16 April 2009

now i lay me down to sleep...

oh they say
'your bedroom should be a sanctuary'
they say
'don't have a tv (or office type area) in your bedroom'
they say
'choose soothing, romantic colors'
& you know what i say to them?
i say
i found this never used
(so they say)
twin comforter for $5 at a garage sale
& bought it to give miss m for her birthday
but i used it once
& it is so cozy
& she's short!
she doesn't need a whole twin comforter!
she has many miss m sized blankets!
don't they understand?
i can't sleep in a room that is all white or pink
or romantic!
(our romance is just fine with all the random color, thank you)
& as for stealing my daughters bedding...
i'll live with the guilt
& sleep soundly with it...

& i know what you're thinking
'how does a twin bed cover a full sized bed?'*
& of course it doesn't
but i have this elaborate layering trick
that makes me feel so happy when i see it...

& we like our tiny tv
& the computer allows us to watch
all of the shows online that we miss
because when the digital change over happened
we lost abc
(hooray for technology!)

i need a nap...


*yes you read that right
we have a full size bed...
the benefit is that when we stay in hotels
the queen sized bed feels huge & luxurious!
& forget about a king size
we don't even share each others breath when we are facing each other...


& even though i'm not into
frilly romancie decor
tulle clad
are always welcome...




I love the pic of miss M on the bed...such a cutie!

PS...we have a king and hotel beds seem small and hard. I would not trade my king though...it is nice and big and cozy and will have plenty of room when the boys want to come and cuddle!

rach said...

yikes! maybe if we had a full we would be stricter about sending kids back to their beds! i've been dreaming of a king...

rebecca said...

what a precious post...love it. and love the anna quindlen quote :)

Quincy Ellis Dimoff said...

Hi neighboor! So I just think this is the funniest post...Derek and I have always had a double bed...that is until a couple months ago, it was getting very cozy since Quincy was ending up in our bed EVERY night! And our mattress was just getting worn...so we went all the way up to a King and are loving it. But it is so funny because we still sleep on on the edge of the bed because we are so used of it! haha!