30 July 2007


boys & girls are different
you may be saying to yourself
ever so sweetly
& i never really thought that they weren't different
yesterday i got a little hint
in real life...
the whole fam on a walk
& miss m walking from one flower to the next
(you can not tell me that you have ever
heard of a better baby way to say flower
you just can't
i won't believe it
& i won't listen
flala is the #1 way
& yes i am an open & accepting human being
honoring diversity
why do you ask?)
so miss m is flala hunting
& Q is doing this...

riding a bike
okay so this post is so disjointed
because of course i know that boys & girls both ride bikes
bikes: equal oppurtunity vehicles
(i'm designing the new ad campagn for bikes, you see)
the thing that seemed funny was
that Q was never a flower picker
he would point & say 'flowe'
(which is the #2 cutest baby way to say flower in case you wondered)
but never really interested in having them
miss m
she wants them all
& she arranges them all in her right hand
as she points for you to give her more with her left
& she holds them so tight
that she is gently squeezing the life out of them
(although i guess technically
when i picked them for her
i was the one to take their lives
so that's good
the less amount of guilt on a 16 month old the better)
just cute i guess
& i suppose if we are really being technical
i could have just written that hmmm?
'just cute'
& left it at that...

also before anyone goes & calls
the national federation of helmetless children
NFHC, for short
this was Q's first little stint with the training wheels
& we were all so excited
& it was so fun
& i was taking pictures
& as we walked back into the driveway
we realized that he wasn't wearing a helmet!
oh my goodness
no wonder this kids has already had two broken arms!
but now we have one
NFHC approved

hope you are all enjoying your summer
we are
our family
2 boys
2 girls
2 fun
(oh for cheesey, i know
but i couldn't resist!)


ps i meant to add something to the last post...
the parts they were audtioning for:
serious three year old boy with head turned to the right
confused curly haired girl with head turned to the right
excited dad sitting next to his favortie cartoon character of all time
& guess what?
they got the parts!


Angie said...

"she holds them so tight that she is gently squeezing the life out of them"

that's some serious flala picking :)

Kel said...

oh dear. I am now realizing that we have had a helmetless tricycle rider for the last year! So, I get the worst mother of the year award! =P
Love "flala"! H says it "fowow". Can he have the #3 spot?
He likes picking dandelions and eating them. He likes eating everything really, as long as it is on the ground and not food.
Can I just interject something here? Why does a nasty weed have such a fabulous name ---Dandy-Lion? And the most wonderful shade of bright happy yellow? It's just not right!
Anyway, maybe I should blog someday...nah. =)

Colleen said...

Just wanted to say that first photo is marvelous on so many levels - that tummy! one shoe off and flalas! and oh, that tummy ....