a list!)
i would get way too scared at night
so i still don't really watch that sort of thing anymore
but i might try seven again...
we'll see

also by the way
the official way to spell the title is
but i just couldn't do it
maybe if my blog was in a cooler font...

oh & i can't leave out
that kevin spacey is in this movie
at his deranged
& diabolical

brian & i have this joke
when he gets to choose a movie i say
'gee i wonder what's going to happen
someone is in trouble
& then a normal everyday guy comes from nowhere
& helps them
but there's a hitch
& then the fate of the world is in his hands
& then someone dies
& then someone shoots someone
& then a car crashes into another car
& then the guy almost dies
& then he says something cool & sarcastic
& then he finds his strength
& saves the world
& then kisses some girl?'

& when i chose the movie he says
'gee i wonder what will happen
a cute everyday girl
has a crush on a cad
(that's all for you brian)
or a dork or someone who is too nice
& she goes home to an empty apartment to listen to
sad FM easy listening for the over thirties
(oops sorry started channeling bridget jones instead of brian)
& then a nice guy comes along
& she doesn't like him
& he aggravates her
& there is a mix up of some sort
& she says something cute
& they fight
& she cries
& then they realize they were made for each other
& then the girl runs to the guys apartment
& sees him with another girl
& runs off before that guy can tell her
'it's my cousin trixie visiting from akron'
& then everything gets figured out
& they kiss
& a cute song plays over the credits?'

so i have a hard time narrowing this one down
it is most definitely
a movie with that sort of plot line
but which one?
you've got mail?
fever pitch?
bridget jones' diary?
pretty in pink?
somethings gotta give?
never been kissed?
high school musical?
13 going on 30?
french kiss?
& YES!!!!

i just can't decide
i love them all...

so how about you?
what are your favorites?
or predictable
i want to know...

now i'm off to have a
& diabolical




I LOVE this...maybe the parents made us make lists as children because I also like lists!
My #1 all time favorite is
You've got mail...oh!! So good! I watched it last weekend and the weekend before and actually broke it on VHS when I was in Connecticut. I LOVE this movie!

My 2
French Kiss
"Beautiful, beautiful wish you were here!"

My 3
Oceans 11, 12...I asume 13 even though I have not seen it yet
I am so dreamy over Brad and George. Love the humor and the sarcasm. good stuff!

Other tops
Bourne Identity
Bourne Supremacy
Bourne Ultimatum

Yummy Jason Bourne, the best trilogy of action movies ever!

Sleepless in seattle
Dirty Dancing
Parent Trap 2
Fear (yummy MW)
Baby Cakes
(made for tv with ricky lake...would love to have this one again. It was an Em VHS creation)

I could go on and on and on...I love going to the movies and being at the movies, as long as the other people are quiet! I did this lots with my mom when I was in high school, big soda, big popcorn and junior mints!

PS...em I think Haley was in as a single in the third one...but I would LOVE to see it again! I might go online and try to find it!

grandma Betty said...

A voice from the senior section.
My favorite movies
Murphy's Romance (Angie, this is one of James
Garner's movies - also has Sally Fields (cute)
Sleepless in Seattle or You've Got Mail
Fried Green Tomatoes
I confess that I haven't seen any of these movies
in a theater. (but did have a cozy seat and lots
of popcorn)

Colleen said...

This was SO fun to read, little e.r. :)

I don't know if I can narrow them down.

1) Lord of the Rings - I am swept away.
2) The Matrix - I love ... the guns. Oh no! It's true! I feel (not so)) secretly (anymore) guilty about it everytime I watch it and get a little thrill, ahem, from it.
3) Ditto tallerthanu re: the Bourne series. I don't want them to EVER end. I'm completely engaged which is good because generally in movies I can be very analytical and removed. So anything that makes me forget that it's make-believe is a winner with me.
4) Hero - I loved all the karate-chopping and incredible artistry. It was like watching a poem.
5) Sense & Sensibility with Kate Winslet and Emma Thompson. I've watched it SO much and anticipate all the little nuances and still cry at the proper times.
6) The Color Purple - haunting, dark, my heart is moved beyond my own experience.
7) School of Rock - I LOVE Jack Black and this movie makes me happy, happy, skip-to-my-lou, happy. :)

What? Oh I thought I was supposed to write 33 of my fave movies. How embarrasing. Okay I'll stop. I should get back to work.

You rock!

Colleen said...

Eep! How could I forget Les Misérables? That's right at the top of the list, maybe just after LOTR. It makes me want to love the good, difficult things of life with abandon.

The Lydia said...

wow...do I have to pick just three? Well...for the all time favs I'd have to go with:
You've Got Mail
While You Were Sleeping (Bill P is pretty cute, you have to admit)
BBC's Pride & Prejudice(uh, Colin Firth anyone?)
(yeah, I know, this is number four...)
the Goonies(classic!).

As for my favs RIGHT NOW:
Harry Potter series
Equilibrium(Christian Bale--so pretty!)

But, really, I could go on and on....Bridget Jones(again, Colin Firth at his Finest), Emma, Sense and Sensibility, Sleepless in Seattle, the Bournes, Disturbia was fun...but I wont go on and on...Elf!! I almost forgot Elf!! So funny!

Okay, Sorry...I'm done...Really...

The Lydia said...

Oh yeah! Meet Me In St Louis!! Soooo good...Musical are fun!

Angie said...

Oooh! a movie thread! You know I love that!
A few of my faves, in no particular order:
Ocean's Eleven
Quiz Show
Catch Me if You Can
The Truman Show
The Village
Meet the Parents
Shooting Fish
The Prestige

And I must mention that I loved The Parent Trap so much that I honestly think I cried when I learned that Hayley Mills was just one girl! I loved those two sisters and their "hooliganism," and I was devastated when I learned the truth about Hayley Mills!

Jamie said...

Okay seeing that one of my "life" favorites is MOVIES, I had to really search the recesses of my heart and mind to come up with my favoritest ones (yes, I made up that word). It wasn't quite as hard as one would think because I just had to think of the movies that I would watch more than once or twice or even ten times. I could LOVE a movie, but it takes a FAVORITE (I love the all caps too, em!) for me to watch it more than once. So here they are:

1. Goonies. Goonies. Goonies. Almost as much for the memories as the movie! Every single day over two summers we watched that videotape. Later it became a favorite when I worked at Cannon Beach for two summers and saw where it was filmed every day...LOVE IT!

2. City of Angels. I cried for a week after that movie, and prayed about it and talked about it! I love it when those things happen with a movie!

3. Amelie. If you've seen it, 'nuf said!

4. Garden State. I just wanted to sit in the theater until it started all over again!

5. Love Actually. I am in love with love and this definitely fit the bill!

Honorable mentions: Finding Neverland, Chocolat, Closer, The Holiday, on and on and on

jmbmommy said...

I don't know...you kind of had me jumping ship when you mentioned 7...my all time WORST movie...so evil, I can't even bear to think of it. Nightmares, you name it...just SCARY!

But you are an ok sort, so I finished reading today. Favorite movies are so hard...I will write the ones that I like to watcxh again and again
1) Four weddings and a funeral...mostly any Hugh Grant Flick (only romantic comedies)
2) Teen movies with Julia Stiles..such as "Save the last dance" and "10 things I hate about you"
3)All the ones on Jaime's list...good un!
4)All of Meg Ryan's romantic comedies!!!Woo-hoo, but lose the Trout lips Meg!

emmi said...

All time movie favs...

Pride and Prejudice.
I just finished the book which I am ashamed to attempt I read for the first time. Oh well, it was even better since it was like a slo-mo version of the movie and of course the ever-so-charming Colin Firth reclaimed his role in my little mind movie. So lovely. (Sigh.)

Like Water for Chocolate.
Food and love. Love and food. What else could be more beautiful?

House of Flying Daggers.
This movie has everything, except Colin Firth.

emmi said...

Oops! I meant admit not attempt. I'll bet all you smarties figured it out already.