27 August 2007

2+1 & 2+1

my three favorite things
about my three three birthday

brian & Q went camping friday night
so miss m & i had girls night
which consisted of me getting off work
picking her up at my grandma's house
(hi grandma! thank you!)
taking her home
putting her to bed
eating something i shouldn't
watching a chickie movie
(because i said so
that's the name of the movie
not my birthday attitude:)
then sewing up a storm
(when i sew
i tend to loose the weather...)
oh how i loved it!
& i will share soon...

cafe yumm
for lunch on saturday
(thanks dad & tam!)
$7.25 shirt for me at old navy

Q coming home from camping
i am at the top of the stairs
& he comes up yelling
'happy birthday mommy!'
so cute!
so darn cute!
plus he gave me my very own matchbox car
that he picked out
just for me
& then after i opened it
he asked if he could play with it
& i haven't seen it since
but i know in my heart
it is mine.

Q & miss m
shipped off to grammy & pop's house for the night
can i just say that it is the greatest feeling to leave your kids
& know that
1. they will have so much fun
2. dad & tam will have so much fun
(except for bath time with miss m, right tam?)
3. we will have so much fun
with no guilt or worry
it all equals great...

dinner at a red agave
thanks to the parents of brian's students last year
we had been saving a gift certificate that they gave us
(with tip money included!)
saving it for a special occassion
& hip hip hooray
my birthday qualified!
it was delish
& we just talked & laughed
& had a great time
i loved it...

gulka double feature
pay for one movie
see two
& that is all i will say about that...

the movies...
the nanny diaries
it was pretty good
i read the book
it was pretty good
having been a nanny
it was interesting to see
but it was really sad in parts too
just like nannying is sometimes, i suppose
i'm not too jazzed on it
but it was pretty good
(did i mention that?)
plus they left out one of my favorite parts from the book
when it's christmas time
& the nanny is expecting a big bonus check
& she gets a pair of gloves
(or was it earmuffs?)

it did not compare
in any way shape or form
to movie number two
the borne ultimatum
goodness gracious
after i relaxed & was pretty sure that the
movie spy wasn't going to check our tickets
i fell right into the story
& all of the matt damon-ness of it all
or i guess it was the jason borne-ness of it all
i will fully admit
that i don't really get the back story
& what excatly he is trying to do
& why the govenrment wants to kill him
i mean i kind-of get it
(i have seen all three movies & we own the first
& have watched it multiple times
but i still asked brian
'what is he trying to do?')
but the beauty of these movies is
that it really doesn't matter if you get it or not
it is just crazy
& seriously
it is worth the price of admission
(to a different movie)
to see jason borne defend himself with a terry cloth towel
& brian & i were both flinching
& squeezing each others hands
it was amazing...
so great
i know a few of you agree whole heartedly
& the rest of you should go see it.

brian threw me a party in the park
(thanks, buddy!)
& invited some of my favorite local friends
it was so fun!
sundaes on sunday
& the kids played like crazy
super fun...

gift cards
i'm sorry but i have to admit
i love them
& brian suggested that if people wanted to they could get me one
(but they didn't have to bring a present at all
which i appreciate him saying
'all i want for my birthday is you'
isn't that the name of the song?)
but i did get a few
& i am so excited
i will be in mint hot chocolate
bubble bath
& magazines for a good long while
at bed time
i took my little stack of cards up to bed
& read them all
& laughed
& felt like i have the best friends in the world
you know
i do.
thanks, friends:)

our friends the henderson's
stopped by our house a little later in the evening
having missed the party part
we invited them in...
& Q was a happy little elf
Q & emmett & carson played while
with 'the coaches' as emmett would say
we just call them all trains:)
the adults chatted
it was lovley
they brought me these for my birthday
how beautiful are those?
& i am determined not to have them rot!
i will freeze them within an inch of their life
emily suggested canning them
& i almost hurt myself from laughing...
so freezing it is!
imagine it
peach pancakes in november

such a wonderful birthday weekend
& thank you blog friends for birthday wished too
you guys are the best...
thanks everybody!

since the three favorites thing was so fun
i am going to keep doing it
since i am going to be three-three for an entire year
(i think that's how it works)
so keep an eye out
& those answers coming

ps this morning
Q found my lipstick
(thank you burt's bees)
& asked for 'lips'
& then did it himself
that's the first picture
that's my boy:)



WOW...that looks like it was quite a birthday!
I think you know how much I love double letters so double numbers are awesome!!
Glad to hear that you had a good one!

Left Coast Sister said...

Happy late birthday, Miss Em! I just LOVE reading your posts, because I feel like if we were talking you would say the same things, word for word, that you write! Oh, I miss living close to people that I can hear in my head! (Not that the voices that I do hear aren't lvoely, but they aren't you...) Anyway, and it's "all I want for CHRISTMAS is you" but a birthday has a nicer ring to it. Maybe see you soon...

jmbmommy said...

luv lips...I can't wait to be threety-three too! You are a nice sort.