30 April 2009

take one sunny day

add two $1.99 ikea chairs from goodwill
(i know they probably cost $2.99 at ikea
but i didn't have to drive to portland
& end up with 14 other things that i couldn't resist
right kate? :)
& an end table turned boy's deskmix in a girl who likes to paint
& a boy who loves a project
with a generous helping of
a mom, who when she gets an idea in her head
& has more than 8 minutes
can't not try to make it happen
bake in the oregon april sun for an hour or so
& enjoy
& the table will have an after-after shot
because painting it greenish (the paint color we have the most of)
was not my brilliant plan...
i may be getting older
& have little to no extra time for projects
but i haven't fallen that far


ps tips for painting with kiddos:
or tips for moms if you want a few minutes of stillness:
give your kiddo a very small brush
& a very large thing to paint...
works like a charm
(for me at least)
even if they don't finish
you've bought yourself a little time...
hopefully to paint, too :)

pps i gave no instruction on paint color
they both just did red with a few accent smears
Q because that's what he was feeling
miss m because anything Q is doing must be the coolest idea ever...
i love that about them...



Liz said...

I love that you let them paint. So often we worry about kids getting dirty and they miss out on so much. I love IKEA too - the closest one to me is 5 hours, so I don't get there much.

Anna said...

you are brave! and an inspiration!
but it looks so great! thanks for the note & i am dying with anticipation! i have a friend up here who has a cabin we might be able to use...depends when etc. let me know if i can help :)

rach said...

i saw their painty legs last week and knew there must have been some fun going on! great to see the beautiful result of their hard work:)