23 August 2007

sign me up

oh it is just too fun to read your responses!
i love knowing more about y'all
(my southern roots showing up...
oh right
i don't have any southern roots)
especially the y'alls i don't know about at all except for this
crazy blogging world...
love it!

so today i had a meeting at 10:30
& i told brian i needed a couple of hours to myself
& he could choose if it was before or after the meeting
he chose before
& off i went
so today i shall list my three favorite ways to spend a few hours
when i get them
& i get to be ALONE...

barnes & noble
if i have less than three hours
(& usually that's about the time frame)
i will drive to b&n
(as i affectionately refer to it in my head)
park the car
walk in the door
& take a nice deep breath
then i turn to my right
the blessed magazine section
i take one or two from the current events rack
(is us magazine on that rack?
oh! i never noticed)
then go around the corner to the arts & crafts rack
grab a few that are way to expensive to ever buy
turn around to 'woman's interest'
which includes O & marie claire & instyle
(i have noticed that women's interest & men's interest both have
women on the cover of most of the magazines
though the women's interest girls have most of their clothes on...)
sometimes i will travel back to the home decor section
& grab cottage living
or home companion
then on to the cafe
i order something sweet & 'a giant ice water in a to-go cup'
because the free cups they offer on the counter
might as well be shot glasses
& when it comes to ice water i am a lush...
then comes the tricky part
do i sit at a table while i enjoy my treat?
so that i can keep a magazine open on the table
& not have to balance treat & magazine on my lap?
or do i go get a comfy chair before
'the others' get them first?
table is a good choice because of the aforementioned balancing
but i usually choose the chair
because if i have to spend my entire lovely time away
in a wooden chair i tend to get crabby
& want to yell at the people sitting in the lovely chairs
'do you have kids?
do you have only two hours of quiet time?
does your butt really need a soft place to land?
i do!
i do!
it does!
give me your chair!'
the best times are when
i get a seat
& i have no time constraints
& i can just read until i'm done....
i feel compelled also to thank the people in the world
who actually buy books at barnes & noble
for they are my benefactors
since i don't buy books from barnes & noble
& i doubt that the price of a rice krispy treat &
'a giant cup of ice water in a to-go cup' would cover the cost
of even shipping all of the magazines i read
so thank you!
thank you all!

going to the movies
i truly love this
i feel like i can laugh at anything i want to
sob if i need to
& just enjoy the time
i get to choose the movie i want to go to
no other opinion needed
i love this
you need to plan a little
since movies start at specific times
(who knew?)
& usually 3 hours is the least amount of time to schedule
but it is great
& i highly recomend it
it is strangly freeing
& we all need to be free
strange is optional...

δΈ‰...(simplified chinese)
the other two are so high on my list
that a third is hard for me
i would say wandering around cute little shops
if only we had more than 5 cute little shops
in the eugene area
& they were all in one place!
i think that we have some great stores
but i wish we had a great place that had lots of fun stores together
like little artsy handmade & super cool decorated stores
paper & cute stuff & color all around
dream i can...
when i decide that i want to spend
a free few hours on my number three
i have to think really hard
because this bit of time is precious
i can't waste it on a store full of ceramic figurines
(the ceramic figurine people may not want to
spend their special time in an art supply store
i realize this
this is the joy of a world full of different people)
one time i had a few hours so i decided to go to coburg
a little town near me
only to find that all of their cute little stores were bought up
& turned into law offices
& hair salons
this did not go over well with me
i want it to go
EXACTLY as it did when i imagined it in my head
no unplanned changes!
(i am a real joy to be married to
you can imagine!)
this happens very rarely
these days
but i still dream of strolling through the shops...
someday my shops will come

any post about my free time must include
a thank you to my amazing husband who
during the school year
calls or texts
& says
'do you need to escape tonight?'
(hint: i rarely say no)
this fact alone makes him above average
plus the fact that when he does this
i don't feel guilty for leaving
& any time i can push a bit of guilt off my shoulders
is a good time...
so thank you, bri!
you are a rock star in your traveling pants...
i love you:)

okay friends...
how will you spend your free day?


Colleen said...
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Colleen said...
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Colleen said...

Guten morgen! (also German)

1)something in the sunshine - anything really. I'm not highly energetic so even just smiling at the sun with my eyes closed is good.

2)something in the rain - I love the rain. The sound heals me. I like getting wet but I prefer an umbrella because of the sound it makes. It's ALL about the sound. And of course the smell. And the way the light gets all greyish and mutey. Well, really everything about the rain.

3)any combination of two or more of the following:
a hot drink, book, blank paper, pen, pencils, colouring book, sweet tunes, coffee shop, laughing, teasing, soulfulness, friend, friends, strangers who smile. Oh! And crème brûlée.

4) (because really 1 and 2 were sorta similar in an opposite-ish kind of way) playing away the sad on my piano.

Thank you for this, emily ru.

Colleen said...

ACK! Sorry for the triple crazy entry! Oh. I don't feel bad anymore. Triple for 33! YAY! (okay I still feel a little bad.)

The Lydia said...

Please see previous comment on prvious post...
Another topic which could take years to discuss....
I will include this in the favs post on my own blog. Feel free to click over and see what I love! (Will post soon....probably on saturday morning)

Grandma Betty said...

Honey, leave your sweeties with me and go to the
Bethel branch of the Eugene Public library.
They have most magazines, a comfortable chair,
complete with a table. No ice water or sweets
but when you come back for the sweeties we can
find something to pacify your tummy.
That is how i get my magazine fix.

jmbmommy said...

Happy Happy Birthday!! Divisible by eleven AGAIN!!! Woo-hoo

I like to go on a walk with my friendly ipod...

Go to the library...lot's of magazines!!! Sometimes the stinky men are not even in sniff range!

--I am having a tough time coming up with more things...I must need more time alone...
Leaving for Sweden in 10 days, then I will be alone...hmmm

Left Coast Sister said...

I think your suggestions were awesome... and the key thing is the guilt issue... if that's off your shoulders and you know you'll come home to a happy husband who is HAPPY about watching the fort while you play, so, hey, Brian does rock.
As do bookstores/libraries/cute stores...


I remember when I lived close and I could meet you for these outings. I miss that!
I hope your birthday was happy!