10 April 2009


oh my goodness
the weather lately
is as perfectly oregon as it can get
one day beautiful & sunny
the next rainy & grey...
& i love both equally
though after an entire rainy day in the house
with the elves
i am so happy to see a bit of sun...


i love miss m's hair in the sun
& the tiara
& the slippers that you can't see
& the fact that she loves to swing so much
that she is now pumping on her own
(something that another person i know
doesn't do yet
mostly because he doesn't sit in the swing long enough to learn)
loving spring...

(the picture is from last week
when we were at our
friend's the roberts house...
they have a few acres
& it is a kids paradise...
& it should be because they have eight
no not eight acres
eight kids
they are pretty amazing...)

so happy spring willamette valley!
hope it's blooming where you are, too
doing whatever it is that you like the weather to do in your area
at this time of year
(just to cover everyone...)


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