09 April 2009

the window, the window, the second story window...

i have finally figured out the trick to
before & after posts...
don't post the before until you have an after!
this is going to change everything for me!
no more guilt!
no more half done projects!
no more pressure!
okay, crazy...
not really everything
but i do feel like i've found the golden ticket!

the man i share a room with
(aka my husband)
asked me the other day
if we could perhaps get a new curtain in our bathroom?
i'm not sure what he's talking about
or when he became a decorator
but whatever...

the complicated choice with this particular drapery decision
was green side of fleece baby blanket
or patterned side that says 'i love my toys'
(stop smirking)
the thing that makes it even more complicated is
whichever side we chose for our bathroom
the opposite side faced the driveway for all to see
but we went for green on our side
so that we could feel like adults
even if all of our neighbors
begged to differ...


holy cuteness, right?
i mean in comparison
it's like the difference between
fleece & eyelet
oh wait
it is the difference between fleece & eyelet...

i was going to hang the piece of fabric on an actual curtain rod
that i bought at goodwill for 99cents
EXCEPT it was too short
so not really a score...
three tacks worked just as well
which probably cost 9cents
score! sort of...

the fabric i got at a garage sale for $1
& i love it...
so sweet!

& now onto the empty bookshelf
menacingly sitting in the corner of our bedroom
but you won't see the before's
until i take pictures of the afters...
that's a promise.


ps brian, dear brian
didn't even notice the new curtain
but honestly that is such a blessing
to me the half-finished-projects-all-over-the-house girl...
& when i do point out what i've done
he reacts & oo's & ah's appropriately...
good match :)


Emily said...

Oh what a difference! And what bargains put to good use!

I too am afflicted with the half-done projects. Except mine usually are talked about and never started, so I think you might have me beat :-)

Way to go!!

Liz said...

It looks great! If you hadn't mentioned the tacks I would have never known.

annacrusis said...

Charming! We have the same problem only with our master bedroom windows where the neighbors can see and the street lights shine so brightly through our windows! So I've done the same thing with eyelet fabric---let's the light in but gives privacy.
miss you miss Em---never stop starting projects!


I smirked and then laughed when I read your "don't smirk"

cute curtain!

Kelly said...

luv it! so sweet and cute and perfect! good job!