10 August 2007

hopefully we'll keep the ear...

a sunny day
& finally
it's out!
the paint box
& pieces of wood in all sizes
one boy
one girl
one mom
& the recipe is complete...

these are the kind of things i picutred doing
when i became a mom
& now that miss m
is old enough to not eat the paint
(so i thought...)
it seemed right
Q was so into it
& i loved that!
miss m ...
well, she decided that she was interested in
different artistic pursutes
lounging & playing cards
(think i need to worry about that one?)

meanwhile Q came up with this

& if you're not seeing a resemblance to
starry night
you just aren't looking hard enough...
& it's a good thing i took this picture
because shortly thereafter
the entire piece of wood
was covered with a paint color we
affectionately call sludge...
oh well
i'll take my little glimpses of genius
when i can...



Anonymous said...

way cute... I love starry night!(both artists' versions)
glad i got the ear reference :-)

Left Coast Sister said...

love the title of this one too!(: Didn't you gogh (haha) as him one Halloween?
We have a lot of sludge colored art in our house as well... that's a perfect name. (: The lounger is a doll, if not an artist (or at least not one today!)!

Galadriel Thompson said...

So much fun. Your wee artists are goghgeous.


I think she has a full house!
That is a girl after my own heart...let q be the artist and M can be a card shark. Get her watching Poker on ESPN...there is big money in it and then she can help pay for Q's passions!

Angie said...

fun and funny post, Em

funny comments, too, bloggers!

jmbmommy said...

I like ears!

The Lydia said...

hhmmm...I dont get the ear ref. AM I clueless or what?! AGH!

Colleen said...

Vincent van Q? Howsabout Q van Gogh? All the signs are there. :)

Hello, you.