16 August 2007

greetings & salutations...

so it's no secret that i love the office
& i know
i know
some of you don't love the office
some of you don't even like the office
& some of you say that you don't 'get' the office
this post is not about the office
it is about what happens when you're waiting for the office

for a while when the office first started
& my dear husband & i fell in love...
with it
(fooled you huh?
you thought i was going to admit that we hadn't fallen in love until
the office came on the air...
but no love until suddenly...
dwight shrewt
made it all come alive...
we used to try to watch the first half of survivor
& then switch to the office
at 8:30
& then switch back & forth during commercials
to see what those crazy survivors were doing now
so the problem with this is that
final counsel is never on during an the office commercial
so we would end the office
switch back right after the obigitary
jim eyebrow raise
& darn it!
'who got voted off?'
we never knew!
i would have to wait to ask angie
(yes i know the internet, the internet)
so we started watching my name is earl

i am in no way wanting to insult anyone
i will be insulting myself possibly
but i have no intetion of insulting you, okay?
please believe me.
so my my name is earl is about hicks
it just is
people who live in trailers
(i lived in a trailer my first few years of life
not insulting you)
people who eat cheez whiz for breakfast
(been there)
people who think that recycling is an alernative mode of transport
(okay i never thought that)
(& for the record
i would never use the term trailer trash
i just wouldn't
not on purpose
no one's name should be associated with garbage
unless their name is judy rubbish or something...)
back to earl...
maybe because i grew up in a small town or something
but it is funny every week...
every week i laugh out loud.
so imagine my joy last week
when i was watching the rerun
that i hadn't seen the first time around
(still trying to juggle survivor)
& who should grace my screen but christian slater?
let's all just sit & sigh for a moment shall we?
okay so he was playing an old hippy guy
(did i say old?
i meant middle aged)
& just looking cute as ever...
if you haven't known me since i was in middle school
then you may not know
that before george there was christian
(in fact i'm pretty sure that during this time
george was playing the handy man
on facts of life
& sporting quite the mullett
see? the hicks have got it right...)
so there he was
& funny
& great
& the voice & everything
so off i went
back to middle school years...
this whole past week
the magazines i cut his picture out of
(thank you bop & seventeen
christian's head looked much better taped over
my actual date to the 1990 winter dance's head...)
& the movies he was in
heathers, of course
young guns 2, a sequel was never better
gleaming the cube, ah those days skateboarding on butler road...
that one where he had a monkey heart implanted into his body
really it was a movie
& a romance at that!
& i even sat through mobsters
i was committed!
the creme de la creme
(is that spelled right?
i'm a hick remember?)
pump up the volume
this movie
i can not tell you
so great
from my memories
it is so great.
i want to netflix it
very badly i want to
but last year after listing my favorite books on my blogger profile
i decided to go back & read one of those books that i had been listing
& you know what?
not a fave any more
it went to my weird & disturbing book list
& so i'm not sure if should do it...
will i hate it?
will it taint all of those great memories?
or can i have both?
love it at age 16
hate it at age 32...
(or maybe
miss pessimist, i will love it at age 32
(i only have a week left of age 32, anyway)
& i will change the tage line of my blog to
'eat your cereal with a fork and do your homework in the dark.'
& i will only blog about 'christian this & christian that'
& you will all have to stage a blog intervention...
you just never know with these things)
so anyway
two more slater related points of interest
i looked him up on imbd
(let's give that site a hand shall we?)
& realized that i haven't seen a single one of his movies on purpose
since bed of roses in 1996
the year after i started dating brian interestingly enough
& i accidently saw 'the good shepard'
well, the first half...
even though he hasn't been in anything great for a while
(in my opinion, you see)
i still retain those happy feelings for him
even a little bit of stomach flutters
(no i am not pregnant)
& i proabaly always will
& even though ha has made some questionable choices in the last few years
(not going to link to any of those, thank you very much)
i still have fond memories
& i don't even hold it against him that
he didn't come to my 16th birthday party
i did invite him
& he didnt even rsvp...
i had forgotten that i had sent the invite off to him
(thanks again for the address bop magazine
i'm sure that invitaion is sitting in a warehouse someplace still unopened)
until the middle of the party
& then every once in a while i would peak out the window
to see if there was a limo
driving down the gravel road...
i wasn't heartbroken
just confused
why wouldn't he come?
we were having homemade pizza
(thanks, dad!)
& watching karate kid
(thanks, ralph!
that link's for you rachael:)
his loss i say...
so now, thanks to imdb
i know that he has a movie coming out
called 'he was a quite man'
& also that he is in the remake of 'the ten commadments'
wait for it...
the voice of moses
maybe he's making a comeback...


ps contest!
if you can answer these two questions first
you will win a little box of valuable prizes
(to be delivered in the next 6 months or so right, kel?)
#1 what was the name of the boy whose face i covered with christians
(my winter dance 1990 date)?
#2 what was the name of that monkey heart movie?
(if you can get it without imdb-ing it extra points...i trust you)
let the games begin...

pps if you didn't get the ear referrence from the last painting post
(& i do not judge you if you didn't)
read this
(scroll down
down to medical records)
it should clear things up
or give you new things to puzzle over
either way it's good reading
if not a little sad...


Kambria said...

Untamed Heart. One of my favorites too. Miss you girlie!!

The Lydia said...

I actually read through wiki's info in Van G. but I must have gotten bored before I reached the end....it was very long...

I must say that there is something to say for quality over quantity. I may post frequently, but you post amazingly. I was definately, 100%, absolutely worth the wait!

I wasn't one of those girls to cut faces out of mags, but I was (and remain) definately crushing pretty hard over one Christian Bale. A lot of people dont know who he is, but if you've ever seen Newsies, Little Women,Captain Corelli's Mandolin, (more recently) Batman Begins, Equillibrium, the machinist, the Prestige,etc. you would see why it's so easy to loose the ability to speak when he walks on screen. My tummy still flutters (quite a bit actually) when I see him. Not only is he wonderful to look at, he is also an amazing actor. Like you regard Mr.Slater, I dont like all the choices he has made in film making, but I cant help, but be absolutely twitterpated when I think of him!

Kel said...

A shout out to the Christian Bale fan! HHHHHOOOOOTTTTTTTTIIIIIEEEEE!
That says hottie, not hootie. Anyway, I have no idea who you went to the dance with, nor did I know the name of the monkey heart movie- probably cause i did not crush on Christian Slater. However, I forever will be crushing on Collin Firth. oh babee!
Darn, I won't win this one. And yes, the box of goodies was well worth the wait, let me tell you! It inspired several crafty projects.
Sure do miss you miss em.

jmbmommy said...

I do not know who the covered face was...I want to guess Kenny M***A...but I know that he is a few years too early, but such a cutie. Maybe not nice, but cute. I like that monkey heart movie too...I have rewatched it even, I really like Marisa Tomei in it. My heart throb was River Phoenix in of Stand by me days...ahh to be 13. He was really dreamy, but then the whole drug OD thing. Sad.

Earl, is just too funny. I never lived in a trailer, but nothing is sacred on that show and that is why it is so funny. Did you watch the Office rerun tonight? When Jim catches Dwight and Angela...SO CLASSIC! I can't get enough of those reruns, again and again...miss you!


I am your sister and I have no idea who you went to that dance with...sad.
I completely understand the crush on christian but as I hope you know I LOVE MARK WAHLBERG. oh Marky Mark! I thought I had seen all of his movies until I went to imbd...dang I have some movies to watch. Husband knows if he comes to town I am gone for at least 24 hours, no questions asked!

I also like Earl...well actually I like Jaime Pressly as Joy she is so trashy. I love the episode with the TV anchor where they kept playing tricks on her to get on TV. Awesome!

grandma Betty said...

I think his name was Ryan.
I still love James Garner. (I hear all your friends
saying "who?")

Angie said...

I know this is several days late, but my answers to the trivia? Ryan somebody and that movie with Marisa Tomei and all the roses.
As for teenage-days hearthrobs? You know me and my "I [heart] Will Wheaton" days.... I don't know if he's even acting anymore! Then there was a little bit of an Andy Garcia phase....
And Grandma, I know who James Garner is! I remember watching his tv show, but I don't remember what's it was called... Didn't he also play Mel Gibson's dad in that gambling movie?
Okay, it's official. I can't remember any movie titles. Motherhood has claimed my brain.

Galadriel Thompson said...

I so loved Christian Slater when I was young. Even wrote a little post mentioning just that. I also love The Office and My Name is Earl. I think Joy is the best character on there, and I also can't refrain from saying "Hey Crab Man," when I see a good friend.

emmi said...

OK...there is no mention of Johnny Depp. None?! I have to thank you Em for creating a collage of him for me. Loved the 21 Jump Street hair, although I think I secretly wanted it. (I've always wanted big hair.)

As for movie title, I think I'll vouch for Angie and say that motherhood has also erased most movie titles from my brain.

As for secret dance man, I am going with KM, the crazy locker room kisser.