01 August 2007


after the i do's
after the ride in the jeep
after the dinner we didn't eat
after the dancing
after the drinks
after the running through the sparklers
after the drive through at carl's jr.
after the stay at the the valley river inn
after the drive to portland
after watching bulworth at the the bagdad
after the shuttle to the airport
after the flight to maui
after the reading on the beach
after the 4am drive up haleakala
after the bike trip down
after the snorkling
after the jet skis on the ocean
after driving halfway on the road to hana
after watching saving private ryan one & a half times
after flying home
after living on the farm
after building fires every freezing winter morning
after having a baby boy
after moving into town
after having a baby girl....
after the everything
it just keeps getting better
even when it's hard
it's so much better than it was before the i do's

i love you, brian


Felicia said...

Happy Anniversary!

Kel said...

Happy Happy Happy Anniversary to a beautiful, loving, and wonderful couple. Congrats guys. Love you.

emmi said...

I love a good romance story. Congratulations to you and B!


Happy Anniversary! And a shout out to the butt bow!

jmbmommy said...

Happy Day--to many more!
(Don't ever mock the B.Bow!)

Left Coast Sister said...

Felicidades!! 9 yrs. wow. My hat is off to you two!

Colleen said...
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Colleen said...

Happy belated anniversary. That was beautiful.